The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


9. The camera

Jessie’s Pov

Jessie: what should I wear today, it seems kind of cold?

Knock, Knock

Jessie: whose there?

Michael: Just open and see!

Jessie: I sorry, I can’t open the door unless I know who you are!

Michael: Okay, it’s me Michael Clifford!

Jessie: Oh, okay I’m going!

Jessie opened the door and saw Michael with a Camera and a map, along with 4 body guards.

Jessie: Wow Michael, where are you going?

Michael: No, where are we going!

Jessie: what?

Michael: yeah I heard Julie told me that you where going around the city to take photos by yourself today. So, I decided to go with you today. So you wouldn’t be alone and won’t get lost!

Jessie: Umm, okay then. Let me just finish getting ready okay.   

Michael: okay!

Jessie: well that was weird.

And the room next to her was Julie, she was facetiming her mom to see how everything was. Reminder it’s like 4 or 3 in the morning back in California. So she was just checking up and then she was checking her Instagram feed when I knocked on her door.

Knock, knock

Julie’s Pov

Jc: Did you see what Zoe and Alfie posted!

You: No, why?

Jc: just check!

You: okay, okay!

You: OMG!! No way!

Jc: yeah!

You: Omg let’s do tell Jessie!

Jc: okay!

While we walking to Jessie’s room we stopped because we saw Michael with a camera and other things along with his 4 bodyguards, outside of Jessie’s room. So, at first we thought he was just being a pervert nut then we saw Jessie walking out with her camera and she looked cute.

Michael’s Pov

Michael: I hope this goes well.

Bodyguard #1: Look at Michael waiting for his girlfriend.

Michael: stop it, she could come out at any minute.

Then all of sudden Jessie comes out wearing a black ripped jean pants and a pink knit sweater and a black beanie.

Michael: Wow!

Jessie: Is it too much?

Michael: No its fine, now we should get going before the others get up and bother us.

Jessie: okay.

Well we were walking away from her room I thought I saw Julie but then I thought, hey its 7 in the morning. She’s probable asleep. So then we went into the elevator and went off.

Julie’s Pov

You: Omg, they make such a cute couple!

Jc: they do! I think we should get back to our rooms now.

You: okay.








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