The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


5. The talk

Calum: Hey Jc.

Jc:Hey Calum

Calum : You know you could call me Cal for short.

Jc: Oh okay then Cal.

(You both laugh)

Calum: Are you alright.

Jc: Uh ... Yeah just a little nervous.

Calum: Yeah don't worry about it, by the time we get to the 4 venue you will get used to it.

Jc: Uh , hey cal did you ever get home sick.

Calum: Yeah basically every day, but these guys are also my family too . Plus here you don't get into a lot of trouble not like home.

(You both laugh)

Jc: So I heard that the Janoskians are going to open up for you.

Calum: Uh ... Yeah , they are really great guys. Why do you know them?

Jc: Yeah , we met in the plane heading here.

Calum looked mad

Jc: Uh , Calum are you alright?

Calum: Yeah , just that there's something I have to do .

Sound guy: Cal you better get your ass here right now ,Liz is looking for you like crazy! Oh and you better change quickly cause you have 15 minutes till stage!

Calum: Well I have to go see you later!

Jc: Good luck Cal

Calum: Thanks

So when I got back inside that bitch Vicky was there.While I was waiting I saw Vicky hugging Luke and making out with him 10x. Then when they saw me and a smirk appeared on her face.She then grabbed Luke's arm and pulled him closer to her and whispered something in his ear. Which made him blush then while they were walking towards me a number from the states appeared on my phone and the area number was the same area number from Compton and I didn't know the number so I didn't answer. While I was ignoring the calls, Liz was talking to me. Then she left me and Luke to walked up to me a said...


Luke: So what think about the first day.


Luke: Why?

Jc: Well I got to meet you guys ! And then I meet your friend Vicky.

Luke: I am sorry for the way she acting to you.

Luke hugs you

Jc: It's fine

It was weird when he hugged me , but then I felt safe in his arms . Then I see Cal . He just came out of the dressing tent but he was shirtless. And then he looked mad again. Cal was about to say something but the sound guy came back and said 8 minutes till show time . So they did their before show rituals and hugged everyone. Michael and Ashton hugged me tightly then Luke came . I thought he was going to hug me but instead he kissed me on the forehead. Again Cal looked mad . So again I thought he was going to hug me ... He did hugged me and then he kissed my cheek. And after he kissed my cheek, Luke looked mad so I was dying of laughter. And then Liz said...

Liz: Don't be mad that he kissed your girl Lukey poo.

Everyone was dying too. Then I saw 5 boys , that's when I realized that the boys where the Janoskians.


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