My Kidnappers

Kylie went to Target...
Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael go to Target...
Kylie leaves...
Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael kidnap her...


6. New Room

I was sitting on a sofa and my four(what I assumed to be Australian) abductors were standing in front of me. They seemed kinda nervous. I guess this is their first kidnapping?

I don't know their names but I made stupid nicknames for them.


The Asian


And Curly

Blondie cleared his throat and asked " What's your name?" I started laughing. Haha this ass hole thinks I'm gunna just open up and do exactly what they say?

Hell to the No!

" Kim Kardashian" I uttered through a completely innocent looking face. A smile tried to creep on my face but I controlled it.

I'm still wondering how I'm being so cool with all this... Shock I guess and the fact that I passed out.. Twice.

" Well, if you aren't going to tell us your name then I guess we are gunna have to guess" Curly said lightly. Then they started firing names at me.




" Ulga"





" Liz?"

"Eeeh! Wrong." I beeped

Why does my name matter?

"Why did you kidnap me?" I stood up and looked Curly right in the eye.

Then something clicked in my head.

"Wait... Hold up... I know you guys... You're 5 seconds of summer..." I mumbled to myself.

All their faces lifted a little. " Wow.. I got kidnapped by a wanna-be rock band... Dammit, why couldn't I be abducted by Blink182 or somebody cool?" I said.

Than all their faces dropped.. Which made me internally smile.

The Asian tried protesting but I cut him off and said. "Whatever I don't care anymore.. Just kill me or whatever and get it over with"

The dudes all looked at each other and Reddy eventually said "We aren't going to kill you."

"Rape?" I asked bluntly

They started to blush, but I don't care.. It had to be said.

"N.. No way." The Asian uttered.

"Then why the hell did you abduct me?!" I yelled.

There was an awkward silence in the room.

Eventually, Curly said. " Because, we want to get rid of our " pop band" image, and if one of us were amarried, we thought it would make us look older and more mature."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I'm going to have to marry one of these heartless maniacs! No way. This is not good.

I started to get a headache from overthinking everything. I guess that when things started to sink in.. I'm abducted.

I am being held against my will, and I might be for the rest of my life. I didn't feel the tears stream down my face in a steady current, until Blondie said.

" I know we are idiots... But were pretty cool idiots once you get to know us."

I sniffled a little but and did my best to compose myself. If I was going to get out if here, I had to be stronger than them.

"Whatever. Am I living here now?" I asked.

"Yup" The Asian popped

"Fantastic" I sarcastically drawled.

"So do you wanna see your new room?" Blondie asked in a strangely chirpy voice...

" um... New room?" I questioned.

"Well yeah, your going to be living here from now on" Blondie said before gesturing for me to follow him.. I looked back at the three other boys and they were right behind me, kinda startling me. Reddy put his hand on my shoulder, and like I said earlier.. It would have really calmed me down, if he hadn't kidnapped me...

"Hands. Off." I said through gritted teeth. He kept his hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear

"You are going to have to get use to us eventually" and then I didn't hesitate to twist my birth stone, ruby, ring to my palm, and connected my hand to his right cheek.

After the heat of the moment passed, I looked to see that Reddy had a streak of blood across his face. I was about to say something along the lines of "I'm so sorry I didn't mean it" but then I remembered that I was frikin abducted so I just glared at him.

"What the hell was that!" Reddy yelled as he clutched his face.

"My hand" I said cooly

"You can't ducking do that!" Curly shouted and he grabbed my arm.

"Wait. You can kidnap me, but I can't slap a bitch?!" I yelled and tried to tug my arm out of his grip.

Through clenched teeth, he said. "Go to your room"

And yet again my sassy side just had to explode. "Well I'd love to! But unfortunately I'm being held captive by 4 Australian maniacs!"

"Um.. Just come with me.. Please" Blondie mumbled to me.

I like Blondie.. Well.. I use the term 'like' loosely. But he's my favorite, he is the nicest.

He gestured for me to follow him upstairs, and I followed him. I looked back to see the other three stayed behind.. Good

"I'm really sorry about Ashton" he said as he stomped upstairs"

"Ashton?" I asked.

We made it to the top floor and he lead me down a hallway. "Oh yeah. The one with the bandana, that's Ashton. I think we forgot to tell you our names" he said as he opened a white door.

"Here we are. This is where you're gunna be staying." He let me walk in first.. He'd be a real gentleman... If he weren't a kidnapper...

I looked around and it was an amazing room!! It had a red/ black sorta theme. The walls were a cool maroon, and the queen bed comforter was white and red chevron. There were posters all around the room, some were of AWSOME bands, and others I didn't really like or know.

"So whatcha think?" Blondie asked.

"Oh my god" I said under my breath. I think he heard because he chuckled a bit.

I walked around the room just looking around. I walked over to what looked to be a closet door, l opened it up, to see a gigantic walk in closet filled with amazing clothes!

"You can let me know if any of the clothes don't fit" Blondie said from behind me.

I do not know what possessed me to do this, but I walked over to Blondie and hugged him. Not one of those awkward 'half hugs' but a 'I need a friend, bear hug'. He seem very taken aback but quickly hides it and hugs me back. In that moment, all my suppressed emotions came bursting out of me. And before I could stop myself, I was sobbing into Blondie's chest. "Heyy shhh shhhh it's goin to be okay" he cooed in my ear. It made cry harder because I knew it was a lie.

He let go of me a and took me by the shoulders to look me in the eye, "I promise you that it will all be better by morning" I sniffled and mumbled "okay"

He took me by the hand and led me to the bed and allowed me to tuck in. I was so exhausted, I didn't really know what I was saying when I mumbled "Goodnight Blondie" and right before I slipped out if consciousness I heard him say. " It's Luke"


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