Vicki has served in the castle all her life. For years she has taken the abuse of many men including the king, but enough is enough. One by one she will have vengeance.


1. Vengeance

Like a ghost Vicki snuck through the kings chambers. Too long has he taken her unwillingly into his bed. As she crept back into the king’s room she silently drew the king’s sword. In one quick motion his neck was sliced. The king bled out onto his plush bedding. Vicki grinned with a crooked smile. She cleaned the sword on the bed then strapped it to her back. She slipped quietly out the window and down the Terrence that led to the gardens and the back gate.

The king was her first kill. Before tonight Vicki was a lowly servant girl in the castle. For years she took the abuse of the king and many other men. After her oppressors fell asleep she concocted a plan. She had prepared herself to be a deadly assassin. She would not cease until she eliminated all twenty-four men who defiled her.

She took refuge for the night in an abandoned blacksmith shop. She had the fortune to find a small dagger that was left behind. It was a good size to hide into her boot. Before settling down for some rest, Vicki extracted the jewels from the king’s sword. She started a roaring fire and melted the jewels down. The money she would fetch for these gems would be more than enough to get what she needed.

The next morning she acquired what she needed. She bought a crossbow, a short sword, and a variety of small knifes. Her last stop was a whorehouse where she purchased clothing that would easily get her invited into the men’s rooms. She then set off on her mission with a flame in her eyes.

It wasn’t until well after midday that news of the king’s assassination reached the ears of the town folk living outside the castle walls. Knights swept the road looking for suspicious characters, urging people to stay indoors. Vicki must have past a half dozen knights before she recognized one. She flirted with him. She knew this one liked it given to him rough, so she decided to have some fun.

It was too easy. He quickly escorted her to an inn. Once in a room she stripped him down and tied him to the bedpost. The knight was excited with anticipation but quickly fell into shock when Vicki suddenly pulled a knife, sliced off his man parts, and, after exulting his agony, stabbed him in the jugular.

She felt positively euphoric. It was a euphoria that led her to another nineteen assassinations, each one more gruesome than the last. Unfortunately for her, it would end there. Vicki was beginning what had become routine when the nobleman’s wife walked into the room. In her jealous rage at the sight of her husband seemingly committing adultery, the wife picked up the fire poker. The wife ran Vicki through with it, piercing her straight in the heart. As she lay there dying, she cursed the wife and the remaining three men to eternal damnation.  

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