A Florist's Work

New Inspired Poem


1. A Florist's Work

The Florist’s Work

An artist weaves his work of beautiful life

His shop floor littered with the remnants of his effort

Every piece takes a part of him sweat, blood and memory

Reminders of the past he wants to forget

Fleeting thoughts of former lovers and friends left behind

Pain flourishes into colorful arrangements

Relief floods his mind at the completion of a piece

Knowing that the acuteness of the memory will fade

But flowers aren’t his only art

Words fall like coins from his lips paid to his lover’s heart

More beautiful than any diamond

But he claims his wordy work is nothing but coal

She knows far better than to believe this unintended lie

How could anything so full of passion be  ugly

The words quickly paint a path to her heart

Yet how could he not see

In the morning after their moon has fallen

He gave her flowers at their parting

And she is left to ponder

What sacrifice was made to make the stunning piece

What memories arose to bring this work to life


Your Dark Poet and Pure Lady,


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