My Dark Princess

Sonya Thompson had always been a strange child and grew into a dark and strange teenager never having a friend in the world other than her little brother Tony. Her family moves to Scotland and everything was about to change after her little brother meets and befriends a vampire. Nothing will ever be the same again (Gregory x Oc) ~Also punslished on QUOTEV and WATTPAD~


2. ||Two:Welcome To Hell||

I was dreaming, I knew I was dreaming. I was standing at a cliff side forest behind me and the vast ocean in front. The moon was full and bright, a red comet lit the night sky just barely touching the moon. There was a large group of people around me all dressed in renaissance period clothing. I had, had dreams like this before where I am in a different time and place. I've been a gypsy, a barmaid, a lady of the court, a slave. This time was different though, this time I wasn't surround by normal people, they were vampires. I just knew like I often knew things in my waking state, things I couldn't, shouldn't possibly know, but did.

The man who I assumed was the leader of the clan was holding something up in the air and was saying some kind of incantation in a strange language, I think maybe Latin. A red beam connected with what he was holding, but before anything else could happen horses whinnying could be heard fast approaching. They were pulling a cart with lit torches, a large man steering, and when he was close enough he jumped from the cart. He and the clan head fought over what I could now see was a necklace and eventually it flew from their hands over the cliff. One of the vampires then bravely, or stupidly depending on your opinion, jumped over the cliff after it. I stepped forward as though to help him, but a hand holding mine pulled me back. I turned knowing that this was who I had been searching for all my life, the one who was like me, my other half, and just as I was about to see his face at last...I woke up.

I laid in my comfy bed trying to return to my dream and finally know who he was, but I knew I wouldn't and I heard my mom pulling down the attic ladder and climbing up into my room. Then she pulled back the curtains and blindingly bright light flooded my room.

"The light it burns!" I yelled dramatically diving back under my covers

"Oh come on its not that bad. Besides its your first day of school you don't want to miss that do you?" My mom said cheerfully

"Is that an option cause if so I would so totally do that." I said only half joking

"Very funny. Now come on get up, get dressed, and come down stairs to eat breakfast. Wear something...nice." My 'evil' mother said as she tore my covers from me

I got up and went over to my bathroom. It was small about the size of a large walk-in closet. The walls were split horizontally the bottom half was a sandy color and the top half was an ocean blue. Which only served to remind me of my dream.

I took a long hot shower, using my favorite shampoo and conditioner that smelled just like warm apple pie. I got out wrapping myself in a big fluffy dark red towel. I got out my hair dryer and hair brush and brushed out my hair drying it at the same time. By the time I was done I had a mess of frizzy dark brown curls. That was another oddity of mine, though my parents prefer to think of them as 'quirks', neither of my parents had very dark hair, my mother is blonde and my dad's is a lighter brown than mine. Another thing was I had bright emerald green, looking glass like, eyes where my parents had brown and blue eyes. They both say I got them from some aunt or grandparent, but I can't help but wonder.

Done staring at myself in the mirror I left the bathroom and walked strait to my armoire picking out a pair of black cargo pants, a tight black v-neck long sleeve shirt, a black leather and chain belt, and black combat boots. I know its not what my mom was thinking of when she told me to wear something nice, really she was trying to nicely tell me to not wear something black, but this was who I was and they would have to accept that sooner or later.

I went over to my desk grabbing my mp3 player, a few sketchbooks, and my black messenger bag with a grey skull printed on it and climbed down the ladder pushing it back up into the ceiling.

I walked past my parents room and then Toni's peeking in to see if he was still getting was sat at his desk his shoes at his feet, staring at the ground.

"Hey spikes. Why so glum chum?" I asked walking over and crouching down to his height

"I've been having the nightmare again. Its a new school and everyone talks funny, and they're all gonna make fun of me." Toni mumbled sadly

"Hey, hey it'll be ok. I know they're weird, but I'll tell you a secret" I said getting him to come real close to whisper in his ear "All of these guys are part of an alien race that landed on earth and plan to eat our brains."

Toni turned to me smiling and chuckling a little.

"Aha! There's that Thompson smile!" I cheered

"But what if they make fun of me?" Toni asked seriously

"I'll tell you what anyone bother you, you come to me and I'll take care of it 'kay?" I said

"Really?" He asked perking up

"Really really. Come here!" I answered pulling him into a hug "Don't worry bud we're going to be ok."

With that I helped him put on and tie his shoes and together we went down for breakfast which consisted of cereal for us and eggs and bacon for mom and dad.

After we were done eating mom drove us to school and after a near miss with a tractor we made it safely. Thankfully the high school was right next to the elementary school and with a pass we could have lunch together every day.

As we got out every single student that was still out on the lawn stared at us. Welcome to hell.

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