The Unwanted Girl

I'm Sara Jones, I'm not perfect, I'm not pretty, I get bullied, my family don't want me, I just have a best friend her name is Ann. I'm just me, a The Unwanted Girl, but what happens when I meet someone that actually cares and loves me, will he make my life better? Will he show me a better life? Or will he just make everything worst?

WARNING: May involve cutting and swearing. If you are not comfortable with these things please do not read


6. official

So me and Niall been dating since two weeks and it's great don't get me wrong I don't see my boyfriend everyday but I face time him like every second but I think if me and Niall wants to be Official then he has to meet my parents but to be honest I'm kinda afraid cause I don't know if they will like him, or if they don't want me to date him since my parents are so stirk I don't know what's going to happen.

Face timing Niall:

"Hey Niall" I say waving at the screen

"Hey babe"

"So I was thinking Niall me and you been going out and I was thinking if you wanted to meet my parents?"

"Yes of course. That way you would be mine forever"

"Aww so how about tomorrow?"

"Yeah I'll talk to Paul"

"Perfect see you tomorrow"

"Bye princess"

"Bye babe"

Parents come home:

"Mom dad I need to talk to you's for a second please sit"I say in a serious tone

"Please don't tell me your pregnant" mom says

"No! No! No!" I say

"Then what is it?" Dad questioned

"Their's this boy named Niall he's from a band called One Direction and he's coming over tomorrow if that's ok with you's" I say totally scared out of my mind

"Sara I don't want you to get involved with a celeberty" dad says

"He's a nice guy"

"Well we will see tomorrow "

The next day:

-knock knock-

-opens door-

"Hey Niall, mom dad Niall is here" I say shutting the door

"Hi you guys gotta be mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones it's a pleaser to meet you's"

-Everybody sitting down-

"Mom, dad there's something that we have to tell you's"

"Me and Sara been going out and we wanted to know what you guys think of it"

Dad: ?

Mom: ?

A/N: two more favorites and likes then I'll give the next chapter on what the mother and father will say :)

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