The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


13. The ice cream trip


Luke’s Pov

Luke: I hope this date goes well.

(out of bloom Ashton appears ) 

Ashton: What date?

Luke: Oh um…

Ashton: It’s with Jc right?

Luke: Why would you thinking that?

Ashton: Cause I overheard you and Liz talking about last night while I was eating my ice cream.

Luke: Oh…( smiling)

Ashton: You guys would make a cute couple!

Luke: Man, if I knew you were going to be this excited I would have told you first.

Ashton: You should’ve! But aww, Luke is getting a girlfriend.

Luke: Shut up!

Ashton: can I tell you something?

Luke: Yeah sure.

Ashton: Luke can you just…..

Luke: Just what?

Ashton: Just come with me to get more ice-cream please.

Luke: What the hell man, go get it yourself.

Ashton: Please Luke! Plus if a fan catches us, they can at least take a photo for both of us.

Luke; Fine but let’s hurry up so I can leave with Jc on our date before Vicky comes up and tries to talk to me.

Ashton: Okay, and what happen in Calum’s room, I heard a loud noise?

Luke: It’s nothing important.

Ashton: Omg Luke, you had sex with Calum! Omg CAKE IS REAL!!!

Luke: NO! Fine, I will tell you but it’s only between us and Jc, Julie and Calum, okay.

Ashton: Okay.

So while we were going down on the elevator I told Ashton what was happening and he said that he saw this coming, the only reason that he didn’t say anything was because he thought if he told us we wouldn’t believe him and that because it’s mostly all boys on the tour bus, which we would only ignore him because we’re too horny and we wouldn’t care. I told him that we would’ve listen, but he had a point. Since all of us met Vicky, she was the only girl who let her self-lose with us and would she would want have sex with us. And we bought into it all because we were horny. Then he also add since he is our head management’s daughter that we couldn’t do anything because then the management would make us do something that we don’t want to do and it would make one of us leave like did Zayn. Then when we got off the elevator I saw Vicky walking in the main door looking real sluty…

Luke: shit, Vicky’s here! Hide behind that corner!

Ashton: Umm, look there’s Jai, I have a plan… Jai come over here!

Jai: Hey you guys, what’s up.

Luke: Hey.

Ashton: Hey, can you do me a favor Jai?

Jai: It depends on what it is?

Ashton: Can you distract that girl over there, she is annoying us please!

Jai: Yeah sure, what do you want me to say?

Luke: Umm, that we went on a quick trip to whale and won’t because until tomorrow in the afternoon before the show.

Jai: Okay.

Luke & Ashton: Thanks Jai!

Ashton: Thank god Jai was here.

Luke: Yeah.

Ashton: Look, She’s leaving. Jai’s coming back.

Jai: She believed it, she said that she just needs to talk to Calum about something and that she also wants to talk to you too.

Luke: Thanks mate!

Jai: No problem, I should better get going now, bye you guys see you later!

Ashton & Luke:  Bye Jai!

Ashton: So now back to my ice cream!

Luke: Okay, but let’s hurray up cause I got to change.

Ashton: Fine! 

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