My Dark Princess

Sonya Thompson had always been a strange child and grew into a dark and strange teenager never having a friend in the world other than her little brother Tony. Her family moves to Scotland and everything was about to change after her little brother meets and befriends a vampire. Nothing will ever be the same again (Gregory x Oc) ~Also punslished on QUOTEV and WATTPAD~


3. ||Three:School Sucks||

I could hear the loud gulp Tony took as we were watched like a new exhibit at the zoo.

"Don't worry Tony I've got this." I whispered to him squeezing his shoulder in comfort

Tony shuffled nervously, but made no move to stop me

"What are you looking at!" I yelled

Immediately after everyone who had been staring at us jumped and then turned away from us.

"See Tone they're just a bunch of wosses. So long as I'm around they won't touch you. Now remember we're gonna meet at that tree right there for lunch. I'll see you later. Remember chin up, don't let them see they get to you. You'll be ok I promise." I said taping his chin

"Ok if you say so. See ya." Tony mumbled as he walked towards the school

I stayed and watched until he got into the building then entered the high school myself. Oh the joy! Note sarcasm.

The halls were crowded, filled with students who stared at me as I passed and lockers that lined the walls on both sides. I pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and glanced at it. It said that my locker number was 206, the combination being 23-42-13. I found my locker easily enough it was the one that had a bunch of notes on it saying "Go back home foreigner" and the like.

I scoffed softly to myself tore down the papers crumpling them up as I did so and tossed them into the bottom of my locker after I opened it. They were going to have to do better than that if they wanted to get to me.

I put away the crap I didn't need and after glancing at my schedule, which said I had English with Mrs. Johansson, grabbed a note book and pencils and the like and headed off to class.

I sat down in the seat in the back corner by the window and waited for class to start. Eventually students poured in and took their seats, but not before staring at me for at least ten seconds before my glare finally made them turn around.

"Okay students settle down. We 'ave a new student today. I'd like ev'ryone to give our new American friend a warm welcome. Ms. Thompson will you come to the front of the class and introduce yerself to the class?" Mrs. Johansson asked, though I knew it was an order, in a heavy Scottish accent

'Oh Goddess why me?!' I groaned in my head as I shuffled to the front of the class dragging my feet as much as possible

I huffed, slouching with my hands in my pockets before saying "My name is Sonya Thompson I moved here last week from California in the US to here."

And with that I turned and walked back to my seat stepping over the leg that had been stuck out in an effort to trip me 'Nice try, but I'm not stupid meathead.' I thought as I passed the guy

He was obviously popular, preppy, and an ass from what I could see. I wasted no more thought on him and sat down opening my notebook and writing what notes I needed and doodling when I didn't.

The rest of the day went much in the same way and I was about ready to cry from relief as the lunch bell rang.

I practically jumped from my seat and ran out of the building flashing my pass at the teacher on guard as I went. I slowed to a stop when I reached the tree where Tony was already sitting looking even sadder than he had looked this morning.

"Ah bud what's got you so down and blue?" I asked trying to make him smile by hanging my head upside down as I got closer to see his face better

"I couldn't understand what the teachers were saying and they were talking to fast. Nobody wants to be my friend and the McCashton boys have been picking on me all day." Tony mumbled his face now hidden in his arms

"Oh Tone I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better no one wants to be my friend either. Hey how about I go find those bullies and pull their underwear over their heads so that they run into all the walls in the school. That'll teach 'em a lesson right? And you'll feel better right?" I teased

" No." Tony mumbled, but I could tell he was fighting a smile

"Well then how about I hook the back of their pants and run them up the schools flag polls? Or coat them in honey and chicken feathers? Would that make you feel better?" I suggested excitedly

"Nooo." Tony chuckled

"Ha got you to laugh!" I exclaimed

"No you didn't." Tony argued turning to face me a smile replacing the frown that had been on his face, but his eyes still looked sad, but I knew how to fix that

"Oh really?" I said lunging for him

"Take it back!" I yelled as I tickled him relentlessly

"No!" Tony yelled through his laughter

"Take it back!" I insisted as I continued to attach his sides and belly

"Never!" Tony exclaimed

"Oh yeah? Say uncle!" I laughed as I continued my torture

After a few more minutes of laughing and back and forth Tony finally gave in and admitted I was right and he said uncle. We then ate our lunches in companionable silence with the occasional words passed back and forth.

When lunch was over we hugged and I walked him back to the elementary school and waited for him to get inside before going to my own classes. The rest of the day was boring and uneventful and I had never been so happy to get out of school as I was when the final bell rang and we were released.

I picked Tony up from the elementary and together we walked to where our Mom was parked waiting to pick us up and go home.

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