My Kidnappers

Kylie went to Target...
Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael go to Target...
Kylie leaves...
Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael kidnap her...


4. Abducted?

Chapter 2

I woke up with this horrible pain in my neck. Oh god what happened! I tried sitting up but my wrists were tied and so were my ankles.

What the hell?! Holy shit!! What's going on??

Where am I?

How did I get here?

What the hell is happening?!?

So many questions were swirling around in my mind that I started to get a headache. I checked my surroundings out, and it appeared that I was in the back of some sort of vehicle... Holy shit! IM IN THE BACK OF A RAPIST VAN!!!

I started losing control of my breathing and things started to grow fuzzy and darker and darker...


" What the heck happened? I thought she would have woken up from her panic attack or whatever by now" a deep voice said above me.


I was about to flutter my eyes open but then decided not to, that way I could try and listen into whatever conversation was going on.

" Just pick her up and bring her inside." A different voice said. I heard a huff of frustration and soon. arms around my waist.

That's when I freaked out and pop my eyes open, and continue to scream at the top of my lungs.

There was this guy on top of me with dark brown hair and weird blonde streaks. He smacked his hand on top of my mouth.

"Shut up! I swear we aren't going to hurt you!!" He whisper- yelled. But never took his warm hand off my mouth.. I got even more terrified than I already was when I saw that he was one of those hot guys that I saw at Target!

I looked around and saw 3 other guys standing there staring at me.

I licked the Asian looking one's hand and he squealed a not so manly yelp.

I took that opportunity to try and run but I forgot that my ankles were tied so I just fell straight on my face.

Dammit!! I rolled over to see all four guys laughing their asses off.

It gave me a minute to look where I was. I was still in the back of the van the van back doors were open, allowing me to see the not so glorious scenery of the household garage.

" where do you think you're going?" The blonde one asked as he walked toward me. I got seriously scared and scooted back in fear. " Hey hey hey. It's okay. We won't hurt you" he said with his hands up. The others nodded their heads in agreement.

" I bet that's what they tell the live lobsters at Wal-Mart"I sassed. Woah.. How did I just seem so cool? " Watch your attitude missy." Curly said.

Red Head came near me with a knife. My face paled and I could feel my stomach drop down to my ass. "GET AWAY FROM ME!!" I screamed and tried to scoot even farther back but I hate the Van wall. "Don't come near me!! I know Jedi mind tricks!" I yelled.

Reddy slowly came closer and closer while he put his hands up, still holding the knife. " Shhh" he cooed softly. If I weren't in the back of his Van, I would have found it extremely comforting.

" Hey. It's ok.. It's okay." Reddy said softly. He tried coming at me with the knife again.

There is no way in Hell I am letting him come near me with a freaking KNIFE!

" Hell no! Get away from me!!" I screamed.

" He's just going to cut the ropes off! Clam your pits" Curly said sternly.

How could I trust them? They freaking KIDNAPPED me!

" Just let me cut off your ties." Reddy said.

" No. I don't trust you." I spoke boldly.

" Fine. What the hell do you wanna do then? Keep em on?" The Asian asked sarcastically.

" Put the knife in that cup holder and let ME saw it off." I instructed.

"Who put you in charge? Last time I checked, you're the one that's kidnapped..." Blondie said coldly. But Reddy did it anyways.

I scooched my way over and quickly sawed my wrist binds off and then grabbed the knife and sawed my ankles.

I held the knife in my hand... I have a knife...

I slowly stood up and pointed my knife at the first idiot I saw.. Which happened to be Blondie.

"Give me my skateboard" I said harshly.

"Okay Okay." Blondie said and he backed up and grabbed my board from the front if the Van.

Blondie winked in my direction and threw me my board, instinctually I dropped the knife to catch it.

Then all at once I felt three bodies on top of me.


"I'm really impressed babe. That was clever." Blondie said

"You disgust me." I spat.

"Aww now that wasn't very nice." Curly mocked.

"Get off of me. You fat asses weight a ton" I barked with a sour taste.

"Not until you apologize for almost stabbing me" Blondie said.

" Yeah, right after you apologize for FREAKING KIDNAPPING ME YOU LUNATIC!" I shouted.

"You make it sound like such a bad thing. We are helping you" Reddy said.... Freak...

"Whatever. Can we please go inside? I'm tired" the Asian whined.

"Yeah me too" I sneered sarcastically. I'm realizing that all my fear is turning into anger.

I'm angry.

And they are going to feel it.

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