All Goes Raw

what happens when two wwe superstars and a diva gets locked in an arena overnight


8. blast from the past

Nikki"I'm not trying to hurt the baby.just can't let him know yet".Randy"do you want me to talk to him?"Nikki"no I will eventually".They sit there staring at each other in complete silence.

In John's locker room John is sitting on the couch beside AJ holding her in his arms.John"does he love you the same way?"AJ"we aren't gonna sit here talking about Phil".just then there's a knock on his locker room door.John"come in".the door opens and in walks to blonde haired females."Alexis what are you doing here?"Alexis"John we need to talk".John"we haven't spoke since high school graduation".Alexis"this is important".looks at AJ."something we need to talk about alone".AJ gets the clue and stands up"I'll see you at the hotel John".John as AJ exits his locker room"what's this about Alexis?"Alexis pushing the younger blonde in front of her"I can't do this anymore".John"do what?"looks at the other blonde"who is she?i thought we were talking alone Alexis".Alexis"I can't raise her alone anymore.step up and help out John".John in shock"who is she Alexis?what do you mean raise her alone?"Alexis looking down"she's your..."Abigail interrupting"I'm your daughter".

How do you thinking John is gonna react to the news?

Will John tell Nikki about his child?

chapter nine coming soon

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