My Kidnappers

Kylie went to Target...
Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael go to Target...
Kylie leaves...
Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael kidnap her...


2. targeted at Target


" NO WAY! " I yell in my cell phone tp Rick, my big bro. " Yes! pleeease it'll be so much fun!" Rick begged in the phone. You could hear the desperation clearly in his voice.

Right now he is begging me to go on a road trip with him back to Florida.

Thats where we are from. And its where my mom amd dad still live.. It sounds pretty fun, seeing my parents and everything... but countless hours on the road with Rick!! It would definately be fun at first but probably end up being a pain in the ass by the end..

But dont really have to anything at work so.. i am free...

I am so going to regret this.

"Uhhg fine! Road tripping to Florida.. yaay" I laughed.

" YAY! ok I'm gunna go pack! You better do the same!!" Rick said and abruptly hung up on me. I grabbed my biggest suitcase and started folding clothes and shoving them in.

I got really bored so I went on SoundCloud and clicked my faves, soon American Idiot by Green Day started blasting through my tiny apartment.

Speaking of apartment, where's Bella? Bella is my roommate and bestie of 11 years.

Uhg! Packing is going to take FOREVER!

When I was half way through packing my bag, I started thinking.. how cool would it be if me and Rick had a Polaroid camera to take really cool pictures of the country!

Wait.. Hold up.

I don't have a Polaroid camera..

Haha well I guess im going to go get one!.. Where would you get one of those? I'll just check Target and hope for the best.

I slipped on my old black Vans and snatched my Penny Board, along with some sunglasses, my phone. You are probably thinking... no purse? .. no wallet?

Well I hate purses, and my, The Killers, Iphone case is also a small wallet that can hold some cash. .. so yupp!

I took the elevator downstairs and I was soon on the busy streets of LA. i skated down to the closest Target.. wich only took like 15 minutes

tops, and so I finally got there and pushed my shades up on my head, and slid my board under my arm, as a strode in.

I got a lot of weird looks by people and it was probably because im carrying a skateboard with me.. i just brushed it off and kept searching for a Polaroid.

but I started to get really self conscious when this super cute guy, who looked about my age, had a rlly tall blonde quiff and was dressed in a Ramones Tee, looked at me and whispered to his equally hot friend who had bright red hair, obviously dyed.

I don't know why I'm getting so self conscious though...

I tried not to let it get the best of me. I had absolutely no luck with finding a Polaroid camera so far, and ive combed half the store! So I hopped on my board and zipped through the isles, while laughing my ass off.

I passed two hot guys that were both dressed like the ones I saw before, and they were staring at me but I seriously don't care.. i just want my damn camera! I saw a sign that said ELECTRONICS and mentaly slapped myself for being such an idiot.

Why didn't I go there first?!

I zipped down there and abruptly stopped when I found the camera section. I picked up my board and curiously scanned through the cameras... I want the kind if camera that uses film and like pops the picture out of the top...

It took me a while but I was turning a corner into the computer section, and I shit you not, light like shined from above and I think I heard some angels singing!

There it was. The perfect camera!!

~*~. ~*.

I was skateboarding out of the parking lot and it was starting to get dark... Wow, I was in Target for for a reaaally long time! Haha at least I got the sickest camera ever!

But I was a street across from Target and making my way home when I realized that this car was behind me for like.... 10 minutes. It kinda screamed suspicion..

... That's when it happened. I started to think about being abducted, that's my bigger fear of all time. I get panic attacks and pass out sometimes because if the anxiety it causes. I imagined being tied up and never seeing my Mom, Dad, Rick, Bella my best friend. And that when I fell off my skateboard, the world was spinning and growing darker.

I don't know if it was my imagination or not, but I swear I heard some weird sounding voices all around me. But I'm too tired right now to care.... Goodnight.

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