All Goes Raw

what happens when two wwe superstars and a diva gets locked in an arena overnight


1. all fair in love and war

Skybox 13

Staples center

Phillip Brooks is sitting in a leather chair in his normal skybox looking down on the ring.AJ Lee is in the ring for a match with Nikki Bella just as she puts the black widow on Nikki and Nikki taps out.the ref signals for the bell to ring.just then AJ motions for a mic.AJ taking the mic"Paige I hope you are watching because what I am about to do next is what I will do to you my next chance to face you in the ring".AJ drops the mic and walks over to Nikki.bringing her foot back she brings it forward and kicks Nikki in the stomach.AJ then skips around the ring before skipping out of the ring and up the ramp.After just getting backstage AJ turns left and stops at a door.Opening the door AJ skips up the steps and stops in front of a black door with a gold number 13 on it.Before she gets to enter fans stop and ask her for autographs.Finishing up on the autographs she waits for the fans to leave before opening the door and entering her husbands skybox.Walking silently over to her husbands chair and covers his eyes

AJ"guess who".Phillip reaching up and touching her hands"ummm...Paige?"Pissed off AJ removes her hands and storms out of his skybox and down the stairs to the locker room

What do all of you think will happen next?

What will AJ Lee do to Paige for her husbands mess up?

Is there anything going on between her husband and rival?

Chapter 2 coming up

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