The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


14. The Elevator trip

Calum’s Pov

After Luke left I decided to get ready and eat quickly before any sees me. I didn’t want anyone to see because I already knew that he or she would ask me about where I was going too, and then I would have to lie in their faces ,which I don’t want too. So after I got ready I headed outside slowly so I can check if anyone was out in the open before I could book it and go start my mission. When I saw that everyone was still in their rooms I ran into the elevator before anything happens. Everything was fine until I saw that the fucking elevator went up instead of going down. I thought to myself …

Calum: Shit, I hope it’s no one that knows me.

(Elevator: ding)

Jai & James: Hey there Calum!

Calum: (sigh of relief) Hey there Jai and James!

(They all hug)

James: Are you alright?

Calum: Yeah why?

Jai: Cause you kind of sighed loud.

Calum: Oh, ha-ha (awkwardly).  Yeah I’m fine, it’s a long story.

James: We have time for it, I mean we are on the top floor and we do have 5 minutes until we get to the main floor.

Jai: You timed it?

James: No it says right there nearly the elevator door.

Calum: (reads the sign) Please excuses us, we are working on trying to make our elevators more efficient, so the ride will be a little bit slow. Approximately 5 minutes, thank you for understanding.

Well then I guess I can tell you, but you have to promise that you’re not going to tell anyone and that you will help me. Understood!

Jai & James: We promise.

Calum: Good, so….

I told them what had happen with Luke and Vicky and that she’s pregnant and there is a possibility that the baby may not be Luke’s but mine instead , and that I felt bad because she told Luke and he's taking it bad because he’s still a kid and doesn’t know anything yet. So it’s up to me to find the truth out.

James: Dam, that’s fucked up! So what can we help in?

Jai: No wonder she was looking for you earlier today!

Calum: I need someone to go and follow Vicky, meanwhile I Go and fined a private investigator to see if he can find anything about this suppose pregnancy.

Jai: James and I can follow Vicky, meanwhile you go look for an investigator.

Calum: Thanks you guys.

James: No problem, but where can we find this girl Vicky?

Calum: She is probably at her gran’s house, she only leaves 5 blocks away from here.

James: Okay, just send us the address.

Calum: Okay.

(Elevator dings and the boys get out of the elevator)

Jai: But first we have to go and eat something quickly.

Calum: Yeah don’t worry, as long as you just text me when she is coming back and where she’s going.

Jai: Don’t worry mate, she won’t be coming around here until tomorrow.

Calum: Why?

Jai: You know how I told you that she was looking for.

Calum: Yeah?

James: Well Jai told her that you guys where on a small trip going to somewhere and won’t be back until tomorrow.

Calum: For real?

Jai: Yeah Luke and Ashton saw her and they told me to get rid of her, so I did.

Calum: Nice Jai!

(They high five each other)

Calum: Okay I have to go now, see you guys’ later, bye!

Jai & James: Bye! 

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