The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


2. The Day

So after that happened , Jessie went up stage to received her prize.Then 20 minutes passed and Jessie came back and took us back to steven and 5sos's management . Management told us that we had 1 week and 3 days to get out of school and other stuff and to say good bye to our families. Cause the boy's tour started in London and we had to travel all the way there and that they are going to take us shopping for clothes on the other 2 days.And the flights take about 10-12 hours and some other stuff but again I didn't listen cause I was actually happy cause I was getting way from my home which is like hell.Then another 25 minutes passed and gave us some stuff to sign and give it to our parents.So then we all went home and then I was back in hell. Way the other girls went back home to their loving/caring families.


My dad: Where the hell were you Jc.

You: At the mall with Jessie and Julie. Why

Dad: "I need you at home cause I don't you to hang out with those girls cause the are slut. AND WAIT WHEN DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO GO TO THE MALL AND DON'T TELL ME THAT STEVEN WAS THERE".



Then all of the sudden I felt a hand on my face. It turns out my dad slapped me just because he forgot that he was the one who have given me permission to go.So after he slapped me he wanted to kick me . But thank God my mom and little/older brothers  came in the right time.So my mom picked me up and told two of my brothers to take me into my room and then it turn black...

When I woke so it was the next day. I see my mom crying next to me.She told me that my dad was drunk again and that he tried to hit her then my brothers went to help out.Then she was check my stuff and found the stuff that the boys management gave us and gave Jessie's mom a call and then she gave me something...

Mom: Honey, I am really sorry what happened .

You: Its okay.

Mom: NO its not

You: mom 

Mom: Me and your brother have been talking and we all decided that you are going cause its for your own safety..okay

You: Okay mom/

So I didn't go to school that day nor the next day. When I finally went to school I only had 2 more days there before I leave. When I got to school every one either looked at me weird or called me name and some of 5sos fans came to hug and say congratulation on winning.But the same girl who was America called me names cause Jessie won not her. and supposedly she was a big 5sos fan when she thought Calum was Chines. So the 2 days went by and Jessie, Julie and I got out of school. Then the next few days passed and went to visit family members and say good byeuntil the tour end.Then the day finally came to say good bye to your families. It was hard but we knew that we were going to be fine.


Management: Are you guys ready to leave??

All three of you guys: HELL YEAH BABY!!

Management: NEXT STOP LONDON!!     



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