All Goes Raw

what happens when two wwe superstars and a diva gets locked in an arena overnight


9. dream like state

John sits down as the color runs from his face.abigail walks over to him and sits beside him.he turns to look at her.

John"are you sure I'm you're father?"

Abigail nodding her head"mother said she was only with you."

John standing up and walks towards Alexis:"I want a test done.once the test comes back I want her to meet my family.they deserve to know her."

Alexis nodding her head"that's why I had to come forward to tell you john.that and the fact I need help with her."

John"it's not like she's a young child anymore Lexi.she's an adult.why hide her from me?"

Alexis looking down"I was afraid that you would deny her"

in Randy's locker room randy leans over and holds onto Nikki.she lays her head on his chest

Randy rubbing her back"I hope that baby is mine"

Nikki crying"how would I explain it to john if it's your baby?"

Randy tilting her head up so she's looking in his eyes"I'd like for us to be a,the baby,and me"

Nikki looking into his eyes"what about Kim?"

what does everyone think of what randy admitted?

Chapter 10 coming soon

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