The Unwanted Girl

I'm Sara Jones, I'm not perfect, I'm not pretty, I get bullied, my family don't want me, I just have a best friend her name is Ann. I'm just me, a The Unwanted Girl, but what happens when I meet someone that actually cares and loves me, will he make my life better? Will he show me a better life? Or will he just make everything worst?

WARNING: May involve cutting and swearing. If you are not comfortable with these things please do not read


10. girl day

"I'm so sorry to hear that" Eleanor says

"No no it's ok" I replied

"Well me and El is going to do our nails and hair tomorrow. would you like to come? Sophia questioned

"Actually I would. I need to relax a little"

"That's great, we could all have a girly day" Eleanor said with a smile

The next day:

I got woken by Niall shaking me like I was dead.

"Princess wake up the girls are here" Niall said trying his best to wake me up

"But I'm still tried" I say while putting a pillow on my head

"C'mon princess" he said kissing my cheek


So I got up, took a quick shower, did my morning routine, but on some mascara and my soft pink lipgloss and I was good to go

So I went to see the girls,

"Sorry girls it took me like forever to get ready" I apologized

"No, no no, it's ok" Sophia said

"So girls, do you guys want to eat breakfast here? or go out and eat?" I questioned

"Let's go out, I know this really good place" Eleanor suggested

"Then off we go"

Eating breakfast:

"Wow this food is really good. How do you know this place Eleanor?" I questioned

"Well when I was younger my family used to take me here so basically this place is like a family to me"

"That's cool" I replied

"Hey I have to go to the bathroom so I'll be back" Sophia said

"Yeah I'll come with you" I said while getting off of my seat

Sara's p.o.v:

So Sophia Eleanor and I went out to eat some breakfast. The breakfast here is amazing they have so many good things here from the drinks to dinner basically everything looks good here.

So Sophia had to go to the bathroom and I said I'll go with her

as I'm walking I bumped into somebody. I say really fast that I'm sorry until I look at her, you never guess who it is, it's......Bella

"Oh look who it is" Bella said while poking me

"Just leave me alone" I replied trying to get away from her

"Aww the baby thinks that she's almighty cause she gots a little group of new friends" Bella said with a mocking baby tone

"Like I said can you just leave me alone?"

"No. Sorry I can't do that"

"Why can't you see that I'm tired of your shit?!" I snapped

"Oh you're tired of my shit?!" She screamed in my face

Then she takes a hot bowl of soup and pours it on my head

"Oh that's it bitch" I say while taking a carrot out of my hair

The next thing you know I'm on top of Bella pulling her hair. Then Sophia and Eleanor came trying to pull me off Bella, then the restaurant manager came, trying to stop the fight. Then Sophia Eleanor and I told him everything and he kicked Bella out of the restaurant

"Oh my God let's get you clean up" Eleanor said while pushing me into the bathroom

As we entered the bathroom they stared cleaning me up while I'm putting on some more make up

"So what happen there?" Eleanor questioned

"You know, just some annoying girl from school, I'm sure you don't want to hear about it"

"No, no, no we do, go on" Sophia said

"Well that girl that I was fighting her name is Bella and she bullies me and makes my life horrible. Until I meant Niall then my life got a little better and I even cut a couple of times before from her but please I'm telling please don't tell anybody"

"No, no we won't" Sophia said

"But you're not gonna do it again? Right?" Eleanor said with worry in her voice

"Yeah for sure" I replied

"You said she was your bully right?" Sophia questioned

"Yeah" I replied

"Well you know what you did to her was wrong? Just because she's your bully doesn't mean you can bully her" Sophia said

"I know what I did was wrong but I couldn't take it no more, but I'm not gonna do it again"



A/N: hey thanks for reading sorry cause I know that was really a crapy chapter but it was a chapter right? Anyways first I wanna say a HUGE thank you for the 461 reads, 54 likes, 77 favorites, and 79 comments. Wow that was a mouth full thank you guys so much for all of those things it really means a lot cause you lovely people did a lot to this book. Remember like, fav, and comment, love you guys lots



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