All Goes Raw

what happens when two wwe superstars and a diva gets locked in an arena overnight


7. a confession

John looking into AJ's eyes"why can't you just leave him?"AJ looking down and mumbles"I'm pregnant".John with a shocked look on his face"you're what?"AJ looking up at him"I'm pregnant".John"so your cheating on him with me while you're carrying his child?"AJ wiping her face"there's a chance it's your baby".John"if it's mine I want you living with me".AJ"it's not that simple.i'm still married to him".

in Randy's locker room Randy and Nikki are cuddling on the couch.Randy"nic he will come around".Nikki"I don't think so this time.he isn't happy with me anymore and that makes me miserable".Randy"I thought that you and John were trying for a baby".Nikki"he doesn't want kids."rubs her stomach."that's why I have to hide this".Randy"nic if you're pregnant don't hide it.don't harm the baby".

What do you think of the confessions?

Who do you think the fathers are?

Chapter 8 coming soon

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