The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


6. The clash

When I saw The Janoskians I didn't know what to do. Julie saw them too and decided to talk to them .

Julie: Hey, how's it going ?

Jai: Nothing much and you, just trying to stay alive.

Everyone laughs

Jai: Hey Jc , how you been?

You: Good for the last few hours .

Luke: Ooooooo

James: Dam she told you ! 

So all of talked for about 30 minutes until Liz told us that it's safe for us to go out into public.( We only waited until it was safe because some of the fan get jealous according to Liz, cause we won the contest. And she doesn't want to have problems with fans.

So while walking to our seats I felt someone watching me, I ignored it at first. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder, when I turned around I saw that it was Zoella  and Alfie. I screamed and totally fanned out.

Zoella: Well hello there, my name is Zoella and I just think your outfit is wonderful.

You: Omg thank you and may I say I'm one of your biggest fans i mean I have been watching your videos since 5 years ago.

Zoella: Why thanks.

You: And also Mr.Alfie may I also say you are one of the funniest/chillest person ever! 

Alfie: Thanks love.

So you and the girls talk to Zoella and Alfie for about half of the show until they left cause they were original only coming over just to compliment me on my outfit. Before they left we exchanged numbers and started following each other on Instagram and other social medias.

After they left liz said it was time to head back to backstage , so we won't get caught in the middle of fans and etc... So we left , when we got back stage we saw that the Janoskians where still here. So we started to talk to them and when 5sos came off of stage everyone was clapping and they started to say thanks and to walk over to us. And we all turned around to say congrats on their first concert. But me being clumsy , when I turned I tripped on something and I thought I was going to fall on my back, but...

Luke, Calum: Jc!

Jai: I got you !

I was happy that Jai caught me, but when he caught it felt weird. Like if it was one of those romantic scenes in a drama.

You: Thanks .

It was awkward cause I felt somewhat safe in his arms. But then Ashton ruined the moment by saying...

Ashton: Hey mate , be careful cause some people may get mad.

Both Jai and I were confused by what Ashton said , but then we looked around and saw that Luke and Calum looking  a bit pisted off because of what happened. So , we both decided to get up and acted like nothing happened. And the night went on as normal with everyone laughing cause Beau was telling us some of the twin's funniest moments, which was funny. Then we all decided that it was time to go to our hotel rooms and we all said good night and went our separate ways. But Luke told me to stay back for a minute so we could talk...  


Author's Note :Hey guys sorry I haven't been posting I have been having a really ruff past few months , also my computer broke and I have been busy with school and sports and etc... So I'm really sorry for the long over due and I promise I while post more now .









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