The Unwanted Girl

I'm Sara Jones, I'm not perfect, I'm not pretty, I get bullied, my family don't want me, I just have a best friend her name is Ann. I'm just me, a The Unwanted Girl, but what happens when I meet someone that actually cares and loves me, will he make my life better? Will he show me a better life? Or will he just make everything worst?

WARNING: May involve cutting and swearing. If you are not comfortable with these things please do not read


5. Starbucks time

So I got to Starbucks I met Niall there and we greeted each other

"So how have everything been?" Niall asked while ordering his coffee

"Find, how about you?" I asked

"You know good I guess me and the boys have one day here to perform, I heard there gonna be a lot poeple there so I'm kinda excited about that" he said smiling oh how I loved his smile ,

"Yeah you should be, that's greet" I said

"Well you know about when I ask you to be my girlfriend at the airport?"


"Would you be my girlfriend now?"

"I don't know Niall I just don't want to get hurt"

"Can we just try it to see how it goes?, I mean if you want to"

"Yeah I would love that"

Niall is so happy, and he leans towards me and pressed his lips against my lips kissing me,

"I'm so happy you said yes" he says

"Me too"

Then he continues kissing me , then Paul calls

"Hey Niall you have to come here to practice"

"Yeah I'll be right there" "sorry but I have to go Paul wants me"

"Yeah sure, I understand" I replied

"But I had fun princes" he says kissing me again so he leaves and i leave to.

Sara's p.o.v

Me and Niall went to Starbucks we had fun just talking and he ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend now, I didn't know what to say, but then Niall said can we just try it and see what happens so I said yes then he kissed me,when he kissed me I felt something that I never felt before it was so many mixed emotions, Happy,shock,cold,loved I felt like someone actually wanted me and that was a feeling that I don't get that often

A/N: Sorry guys cause this chapter is short but I hoped you liked it 😃

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