The contest

Imagine you win a contest to spend and practically with 5 seconds of summer. Along with your three best friends.And travel around the world knowing that 2 of the boys like you and try to win your heart.


8. Familiar voice


The next day when I woke up I say I have a bunch of new followers/comments on Instagram and on Tumblr. All of sudden I hear the hotel’s phone ringing. When I answered I heard Steven’s voice. It was good to hear a familiar voice beside the girls.

Steven: Hey baby girl, how you been!

You: Good and you!

Steven: Everything is fine with me except I had some trouble here with a girl which blow up.

You: what happened?

Steven: well the people which I thought were my friends actually did something bad to this girl, who I was talking too. And then people assumed I did something to her too. But I know it’s kind of my fault because I should have had better friends and told her to me if anything was going on. I shouldn’t have lead her on tho.

You: Hey everything happens for a reason, but at least now you know who you’re really friends are. If you need anything just tell me. Okay, I will even fly back just for you bud.

Steven: No, you don’t need to do that. Plus you better off there than of here. I would rather not see, so you could be safe from your dad.

You: speaking of my dad how is he and my family.

Steven: Will, I saw your dad sleeping on the curve again. So….

You: what did you do Steven?

Steven: Well, I check for his money to see how much he has then I took his valuable thing and I place him on the grass with a blanked from the dollar store, then I went to your house and gave everything to your mom and then she gave 5 dollars and a sandwich with a coke. Then I asked her how she was doing and she said that everything was fine and that your brother Luis got a job for this big company called LACMA somewhere near West Hollywood, but the job pays really good.

You: Wow, well first, thanks for doing that for my dad and for my mom and I proud of my brother Luis.

Steven:  But yeah everyone is doing fine.

You: that’s good, Steven …. Thanks for being there, especially for my family.

Steven: No problem, your family is like my second family.

After that both of us said your goodbyes. Then I decided to go and eat, well I was eating I was checking Instagram. A lot of 5sos fans followed me then I saw I was tagged in some photos. I just saw fan accounts photos of me then I saw the photo which Zoe, Alfie and the girls and I took. I was in shock, in her comment she said she had a lovely time at the concert and she’s very thankful for meeting us. Alfie said the same thing. I read the comments, many girls were saying who I was and that I was luck and etc.…

While I was eating Jessie was changing because she wanted to take some photos of England for her Instagram and her photo album. Then she heard someone knocking on her door.   


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