The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


4. The meeting

So after that we decided to talk to your parents and families to say how the flight was. But we were stupid cause we forgot about time differences and woke them up around 1 in the morning. So we told them how was London how nice the boys management was to us. While I was talking to my older brother ERIC, he told me how our dad got kicked out the house and how my second dad caught him in the action with a stripper outside of a club . It broke my heart hearing this but it was for the best , cause now when I come home I won't see my brothers with bruises on their bodies and my mom crying and with a broken bone . Before saying our goodbyes one of my brothers ( which was only 2 years older than me ) said he was talking to my ex Joe.


Evan: Jc, Joe was talking to me the last few days since you left.

You: Why is he talking to you?

Evan: I don't know .... He just keeps talking about your old relationship and how he wants you back .


Evan: Calm down, I don't know. Just one day he came up to me and started talking to me and I almost punched him in the face cause I know that you where still sad about how he cheated on you with that bitch America. But luckily Mike was with me and stopped me in time.( mike is one of my older brothers too)

You: .... You should of hit him for me

Evan: lol ... I should of

You: Well I should go I only have 1 hour left before I met 5 seconds of summer.

Evan: Okay sis take care love you bye

You: Love you to bye


While we where looking around our rooms , I was thinking about how much bigger and better this bedroom was than mine back home and how I won't hear people fighting and won't have 2 annoying brothers sleeping in the same room as me. So after forking around the room I took a shower. While I was talking a shower , I took off my makeup ( which I don't wear but was wearing it that day cause my mom bought it for me) and saw the mark that my dad left me then I started crying and then turned on the shower and started crying in the shower and start looking all over my body and seeing scares and marks which my dad left me after hitting me basically every day because he felt like it . After crying in the shower I got dressed and put on makeup again so no one well no what happened. When I got out of my room and went to the front desk were management said they well met us I say Jessie and Julie wearing black and dark blue dress. They looked beautiful, meanwhile I look weird as hell. I am just wearing a Aerosmith tie -dye crop top shirt and high wasted ripped skinny jeans. After we all met in the front desk we got in to a limo heading to a theatre which the boys where playing at. So while in the car management to us how to behave around the boy and etc... I was just thinking about how my family was. Meanwhile....


Ashton: I can't wait for the girls to come.

Luke: Yeah

Michael: Especially Jessie.

Calum: Yeah and her friend Jc

Ashton: .... CALUM HAS A CRUSH ON JC !!


Luke: Well she is really pretty and I can't blame Calum for having a crush on Jc.


Luke: SHUT UP YOU .... YOU .... YOU

Ashton: You asshole...



Calum: Liz is right you guys, we should calm down and get ready to meet the girls.

All the boys: Okay.


So we where in the limo for about 2 hours. So I decided to go to sleep in the limo while waiting to get there. In total I slept about 1 hour and 20 minutes. So when I woke up I had saliva dripping from my mouth on to Julie's leather jacket . Which thank goodness my saliva wasn't on her dress. When we got there some fans where waiting to get in side of the theater to see the boys. While getting out a girl screamed out loud that she liked my style and to not even dare got out with Ashton or Luke. I just started laughing out loud and said that would never happen cause my older brothers would kill them if they tried to kiss me. Then she started laughing to and said sorry and I said back it was fine. At that same moment management came out with Liz.


Liz: Hi you guys must be the lucky winners.

All of you nod

Jessie: Hi I am Jessie Isabel Gomez

Liz: Hi Jessie

Julie: Hi I am Julie Lorraine Martinez

Liz: Well hello Julie

You: Oh Hi and I am Jennifer Crystal Cruz but , you can call me Jc

Liz : What a beautiful name Jc

You: Thank you.

Liz: Your welcome

Management: Sorry to interrupt up but it's time to go inside with the boys okay.

All of you: okay.

While going inside we were talking to Liz about traveling and the boys and she kept telling stories about Luke when he was little. Which were very funny and about his secret nick name which was Sénior Penguin. Then we all started laughing. So the walk from the entrance to the back stage was a 40 minute walk. So we started talking even more and then she said that Mike ( michael ) thought that Jessie was hot . And that Ashton said that Julie was Hotter than hot Cheetos . Which was very cheese but who cares and then she started laughing about how Calum and Luke where fighting about me and how they thought I was beautiful. Then she stopped and then we saw the boys. All of us started blushing and then my stupid self had to laugh out loud in front of their faces. While laughing Jessie and Julie got me and picked me up and took me out side of backstage and Julie decided to slap me and say to stop it and that I am making it a lot worse than it is. So we went back to backstage and it was weird at first then management saw that it was weird and decided to talk.

Management: Okay .... So boys these girls are the winners. Girls please present your self.

Jessie: Okay .... Well I am Jessie Isabel Gomez

Julie: And I am Julie Lorraine Gomez

While they where introducing them self I on the other hand was daydreaming so they decided to pinch me to get me out of my daydreaming. Which by the way was so amazing cause it had me and some of the hots boys in it .

You : OWWWW... Oh ummm , I am Jennifer Crystal Martinez but, you guys could call me Jc for short

Calum : haha... Well nice to meet you guys

Mike: Yeah , so know that we know your names ... And you know ours too. Let's go get food or watch a movie in the green room.

All of you guys ( including luke, Calum, Mike) : Okay!!



Well that surprised all of us . So after that we went to the green room. And the boys showed us the movies that they have . I saw that they had saw 1 and 2. I wanted to watch it but We were interrupted by a girl named Vicky how looked like a 18 year old but her face was like a cake but with makeup. And she was wearing tight booty shorts and a crop top which said BOSS ASS BITCH. It would of looked nice but she had no butt or boobies or like my older brothers would say she got no cakes and I forgot the other thing . But any way she came in and hugged the boys and then pretend to drop something in front of they boys and her booty shorts went up her some sort of butt . And the boys kept looking at it then again I laughed but this times Julie and Jessie joined in cause they saw what I saw. Then the girl looked at us weird and said...





Then everyone laughed my comment. Then that wanna a be gangster left pissed off and when she was about to shut the door she screamed out bitch to me but I ignored her. But anyway we watched Mean girls cause luke wanted too , but we watched many different movies until the show started. Then we went out to hear management talk. Then it was 30 minutes until a show time they went their way and I went out side to catch some air and then Calum founded me out side and said...



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