My Dark Princess

Sonya Thompson had always been a strange child and grew into a dark and strange teenager never having a friend in the world other than her little brother Tony. Her family moves to Scotland and everything was about to change after her little brother meets and befriends a vampire. Nothing will ever be the same again (Gregory x Oc) ~Also punslished on QUOTEV and WATTPAD~


5. ||Five:We Meet At Last||

Getting pass the babysitter was sadly much easier than it should have been. I mean really she was just sitting there on our couch with a wad of tissues watching some weird Scottish soap or something. I literally just climbed down passed the window without her so much as looking up.

The cool night breeze hit me as soon as soon as I hit the ground and as it blew I took in a deep breath of it. It smelled wonderfully of something sweet, the taste of freedom was on my tongue and a sense of peace settled in my mind.

I set out towards the cemetery with nothing but the stars and moon to light my way. I should think about bringing a flashlight along next time. But the dark didn't really bother me I could see perfectly as long as there was moonlight to see by.

Surprisingly it didn't take me long to get to my destination and I met no trouble on the way, though from the way it's out in the middle of nowhere I suppose I shouldn't have been all that surprised I doubt anyone besides me and maybe the grave keeper was out here in the middle of the night.

I reached the large black iron gates that led into the cemetery and gently pushed them trying not to make them squeak too loudly and with a tiny squeal similar to that of a old swing or seesaw I was in.

I glanced around and was glad to see not a soul in sight, not that I expected anyone to be in here this late at night, but I'd rather be sure than sorry.

I walked quietly through the headstones my fingertips brushing a few and pausing now and then to clean some of the more over grown ones that had obviously not had any visitors in years.

I looked out across the graveyard silently contemplating on how it was so easy for the living to forget the dead, the ones who had come before us and laid down the foundation of the lives we live. On how cruel people have become in the years since many of these people's deaths and how cruelly the dead were treated by the younger generations who have long forgotten the lessons that were once told of respecting those who have passed from this life.

I was then knocked out of my thoughts by the slightest noise, that otherwise would have gone unnoticed if I was a normal person. I would have played it off as the wind or an animal or some other such thing, but here in the cemetery I knew that there were few creatures that would venture here so late at night.

I stood straighter, but made no outwardly sign that I had heard my pursuer or that I was aware that someone was watching me intently. Slowly just as I had before I glanced around myself as though I was simply looking at the cemetery again. I couldn't spot whoever was watching me, but I could feel their eyes boring into my back.

Somehow I knew that this was no ordinary person following me tonight and I knew that if I wanted to find out what they wanted from me I would have to outsmart them and force them into revealing their self.

I walked slowly through the headstones as I had been doing before and felt as my watcher stalked after me. I glanced around again this time not stopping to do so, I needed to find a place where I could corner the both of us, but still have the advantage it would be hard as I could only assume that they knew the graveyard better than me, but it would not be impossible.

I finally spotted a place that looked promising, a structure that had long since begun to crumble deeper inside the cemetery. I didn't go to it immediately though so as not to draw suspicion onto myself the longer I could keep my stalker from realizing I knew they were there the better advantage for me.

So slowly in a round about way I lead us to the spot I had picked. I could feel as we got closer that my stalker was slowly moving in, but even as I nonchalantly looked around they still stayed out of my sight.

I saw that there were a few places where the walls had not yet fallen down or eroded away where there were windows and their were two other entrances made from an arch and collapsed wall. I walked further in and once I spotted a large enough headstone hid behind it turning towards the only entrance my follower would be able to come in.

I ducked back behind my hiding place as I saw a figure standing in the archway.

"Where did that mortal get off to now?" a slightly deep male voice mumbled to itself

Mortal? So I was right he is something 'other' and not of this world.

"Why were you following me sir?" I asked loud enough so that it echoed around us in the silence

I barely peaked out to see him glancing all around trying to pin point where I was.

"And what makes you think I was following you?" He asked with an almost sneer in his voice

"Don't patronize me sir, I could sense you as soon as you began staring so forcefully at my back." I replied again keeping it echoing until I knew whether it was safe to reveal myself or not

"You couldn't have possibly known for that long that I was following you, if you did you would have panicked and run." He said confidently

"Unless I knew that was exactly how I would give away that I knew and wanted to force you to reveal yourself and you fell into my trap just as I expected you to." I said smugly my chuckles echoing eerily

I saw his face turn into a mask of rage at being bested by me and had to force down a smirk now was not the time to get cocky.

"So what exactly are you?" I asked curiosity getting to me

"What are you talking about." He said defensively crossing his arms

"I know you can't be human, you're too pale, you walk too silently, and the fact that you called me a mortal confirmed what I have been sensing from you the moment you began to stalk me." I explained simply

"What are you some kind of witch?" He demanded hotly, but I could hear the curiosity underneath

"In a way I suppose I am, but perhaps not in the way you would like...vampire." I answered watching for what his reaction would be

He did not disappoint in the least. First he froze and it was as if he had been carved from stone he was so still, not even breathing. Then it really got interesting...

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