The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


3. What's Happening ?

So well that was happening in Compton, the 5sos boys where in London  waiting to find out who won the contest....


Management: Hello boys.

5sos: Hi

Management: So boys we brought you guys here to tell you who is the lucky winner and who she is going to bring on tour with us...

Luke: I THEY'RE HOT !!

Ashton: SHUT UP LUKE!!

 Management: Okay... so here is the winner. Her name is Jessie Isabel Gomez , She is turning 16 the week after she comes on tour with you guys.

Management showed a picture of Jessie.

Michael: DAM SHE IS HOT!!


Management: Yes, all of them are Latinos, excepted for one of them. And her name is Julie Maria Martinez,she is black and Mexican and is 15 years old and she will turn 16 ,3 months after going on tour.

Shows a picture of Julie


Everyone starts laughing 

Management: Okay, Then theirs Jennifer Crystal Bautista or better know as Jc Bautista. She is 15 years old and she will be turning 16 years old after 4 on tour.

Shows a picture of you.

Luke: She is really beautiful...

Calum: She is mate.

Management: Do you guys want to know more about Jc,Jessie, and Julie.

Boys: YES

Management: Okay... All of the girls listen to All Time Low , Sleeping With The Sirens, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Pretty Reckless, Ariana Grande. And only Jc listen to a little of rap and Julie listens to a little bit of pop, while Jessie listens to a lot of punk rock and rock.And They are all from Compton, California.

Asthon: Cool, judging by this we will get along just fine.

Luke: Yeah 

All the boys nod. 

Mean while management was talking to them more about us.Jessie, Julie and I where on the plane leading to London, which was boring until we met the Janoskians. Which was really fun cause all three of us girls are huge fans of them.So we all talked with them for the 11 hours on the plane.While we were talking Jai  told us that I looked really pretty in my Elvis Presley shirt  and black leggings. And that if we where going be in town cause they where opening for a band from Australia. And we said yeah and then we told them about how we won the 5sos contest and where going on tour with them.Then Luke said that they are going to open for them on tour.So we all got excited that we where going on tour with each other cause we all got along well.So we had about 2 more hours until we got to London. so we all decided to talk about our ex-relationships. It was really weird cause I only had one relationship which lasted 1 year before I got dumped cause my ex named Dany cheated on me with that girl America in 8th grade. So everyone went on and told their stories and it got to me when it was Jai's turn cause he didn't know if Ariana cheated on him with the guy from The Wanted . Then when it was my turn told my story and at the end i started to cry cause I was thinking how I wasted 1 year of my life if that idiot. Then i felt someone hug me. When I looked up it was Jai. He told me not to cry  and how he was a jerk for doing that. Then before I knew it the caption of the plane had an announcement to make.

Caption: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to London. We will being to land in 10 minutes to please buckle your seat belts.\

So we all got out of the plane and we got in different cars cause we where staying at a different hotel . When we got to the hotel we were greeted by the boys management and they told us to get ready cause we where going to met the boys in 3 hours. So we went  off to your rooms and started to unpack your stuff and get ready.



Should I include Harrison Webb and Zoe,Joe, Alfie,and other Youtubers. Please tell me in the comments bye ily. 


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