The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


7. The Questioning ?

Luke: Um Jc, can I ask you something?

You: Of course Luke.

Luke: Who do you know Jai from the Janoskians?

You: Oh, well the girls  and I met him and the others while on the plane from L.A to London. Why does this concern you Luke?

Luke: Oh I umm though that you were going out with him or something.

You: No, I just meet him like 2 days ago .

Luke:Oh okay.

I was confused by Luke, why did he seem concerned by the fact that Jai and I were going out , which was not true cause I barely even know the guy.

You: Well I should better get going now , see you tomorrow Luke goodnight .

Luke: Goodnight Jc.

You leave and Calum walks in.

Luke:Man I messed up telling her that.

Calum: You sure did dude.

Luke: Calum, I thought you left already with Micheal?

Calum: Nah, Micheal is going to get food with one of his friends who goes to college here.

Luke: Oh.

Calum: So, I saw you talking to Jc about how she knows Jai Brooks.

Luke:Yeah, so what?

Calum: Luke, I know that you think she's hot but you just met her.

Luke: Calum, I only know your saying that just you could slow me down and get a head start only win her over.

Calum: No Luke , I'm only saying it because she's younger than us and we just met her today.

Luke: That's true.

Calum: I'm just saying lets give her some time to get use to us and then we will both try to win her over. Deal.

Luke: Okay deal, lets just hope that Jai doesn't get in the way cause then it's going to be tougher to win her over since he knows her better just because he met her before us.

Mean while , I was in the car with Jessie and Julie and they asked me why Luke wanted to talk to me in private...

Julie: Why did Luke want to talk to you?

Jessie: Yeah , why did he want to talk to you, is it because he wanted to tell you that he loves you !

Jessie, Julie and I : Hahaha !

Julie: That was funny Jessie ! I mean why would he tell her that , he just met her 9 or 11 hours ago.

Jessie: That's true Julie.

You: You know I'm right here, right.

Jessie: Sorry honey !

Julie: That's just life !

All of us laugh.

You: Okay anyway , The reason why Luke wanted to talk to me was because he wanted to know how Jai and I knew each other. And then he asked if we were going out, and I said no .

Jessie: See what did I tell you , he loves you !

Julie: No, he just thinks that Jc is HOT !

You: No! But anyway I just left weird and just said good night and left.

Both of the girls: WOW JC!

You: Shut up!

Then the bodyguard who was driving us said that we are at the hotel already. So we get off and walk into the  hotel and got into the elevator. And the girls kept telling me that Luke and I would get married and etc...But then Vicky gets on the elevator . She didn't noticed us at all cause she was on her phone talking to someone saying that she needs new makeup cause some little brat (me) told her that she looked like a cake . Also that she as heading up to Luke's room to surprise him cause his mom wasn't there cause she went out to eat with Luke's dad.Then when she got off the elevator , she got off on the wrong floor cause The boys/Liz and us shared a whole floor for ourselves ,while Vicky was on the first floor in a small room.And when she realized she as on the wrong floor her reaction was hilarious. Once we got off on our floor we said our good night and went in to our bedrooms and went to sleep.




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