The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


16. The cafe

Calum’s Pov

Before I could finish my conversion with the detective, Jai called me saying that he found out that Vicky has a little 2 or 3 year old girl. I wasn’t shocked by this. I mean when I first met her she said that she wanted to be mines and the band “helper. I was confused by this at first but then she pushed Luke into the private bathroom and had sex with him. Then 3 days later it was Michael, then a week later it was me. Ashton just ignored her and since then she doesn’t talk to him. But anyway I told the detective what the boys found out. Det.kalpan said that he will do his best on trying to find out the truth. He also said that by the night of the night we would tell me more about Vicky. But he said that it would take at least 1 month. But hopefully she will do something so it can point out if she is pregnant with a child or not. After leaving the detective’s office someone with a familiar voice called my name from across the street.

…: Calum!

Calum: Harry!

(Harry crosses the street to meet Calum and then they hug each other.)

Harry: How you been?

Calum: Good and what about you, has something about you changed because something is different?

Harry: Haha very funny Calum.

Calum: What? (Laughing)

Harry: I’m doing great and yes, I cut my hair.

Calum: Wow, I didn’t notice.(laughing)

Harry: Come on, let’s catch up over eating at that café over there.

Calum: Alright then.

Harry: So how are the boys?

Calum: They are fine.

Harry: Good, may I ask you a question?

Calum: Go for it?

Harry: Why did you just get out of that detective’s office?

Calum: Umm…

Harry: It’s because of Vicky, right?

Calum: How do you know her?

Harry: I meet her a while ago when she was 15 at the studio with her dad.

Calum: Oh.

Harry: Yeah, she use to wear clothes that showed her skin and make her look old than she was. I remember that she use to flirt a lot with Niall, Zayn and I. She said that she saw Louis and Liam as older brothers.

Calum: Wow…How long did you know her for?

Harry: I believe 2 years before her dad stopped bringing her to our concerts and studio lessons.

Calum: Why did her dad stop bring her?

Harry: Cause she was about to rape me.

Calum: What?

Harry: Yeah.

Calum: How did that happen?

Harry: One day after our lesson, we went to Vicky’s house for dinner with her dad. And then we got drunk, I thought that we were leaving when Vicky picked me up and took me out of the kitchen. Then she took me into her room and told me if I wanted to have fun and I was to drunk so I said yes. Then before she could take my clothes off her dad walked in and started to scream at us and I being supper drunk I just laughed. The boys came in and said something and then I just remember leaving. The next week Vicky’s dad came in and apologized for Vicky’s actions. I forgave him and since then I haven’t since Vicky until I saw her on a magazine saying that she was your groupie.

Calum: Wow... Hold up someone is calling.

(Jc name appeared on his phone)

Calum: Give me a sec Harry.

Harry: Okay.

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