The Unwanted Girl

I'm Sara Jones, I'm not perfect, I'm not pretty, I get bullied, my family don't want me, I just have a best friend her name is Ann. I'm just me, a The Unwanted Girl, but what happens when I meet someone that actually cares and loves me, will he make my life better? Will he show me a better life? Or will he just make everything worst?

WARNING: May involve cutting and swearing. If you are not comfortable with these things please do not read


11. Ann

"Well let's get back to our girl day" Eleanor said switching the conversation 

 "That's sounds perfect, but can I invite my friend?" I asked 

"Yeah. Who is she?" Eleanor asked 

"Just my best friend her name is Ann. If it wasn't for her I'll never meet Niall" I replied 

"Yeah. You should call her right now" 

~on phone with Ann~

"Hey Ann!" 

"Yeah Sara?" She screamed from the phone 

"Yeah. Why are you screaming?" I questioned 

"Cause, I had no idea where you were, and I didn't know if you were dead or not" she replied 

"Then why didn't you call me?" I asked 

"Cause I got a new phone and I didn't have your number, but anyways what's up?"

"Well Eleanor Sophia and I are having a girl day today and I was thinking do you wanna go?"

"Wait you mean Sophia and Eleanor as Liam's and Louis' girlfriends?" She asked/screamed 

"Yeah"  I replied 

"Then of course I wanna go" She said and I knew she was happy 

"Ok then meet us at Starbucks in Beverly Hills" I told her 

"Ok perfect" she replied 

"What did she say?" Eleanor asked with excitement 

"She said yes" I say while smiling 

"Today is gonna be a fun day " Sophia said 

((Ok guys so right now Ann will be talking more))

                Ann's p.o.v

So I was doing nothing just sitting on the sofa when Sara called me. I was surprised cause I haven't talked to her in for ever I thought She forgot about me cause she's with Niall and his crew but she invited me to have a girl day with her Eleanor and Sophia so I guess it's ok. I don't wanna ruin our friendship just because I thought she forgot about me. 

So I went to the Starbucks Sara told me to go to. And when I entered I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen Eleanor and Sophia. 

"Hey Sara how you been?" I asked her while hugging her

"It's been great, how about you!?" She asked me 

"It's been ok" I replied 

"So Eleanor Sophia this is my best friend Ann" Sara said 

"It's so nice to finally meet you guys" I say while smiling big 

"Yeah you too" they both greeted 

"So how is it going with you and Niall?"I questioned Sara

"It's find me and him is now official, but we didn't tell the fans yet" Sara said while taking a sip of her coffee

"Well when are you guys gonna tell them?" I questioned 

"Um I don't know, I'm scared if I do tell the fans they might sent me hate and hate me" Sara said with a sad look on her face 

"Don't worry about it, let's just get back to having our girl day" Eleanor said 

~after Starbucks~ 

"So girls ready to go shopping?" Sara asked with a funny tone 

"Are you kidding, of course" we all replied 

A/N: hey guys thanks for reading and sorry about this authors note I just wanted to tell you's sorry about not updating a lot anymore, I really never have time to write anymore cause of school work (stupid school 😂) and I noticed I actually lost some favorites on this book and if it's about not updating a lot them I'm seriously super sorry, and please tell me in the comments if you like this book cause I feel like it's not really good 😂 so yeah like, fav, and all of that good stuff. I'll see you guys on the next chapter ✌️P'S sorry about the short chapter 

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