The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


15. The park

Jai’s Pov

Jai: Hurry up James, we have to follow that girl.

James: Fine. Let’s go then.

Jai: Thank you!

So after James and I ate we got out of the hotel thru the side door so the fans wouldn’t notice us. It was hard to get out because some of the fan saw us and stopped us for photos and etc…I mean it nice knowing that we have fans but it took us 40minutes just to get out of the hotel. So after all of that happened we just booked it out of the hotel. Some fans ran after us but we out ran them and then we screamed sorry but, we have to do something , so they could understand that we aren’t trying to avoid them . So after running for 10 minutes we stopped 3 house away from Vicky’s nanas’ house. We got there just in time, Vicky and her nana just got out of the house to go for a walk with some little girl that looked about 3-2 years old and two little boys that were twins around the age of 5. The little kids kept screaming saying they want ice cream and that they wanted to go to the park too. Vicky seemed to be annoyed by this but her nana said something which made the little kids be quiet. We followed them for a good 30 minutes before we got to the park and saw one of our friends. So we stop to say hi, meanwhile Vicky and her nana watch the kids play on the jungle gym.

Jai: Well look who it is!

James: Is that the famous soccer player’s son Brooklyn Beckham?

Brooklyn: In the flesh.

Jai: Wow it is an honor to meet you sir.

James: May I just say, you’re an ass.

Brooklyn: Shut it James.

(All of them laugh)

Brooklyn: What are you guys doing here at the park? Aren’t you guys supposed to be practicing for your concert today?

James: No, we have today off and tomorrow we have a concert.

Brooklyn: Nice. So how has life treated you guys so far?

Jai & James: Good.

Brooklyn: Wonderful, so why are you here instead in your rooms sleeping?

We told him about the situation but instead of saying it was Calum and Luke we said it was one of our friends who came on tour with us. He understood, he said his mom had kind of the same problem when she was in the spices girls but with guys tying to date them and etc... He said that he would help us out, because he’s nice and also because he was bored. So he tagged along. We thought that we lost Vicky for a sec, but then found her again. And then Brooklyn said…

Brooklyn: I know that girl!

James: How?

Brooklyn: She use to date one of my mates before she cheated on him and got pregnant with Finney Cassidy from the Evermoor Chronicles on Disney Channel here in the U.K.

Jai: How long ago was this?

Brooklyn: Like 4 or 3 years ago, if I can remember correctly.

James: How did your mate meet her?

Brooklyn: Her dad is a part of a management that is in charge of One Direction, 5sos, Little Mix, an others. So since her daddy has money she came to my High school. She was in my year because she flunked year 10.

Jai & James: Wow.

Brooklyn: Her and my mate went out for year and ½ before she got pregnant with Lola.

James: Who’s Lola?

Brooklyn: She that little girl right there.

When Brooklyn pointed to Lola, that was the  little girl that we saw with Vicky. it all made sense to me now. Now I know why Calum was worried.  

Brooklyn: After she gave birth to Lola, she left school and went on tour with 5sos I think or someone. But what made me made mad was that she left Lola with her nana. The poor girl doesn’t even know her own mother. She barely knows her father. He only visits her sometimes when he’s in town, but since he’s working on his T.V show, he doesn’t come to see, the time time I think he came to see her  was 10 months ago.

Jai: How do you know that?

Brooklyn: Do you see those two little boys with them.

Jai & James: Yeah, why?

Brooklyn: Those two little boys are my god brothers, and they are Vicky’s nephews.

Jai: Wow.

Brooklyn: Yeah, their mum tells us every time something happens with Lola and her no good parents. She says that she feels bad for Lola because she doesn’t deserve the treatment she is getting. She has been trying for a year now to adopt Lola, but Vicky’s dad has said No because if news breaks out about Vicky’s and Finney’s love child then a big problem will be caused. But she doesn’t care, she wants Lola to be happy. But like what my nana says, everything happens because god has a plan for all of us.

James: Hey, they are leaving.

Brooklyn: What time is it?

Jai: Its 11o’clock, why?

Brooklyn: They are going back home and won’t be out until 3.

Jai: Why?

Brooklyn: Because her nana has to drink her pills and it’s almost time for lunch and when Vicky comes she has to make food for the kids.

James: Oh, and how do you know?

Brooklyn: Haven’t you been listening James, the twin’s mum always tells us.

James: Oh.

Brooklyn: I got to go now, I will see you guys tomorrow at the concert then.

Jai: Yeah!

Brooklyn: Great then! If I were you guys I would just sit and eat something in that café in front of her nana’s house. See you guys tomorrow, bye!

James & Jai: Bye!

James: You in the mood for a coffee bud.

Jai: I guess so.  

James: Let’s go then!

Jai: Okay but let me just text Calum first.

James: Okay.  

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