Watching His Life go by

River is gone and now she is watching her husband live his life

( If you have not watched the Day of the Doctor and all of those last episodes with Matt Smith then you will be confused)


1. Chapter One


Watching him live his life, without me. Yes, it sounds selfish, but I am his wife. I am Professor River Song, daughter of Amy Williams and Rory Williams, I am Melody Pond.Yes, yes a lot of names, SPOILERS! 

Have you ever wished you could watch someones life, like a movie? Never, never would you want to! I lived my life watching my husband live his life, thinking he could never see or hear me, but he could, he could see me and he could hear me but he never wanted to admit it. Why? SPOILERS! I watch his life go by and it hurts, like watching your family die and live without you. I died saving him so he saved me by locking me in the data base of a library, like  a book, and he never said goodbye. So I stayed til the day he finally said goodbye. When you say goodbye, you know they will see you again,in heaven, this man isn’t like others, who knows where he will end up. My husband, if you never heard of him which is entirely impossible because he has his face everywhere in history, past, present, future. But as he once said “All stories end, so make it a good one.” and he did, he made is the most fantastic story yet, page by page he lives his life, like a book, waiting to be read and kept. He will forever live in peoples hearts. Have you ever wished you could walk around his memories, you could change them, you could be them, you could destroy them. Sounds fun? Well you wouldn’t think so, watching his suffering, watching his pain, watching his sadness, you never want to see the doctor cry. Because he doesn’t just cry, when he cries it is for a good reason. I could name a few, a few I have watched in his life. When he didn’t want to regenerate, when his friends ( my parents) died. He cried and he never stopped. The Doctor’s tears are like magic. They only come in great times of need. Now you probably have better things to do than have me babble on about the Doctor, I mean this is still about him but mostly about both of us. The Doctor’s wife, the time lords lady, the doctors friends kid. I have a lot of titles. So does the doctor. 

The Oncoming Storm, the Predator, The Warrior and many more. Any questions on the names? Good, I wouldn’t care if you did, not in the mood. SPOILERS. Heard of Amy Pond? Rory? Rose?Martha?Donna? Clara? They are good friends of the doctor and they all had a terrible fate.

Rose got locked in a parallel universe, Martha became a warrior, Donna forgot everything and if she remembered her mind would burn. Amy and Rory died in the hands of the Doctor. You would say it wasn’t his fault and it was a fixed point in time. The weeping angels, they had to die to kill the angels. I miss my parents everyday but it hurt worse for the Doctor. He was with them longer, blood or not, he was closer and it kills him everyday, every year, every century. His big brown sad eyes, all because of his dear friends. Amy was the first face that the 11th face of the doctor saw, that is a special moment. A very special moment. They went through so much together. They fought aliens, saved the world. Blew up the world, rebooted the world. But in the end, they died. 

Amy watched her husband die so she wanted to be with him ( long story, don’t ask) and so the Doctor was devastated that his best friend went off. Don’t worry he found a new friend, Clara.

Did I not mention her? Oh I did. Yes, Clara saved the Doctor’s life by jumping into his timeline and destroying everything left of her and she was everywhere, which is how she died 3 times? Ok, I don’t know everything. 

Did I also mention me? If I did, I am dearly sorry that I am going over it again. We met, a long time ago. Our timelines are mixed up so when we met, he never met me before, but I have met him.

This is kinda what it looks like:


Ok so I am the green and he is the yellow

My life is going backwards as his life goes on.

Confusing it is, and it was even worse at that time. He didn’t know who I was, he didn’t trust me. It hurt me. So I sacrificed my life for his, and for others. He did kinda save me but I will never be able to go on earth again. I was always with him. He knew, he told me years later but he knew I was there. He just knew. It was sad, to find out that he never talked to me only because he couldn’t handle it. His wife, dead, and he can talk to her?

If he thought that was bad, how about watching your husband go on with his life, with and without Amy and Rory and the new one Clara. Clara, she lived but she also kinda died, millions of times. The Doctor saved her by jumping into his own timeline. So, yes, the doctor is the most important thing in life. Even if you don’t agree.

Now, the downside to marrying the man was that he had lots of wires and when I say lots I mean LOTS!  But I am the true one, I think. Who knows what goes around in his head. Now again, here I go, babbling about things other than what I was here for. The Doctor, the Doctor and his life. This was a adventure, a adventure that not only made me cry, but made me feel happy that my husband stilled loved me after all those years of me being dead.

Here it is:  The story of the grave and the weeping angels (I am getting so sick of those things)   :

It was a cold December.  The snow stuck to everything and you could not go out without a fine 4 layers of clothing. The Doctor and Clara had just came back from the Russian submarine. “Doctor, where are we?” Clara exclaimed when she opened the door and had a rush of freezing cold air touch her bare arms. “Uhh, I don’t know, but let’s find out.”

The Doctor pushed her out and he closed the door behind him.

“Well this is obviously earth, and, it is winter and also we are…”

The Doctor stopped in mid sentence. He was looking straight at me. That is when I thought he could see me, I thought he could really see me. I opened my mouth as he started walking closer. “What is it Doctor?” Clara questioned as she slowly followed behind him. “The grave, what does it say?” He whispered. I whipped my head back to see the 2 names that I swore to never look at again. 

Clara walked behind him and started to read. 


Rory Arthur Williams

aged 82

and his loving wife

Amelia Williams 

aged 87



Clara sounded confused as for why the Doctor didn’t read it himself. “Why? Who are those people?” I wanted to slap her, even if she didn’t know that she should never mention Amy or Rory. “Family.” the Doctor choked. This is the part where I cried. He didn’t call Amy and Rory, friends or companions, he called them family. “I thought you said you were alone, that your people were all dead.” Clara held the Doctors hand. I knew what she was thinking, even confused she knew the Doctor was sad. Maybe it was his big sad eyes, everyday, his big sad eyes. He never let those eyes go away, he just left them. Big sad eyes. 

“They aren’t…. time lords, they are… not blood related, but they are… my family. Amy… she was my friend and companion. She brought Rory later on and we had so many adventures. Then we came here. They died by the hands of the weeping angels and… never mind.” His big sad eyes filled with tears. When the Doctor cries, you must be important. The Doctor thinks crying is some humanly wumanly. Clara still looked confused and if she had common sense she would let it go, but he never picks the ones that do, not even mother. “But how does that make you family?” The Doctor let go of her hand and he knelt down in front of the grave. I knelt next to him. “She had a kid, and well, she was half human half time lord and well, I married River Song, and she… she had to die, for me.” he choked and then he couldn’t hold it in. He burst out crying

“AMY!!! RORY!! RIVER!!!” he yelled, still crying.

“Do-ctor!” Clara exclaimed. She kneeled next to him and rested her head on his shoulder. 

“I am fine, just, let’s go.” He stood up and walked toward the TARDIS.”

“But Doctor, why is that angel statue, pointing at you?” Clara asked.

The Doctor stopped and I knew what he was thinking

He was thinking that that angel had stilled lived and she was going to take Clara away from him as they did with Amy and Rory.


“STAY AWAY CLARA! DON’T BLINK!” He turned around and stared at the statue. “Clara they are going to try to take you as they took Amy and Rory away from me, they are called Weeping Angels and they will shoot you back in time. “ The Doctor spoke really fast.

“Couldn’t you just go back and save me?” Clara backed slowly

“No, I would never know where you were, you could be Ancient China, or Ancient Egypt or you could be in the ocean or 1956 Indiana. I would never find you and it would kill me.” He babbled. 



~Hope you like it, I had started this in August so..

Hope you do ~

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