The Unwanted Girl

I'm Sara Jones, I'm not perfect, I'm not pretty, I get bullied, my family don't want me, I just have a best friend her name is Ann. I'm just me, a The Unwanted Girl, but what happens when I meet someone that actually cares and loves me, will he make my life better? Will he show me a better life? Or will he just make everything worst?

WARNING: May involve cutting and swearing. If you are not comfortable with these things please do not read


1. the day I meant him

My name is Sara. I have a family that I feel like they don't want me they are what you call a Strick family. I'm depressed and feel like I want to die, but the only thing that make me smile is One direction.

"Get up, get up, Sara" Ann's singing ( she's my best friend )

"Why should I? I have nothing to get up for" I say while putting the pillow on my head

"Cause we're going shopping" Ann yelled while jumping on the bed trying to get me up

"Ok fine I guess, just give me five more minutes" I say half awake

"Gosh you don't have to be such a downer" she said smirking

Two hours later:

(Having lunch)

"So that one direction concert is in a couple days Sara?" she asked while biting into her sandwich

"I know but I'm so ugly I don't want one direction to see me like this"

"It's ok cause that's what make up is for" she said winking

"So are buying the tickets?" She questioned

"I would love to, but I don't actually have any money"

"How about this, if I buy the tickets?"

"Really!? I asked with excitement

"Yes but only if I can go"

"Of course you can go silly, pretty weird if you didn't" I say having the biggest smile ever

One hour later:

Sara's p.o.v

I walked in my house Ann went to her house so she was not there. my family was talking crap like where have you been, was you doing drugs or something. I hate looking at my family, if I would stare in their eyes for a second I would just fill hate. their are a family that no one would want

I was in my room covered in one direction posters that was the only thing that would make me happy when my best friend Ann called saying on the phone that she got the tickets for the concert. I was so happy but one problem my family they would never drive me there since the concert was in two days.

The next day later:

Today was Monday so that means I had to go to school. When I entered school I was trying to avoid being bullied but that didn't worked out so well. Bella came over to me pushing me around throwing my books to the floor trying to start a fight calling me that I'm ugly, no one cares about me, I should die for being so ugly, picking on me for liking 1D and guess what, this was everyday.

After school:

So I came home has soon has I came home my family would nonstop bothering me cause they want favors, cause their to lazy to get their ass up and do it themselves. I could never sit down for a second

So I went to my room finally sat down trying to forget what Bella said today at school but then I seen a blade on my night stand and took it I was trying to think should I do it or should I not. I was thinking my family don't like me, they only want me for favors, Bella always tell me I'm ugly, that I should die and picks on me for liking 1D, Ann has a way better life then me, and 1D will never notice me, so the next thing I know I cut ,it hurted but I felt like my problems went away....

Next day at school:

I was wearing a tank top today,so I seen Ann so I went to her we were talking about the concert tonight then she seen my cut

"OMG Sara did you cut?" She yelled while grabbing my arm

"Shhh, yes yesterday but I'm was not thinking, I'm not doing it again, I promise"

"Ok, but please don't do it again, please keep that promise" she said with a tone that sound like she wanted to cry

"I will, but let's talk about this later" I said as I didn't want anybody to hear

Then guess who shows up Bella she was trying to start a fight again but then she seen my cut then she stared to shout, EVERYONE SARA JONES CUTS HERSELF!! the whole school was laughing I just wanted to die.

After school:

Finally school was over that was the hardest day of school ever. I went home crying and you think my family cared, they didn't so I went in my room again and seen the blade again I was thinking that i promised that I would never do it again but I looked at the blade and I did it again I cut...

After I cut again I was so mad at myself for doing it, cause I knew I promise Ann I wouldn't do it again

Like two hours later:

I called Ann to ask if she still wanted to go to the concert she said yes so I was getting ready. I curled my brown hair I didn't have make up cause I was not allowed to wear it but then again I was not allowed to do anything so I took some mascara from my mom and I put on some lipgloss and I was good to go with make up then time for my outfit I put on a green blouse ( since Niall is Irish and my crush ) and some skinny jeans and some converses so I was good to go so. I called Ann and told her to pick me up.

I had to be really quiet because I was sneaking out without my parents knowing, it was my first time so I was nervous about it.

At the concert:

Me and Ann was in front row so we can see the boys really good. When the boys was singing Niall wouldn't stop staring at me and I couldn't stop staring at him he was just so hot.

The end of the concert:

Me and Ann had best time of our life we had so much fun but when we were leaving the concert Paul grab me by the hand he said "Come here" pulling me in a room the next thing I knew Niall is there he said "I was watching you all night and your so beautiful ( which was hard to believe ) and I was thinking can I have you number?"

I couldn't believe what I heard so I gave him my number and went to Ann I told her everything. and She fangirled she couldn't believe it ether

At home:

I climbed into my window hoping they didn't know I sneaked out. thank God they didn't know they was sleeping so I went to sleep too.

The next morning:

I woke up with a new message from a unknown number it was from Niall it said

From Niall to Sara: "Hey I hope this is the right number, is this the girl that I seen last night?"

I couldn't believe Niall text me so I replied:

From Sara to Niall: "Hey this is the right number Niall and btw my name is Sara"

From Niall to Sara: "Sara, what a lovely name, so what are you doing today?"

From Sara to Niall: "Nothing really besides going to school and being with my best friend Ann. Why?"

From Niall to Sara: "Cause I was thinking me and the boys have two more days here and you know, after school do you and your friend wanna come over?"

I couldn't believe my eyes when he asked me that so I replied

From Sara to Niall: "Um yeah what's the address and what time?"

So he gave me the address and the time to be there, and I had to call Ann and tell her the huge news

~on phone with Ann~




"AND WHAT!!!?!?"




"Oh wow what am I going to wear?!"

"I don't know but I can't FREAK'EN wait!"

"I know right!!! But get ready cause we have to go to school" Ann says

"Ughhh I know!"

So I got up and did my morning routine, then I put on a pair of dark skinny jeans with rips in them and a black top with a plaid shirt tied around my waist and some lipgloss and I was good to go

~in school~

As I entered school it was quite weird for me cause I didn't see Bella, but then again I was quite happy cause today I don't get bullied

As I was walking I seen Ann, I walked over to her

"Hey what up" she asked

"Nothing much" I replied

"Have you seen Bella?" She questioned

"No not really but, better for me"

~after school~

So me and Ann was walking home together then she remembered that we had to go to Niall's today

So I get ready I wear light make up and curled my brown hair and wear a green short dress but not to short and a belt and some white open toe wedgies and I was good to go and Ann was wearing a red short dress same length has mine and some black wedgies so she went all red and black

So Ann was by my window and I had to sneak out again I was so nervous but I had too

At the hotel:

So me and Ann knocked on the door and Harry answers Ann stared and blush since he was her crush.

"You guys came , please come in" Harry greeted

Niall was in the kitchen looking for food,Liam was on Twitter, Louis was on the couch with Harry and Zayn .

So when Niall seen me he looked shock. "Wow you look great Sara" Niall said "And you too Ann" Me and Ann both said thanks, then

Niall said "So boys this is Sara and Ann" we both said hi to the boys.

"So how do you know her Niall?" Liam questioned

"Well she was at out concert last night and I seen her and told Paul and gave her my number"

"Looks like Niall has a little crush on some one" Zayn tease. The boys started to laugh and I started to blush and Niall too.

"No I just thought she was beautiful" Niall said.

"Sure" Harry said

"Moving on, so tell us about you guys" Louis said trying to switch the Conversation "

" well I'm originally from Paris but I moved to California with my parents when I was five, I like dancing but I'm not so good at it, I have a big family and I'm a fan of you's I'm in high school and I been friends with Ann since I was 5 and that's about it" I said (I didn't want to tell them the hole story )

"And you?" Louis said looking at Ann

"Well love doing art I have a small family I'm in high school as well and that's about it not much to say, me and Sara basically have the same life"

"That's cool so who wants to watch a movie?" Louis asked

Everybody said "yes"

"So what movie are we watching?" I questioned

"A scary one" Louis said

"Yeah I'm not so into that" I said cause I don't like scary movies.

"It's ok you can sit by me" Niall said

So we all we're watching the movie and I sat by Niall and in every scary part I put my head on his chest and we were hugging on to each other the whole way through the movie

So the movie ended and we said our goodbyes and me and Ann had to go

So Ann went to her house and I went to my house I had to go through my window since I sneaked out and thank God my family was sleeping again so I didn't get in trouble


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