The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


12. The Date


Jc’s Pov

After all of that happen, Julie and I decided to go to our rooms and get ready.

You: I didn’t know what to do. But the only thing I did know was I had to get Luke out of the hotel and to stop thinking about the whole pregnancy thing with Vicky.

Julie: Jc, what are you going to wear on your date?

You:  It’s not a date, it just a hangout.

Julie: Yeah right, we all know that you kind of like him too.

You: Shut up! Plus he is older than me, and that’s against the law.

Julie: So what, it’s hot to against the law.

You: You know what, to go against the law is fun, but it’s not hot. Especially if the whole world will know about it.

Julie: True, so what are you going to wear?

You: I don’t know, let me see what I have.

While I was going into my room I was surprised by two women who said that Luke’s mom hired them so they could disguise me. Julie then started saying that if Luke’s mom is agreeing with the situation then its fine. So I said maybe but before I could say anything else one of the stylist grabbed me by the arm and the other just covered me in a bath robe and told me to take everything, even my underwear/bra. Then she directed me to the bathroom and she told me my new and expensive under garments and on top of the sink and to clean my face good cause she has to have a “clean canvas” to work on. So I said okay and got changed in the undergarments and cleaned my face and got out of the bathroom and then I was told to go into the closet of a big surprise. When I walked into the closet I saw amazing/beautiful clothes from Channel to Topshop to Hot Topic. I was amazed by the sight, Julie was too. Then the stylist told me want I usually wear, I told her that I typically wear black jeans and natural colored tops, and sometimes bands, pastel tops too. Then she asked me what about shoes, I said it didn’t matter as long they are comfortable so I could walk and run away. They asked me why I wanted to run away I said it was long story and didn’t want to talk about it. They said nothing after until one of the ladies got a black tank top and a navy blue bomber jacket and black jeans with black combat boots along with 3 neckless, rings and earrings. She said ty it on, so I did and with I went to change and came back they were shocked and I was I when I looked in the mirror. But then I said to the stylist…

You: You know what, I want to wear heels with this outfit.

Stylist: are you sure honey, I mean they would look nicer with the heels but you would get tired easily.

You: I know but remember, I have to look older so a scandal won’t break out.

Julie: That’s true, plus you would look like a badass with heels on.

You: But I’m already a badass Julie.

Julie: Shut up Jc.

Stylist: Okay but I warned you sweetie.

You: Don’t worry, I got this plus we are only going to the movie. 

So I put the heels on and they told me to sit in a chair so they could do my hair and makeup. Meanwhile I was getting ready Jessie and Michael where around the city looking at the sites and taking photos too.

Michael’s pov

Jessie: Look Michael! It’s big ben!

Michael: Yeah, take picture.

Jessie: Okay, but get in the photo too!

Michael: What, I can’t its wrong.

Jessie: No it isn’t, plus I want you to be in it so I could remember this day.

Michael: Okay.

So far it’s been a good morning with Jessie. So far we have hug twice for photos and since it’s early in the morning no one seemed to know who I was and my body guards look like normal people walking around me so it won’t look sketchy. Hopefully the day goes smoothly.

Jessie: Michael, where are we going now?   

Michael: We’re going to a national park so you can take more pictures of nature.

Jessie okay, but can we go to a local food place so we can try the local food.

Michael: okay but we have to be careful if not he fans will find out and it could get out of hand.

Jessie: Okay lets go then.





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