My Dark Princess

Sonya Thompson had always been a strange child and grew into a dark and strange teenager never having a friend in the world other than her little brother Tony. Her family moves to Scotland and everything was about to change after her little brother meets and befriends a vampire. Nothing will ever be the same again (Gregory x Oc) ~Also punslished on QUOTEV and WATTPAD~


4. ||Four:Parent Date Night...Gross||

The ride home this time was uneventful, Mom asked us how our day was and I gave a non-committal shrug as me and Tony both said "Fine." at the same time.

From the disapproving look on our Mom's face I could tell that she had wanted more that a single word answer and that she didn't like that Tony was taking after me in any aspect. I mean my parents love me, of course they do they're my parents, but they don't...except how I am.

But I try to forget about that.

When we got to the house me and Tony jumped from the car and ran into the house and up to our separate rooms. I pulled down the ladder and climbed the stairs pulling them back up after me. I really didn't want to have a personal 'chat' with Mom, not about school, and definitely not another lecture about my 'influence' on Tony and how I had to not so subtly change to be a 'good role model' for him.

I dropped my bag by the entrance to my room and laid out on my bed think over the crappy day I had and the way it always made me feel whenever I see my parents give me the now all too familiar look, the one that tells me that they secretly disapprove, that they wish I was different. That I was like other girls my age all pink stars and rainbows...normal and...not me.

A voice cleared their throat in a high-ish pitch rather loudly.

I jumped up my head turning so fast I heard my neck crack with a small jolt of pain. Standing their was Tony his arms crossed a half mad, half sad look on his face.

"Geeze Tone give me a heart attack next time and save me the trouble of trying to recover." I said slightly breathless

"You were doing it again." Tony replied his voice serious

"Doing what?" I asked playing dumb

"You know exactly what I mean, don't play dumb you can't lie to save you're life and you know it." Tony said stomping his foot

I sighed and flopped back down onto the bed, it only took Tony a few minutes to join be and cuddle up to my side. I just tossed my arm over my eyes using the other one to pull him in closer.

"I'm sorry." Tony whispered quietly

"I know bud, but you can't change the hearts of others only their minds." I whispered back uncovering my eyes to look at him

"I don't get it. I know Mom and Dad love us, why can't they except you the way you are?" Tony asked frustrated

"Because they don't understand and they don't like not understanding something and it makes grown ups uncomfortable when they don't know something." I explained softly

"Well I like you the way you are, you're cool and you don't act like a girl." Tony said sticking out his tongue in distaste

"Thanks Tone, if only everyone else saw it that way." I said softly as I gave him a squeeze

So we laid there in companionable silence just listening to each other breath in and out. A few minutes or a few hours later I could hear my Mom's high heels clacking on the stairs on her way up .

"Tony?!" Our Mom yelled looking for him

"We're in here Mom!" I called down gently

We heard her footsteps loudly on the ladder and when she came into view I noticed she was wearing a black sparkly dress, a black clutch in her hand.

"Hey guys what are you two doing up here?" She asked curiously

"Nothing." We chimed together

"Ok well me and your Father are getting ready to go the theatre with his colleagues from work. We'll be back late so don't wait up. The babysitter should be here any minute." Mom declared cheerfully

"A babysitter? But why can't Sonya just watch me?" Tony whined

"Because...because we said so." Mom said stumbling over her words

I knew what she really meant 'Because we don't want your sister to have a bigger impression than she already has'. I sighed and nodded non-committally knowing that at this point there was nothing I could do despite the looks Tony was giving me begging me to argue and get rid of the babysitter for him.

"Dotty the sisters here are you ready?" Dad said as he was walking through the hall and up the ladder into my room

"Yeah just one second. Ok so make sure your homework is done, you eat a good dinner, no junk food after seven, and into bed by nine both of you." Mom rambled looking through her bag making sure she had everything

"We got it Mom have fun at the party ok." I said subtly telling her to get out

"Ok bye Sonya, bye Tony love you. And Tony no more nightmares ok?" Mom said kissing his forehead and leaving back down the ladder with Dad

"I thought they'd never leave." Tony huffed in relief

"Now Tony that's not very nice they may be annoying sometimes, but they're still our parents." I said reproachfully not really meaning it wholeheartedly

"Sorry." Tony muttered

"It's ok bud. Looks like it's getting dark out now." I said real happiness lacing into my voice

"Are you gonna go out tonight?" Tony asked getting excited

"Yeah I think I'll go get the lay of the land. Get to know them before taking my sketchpad with me." I said staring out my double door windows

"Can I come with?" Tony asked bouncing in place

I gave it a few minutes thought, Tony used to come with me when we were back in California, but back there I knew what and who to expect and how to use our environment to our advantage when drunk people or rowdy teen stumbled into the cemetery making noise, disturbing the living and the dead, and defacing their gravestones, it makes me mad no matter how many times I see it.

"Sorry, not this time Tone. Next time I promise after I've searched the place out and gotten a better idea of what we're working with ok?" I said crouching down to his level

"Ok." Tony muttered disappointed

"I just wanna keep you safe sport you know that. Next time I swear." I said touching his shoulder

"I know. Pinky swear?" Tony asked cheering up again

"Pinky swear." I agreed holding out my right pinky for him to latch onto

"Now go on downstairs and I'll be back before you know it." I said

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