Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


1. Prologue and Chapter 1



Winchester, 1845


The nights were his freedom. The poor light illuminating the streets made his job quite easy. He usually wanders for hours until he finds the one but that doesn’t bother him. It was thrilling the chosen of a victim. The act of seduction made him feel powerful. His veins engorged as he anticipated his next move and he felt the blood inside them fevering as he ached for that final kiss. He used to prolong that moment as much as he could, the more he extended it the more powerful he’d feel. He shows who he is just before the moment. He likes to scare them first, for fear made the veins pulse with the adrenaline and their hearts would beat faster sounding as music to him and the smell of fear drove him insane. The seconds before the killing… their eyes usually wide open in horror acknowledging what he really is and this is when he sinks his canines on the vein of their neck, his favorite place.


He doesn’t rush. No...he drains them slowly, tasting and savoring their blood, feeding him life. That moment is cathartic. He owns the world. They usually fight but he holds them tight enough. It is impossible to escape his arms after he’s bitten them. After a few seconds they give up and he loves that surrender. His hand usually caresses their hair as if telling it is going to be alright but he drains them to death. He’s always attentive at their heart beat and loves how bit by bit, slow suck by slow suck; it beats slower until there isn’t a beat at all. He stops there. His work is done. With all disdain he puts his victim down and turns his back on them as if nothing happened.


He was an assassin. A cold predator who felt no sorry or pity and yet…




There was nothing more around him, nothing more existed. The calm those moments brought was overwhelming. There was nothing like it. The frenzy he usually felt disappeared when near her. His eyes didn’t know any other direction but the one where she was. Diana was perfect. Perfect in every sense and he lived obsessed with her. He was obsessed with her beauty. Obsessed with the way her long blond hair fell down her shoulders graciously, and by the perfect way it curled. He was obsessed with the tone of her skin, so candid, pure like she was and by her blue glare. Diana was born in the castle shortly after Constantine and Alice had arrived. Alice died when Diana was three years old and she was raised by her father and by him, of course. Constantine was his butler, no he was more than the mere butler, he was a friend, someone he trusted since the first day he arrives in Ceann Tòrr, the property he acquired when he arrived in England and that he named according to his origins. A Gaelic name that meant “top of the hill”, for the castle was at the top of a hill near Winchester forest.


The lady was now eighteen years old and at the perfect age to marry. Contrary to what was expected from women at her age, Diana didn’t think about marriage. She couldn’t care less about what society thought, she was a free spirit and owned her own thoughts. Many young men had come to the castle to ask her father for her hand and she had denied them all with delicacy. Constantine had promised his dying wife he’d let Diana marry for love and so she remained single.


“Play something else.” James asked. Diana said yes with a soft nod of her head. She smiled and her eyes never left his and her fingers began to play the piano wonderfully. His thoughts flew far away while she lullabies them with a sweet and soft melody.


He couldn’t tell his heart beat faster for her, his heart didn’t beat at all. There was an unexplainable desire. He needed to be near her, he needed her presence. Her giggles made him happy, made him feel human. Her beauty made him dizzy, the fascination he nurtured for her made him scared, scared of losing control and kiss her fatally. The smell that emanated around the house, her smell was addictive. He wanted her avidly but he refrained due to his nature. James knew his desire was wrong for Diana was human and he was not. The rules say that no vampire should get involved with humans and she was his biggest temptation. Diana finished the music and he applauded standing.


“Anything more my Lord?” Diana asked him.


“Lady Davenport…” James got up and bowed. “You are very talented.” He added.


Her eyes shone when she looked at him, exploring every trace of his face. He had the bluest eyes she had ever seen, blue as the sky and his smile…his smile was the most beautiful of all. When he smiled her heart always skipped a bit. She too lived fascinated with her master and secretly, he was the reason why she refused every marriage proposal she had had until then. Diana was sure her master shared a secret with her father, she just didn’t know what. It was common to find them whispering. She never seen him during the day and his hand was cold, sometimes warmer but it was usually cold. Sometimes his gaze wasn’t sweet but cold. He had a peculiar sense if humor, a dark humor that didn’t make her afraid but that delighted her. Diana loved the implicit sarcasm in most f his jokes. Yes…the master had a dark soul.


“Is there anything more that I can do for you, my Lord?” She asked politely.


“Yes.” He answered looking in her eyes.


James was sure she felt something for him, or it his power to hypnotize his prey with his look that caused Diana to look at him in such awe. Nevertheless, he never tried anything, not even bite her. He had promised Constantine that Diana would be safe and he should keep his promise. It was hard to resist…the blood that ran in his veins, the one he had sucked from innocent victims, boiled when he looked at her, when he felt her scent. He always had to control his instincts whenever lavender emanated in the air.


“Can you read me some poetry?” He asked her and Diana nodded and went to search for a book.


“Percy Shelley?” She asked and James nodded satisfied, leaning back against his couch and crossing a leg over another. Shelly was a recent author but Diana was fascinated with his poetry.


The vampire watched her attentively, drinking in every perfect trace of her face. She used to blush whenever she read poetry to him, especially if related to love. He knew she had read them all already, for he had seen her in the library doing so while her father thought she was studying History. She was ready for love and questioned herself about it many times. Her eyes searched for his in search of the deepest meaning of the words she was reading out loud. If he had hard, it would be beating fast that moment but he couldn’t even blush, not that it would happen in normal circumstances, but his skin was like marble, dead skin with no collateral effects. Her gaze was intense; it pierced his soul as if she meant these words as being hers to him. Master’s blue eyes and his pale skin made her heart beat faster, as if it was hard to breathe and she had to take deep breaths to be able to breathe again. He was all she wanted but no one knew about it. No one realized how dedicated she was and how she deliberately went to bed late so she could be with him a little longer. She would lay with him if he wished for her as much as she wished for him; she would give him her innocence. At the same time it sacred her, the way he awaked feelings in her she didn’t know it existed terrified her. She didn’t know how to please him, she didn’t know anything about what a man and a woman would do in bed. She had heard many women say it was a sin, but that was all. She missed having a mother, someone to talk to about these subjects, but even if her mother was alive, she doubted she would tell her about such intimate things. In her society everything was a taboo.


Finally, the poetry came to an end and he applauded. “Very well.” He said with a smile on his lips. Diana sat on the piano and rested the book by her side. “These are now manners of a lady.” He said then.


Diana giggled. “You always say that.”


“Because I am right. Your father and I have taught you to be a Lady, so you must sit and behave like one.” James said.


“There are just us in here my Lord!” She exclaimed. “I don’t forget the rules amongst other people.”


“I hope not.” He said with certain authority. “Now, go to sleep my Lady.” James got up and bowed to her, like letting her know he was retiring himself. Diana jumped off the piano, adjusted her gown, and then nodded at him.


“Night my Lord.” She said. James approached her and curved himself in front of her, she stretched him out her hand and he held her hand and kissed it. Diana noticed again how cold his hand and lips were.


“Night Lady Davenport.” He said and then turned away, towards his room. Diana watched his slim figure walking away. James did not have to turn back to know she was still there looking at him. He knew she was staring at him and he cursed his own curse one more time.


Sneaking away, she went to the library instead of her room. There she raided the shelves, holding a candle to illuminate the titles of the books and finally found what she was looking for. She had been reading that book hiding, that one and the one about eroticism. She pushed the book off the shelf and searched for page 105, where she had left it last time and began to read.


“Vampires…” She whispered. Though she knew her father and James shared a secret, she was learning by herself what their secret was. There were weird things she noticed with time, such as how he never got older. James looked exactly the same as she could remember, though she didn’t mind. At an early age, she fell in love with his beauty and later with his gentleness and the way he treated her like a queen. She was certain James was a vampire. That’s why he never got old, that’s why he never appeared during the day, that’s why his touch was so cold, but she never got the courage to ask, not even her father.


“What are you still doing here?” Her father’s voice made her jump.


“Reading!” She exclaimed putting the book away.


“Time for bed. It’s late.” Constantine warned her.


“I just love to read father!” She said coming up to him and the man smiled tenderly at his daughter. She was beautiful like her mother had been.


“You should be thinking about getting married.” Her father said. “Not about reading.”


“I don’t want to get married.” She retorted again, but deep inside she wanted, to the Lord of the castle they lived in. “How old is the master?” She asked then.


“Why that question?” Constantine asked rather surprised.


“Nothing father.” She shrugged. “I am just curious.” Constantine didn’t answer, he only eyed his daughter by the corner of his eye. He had noticed how she looked at his master and how the master looked at her too. He needed to take her away from the castle, for he knew the inevitable would happen one day. His master had promised him not to touch his daughter but Constantine knew his master was in love with his daughter and one day he wouldn’t control his instincts, even more because he knew Diana provoked him.


“Night father.” Diana bowed at the door of her bedroom and her father did the same.


“May God be with you.” Constantine told her.


In her bedroom Diana stared at the huge crucifix she had above the headboard of her bed and smiled. James was immune to that, he had been in her bedroom before, when she was sick and he wanted to visit her. Her father was with them all the time, of course, but still he had been there and the crucifix was there as well. So, she concluded it was a lie when they said Vampires were afraid of crosses, or maybe he wasn’t a vampire and that was only her imagination. Diana changed to her nightgown and fell asleep instantly.


James heaved, panted hard. His eyes turning from blue to green, the only human feeling that remained with him was pleasure, carnal pleasure and that’s how he’d fed himself as well. He’d lure his victims to his bedroom and then fuck them, when he’d climax, he’d also bite their necks. He was promiscuous, very promiscuous but he loved that at least the curse didn’t take carnal pleasure away from him. The woman under him wriggled and whimpered loud. Her eyes were closed. James bent over her feeling the fever pitch on his stomach forming. He was close, so close. The blood in his veins was boiling; he rubbed his nose on the curve of her neck as his fangs appeared.


“Oh!” She cried in ecstasy and her body seizure under his as she orgasm. Her inner muscles pulled him in and squeezed him. The grip on her hips tightened and he opened his mouth and pointed his fangs on her neck. Also his moans began to be heard and suddenly, with a violent thrust, he felt his orgasm hitting him, at the same time his fangs dug on her neck and he began to suck life out of her as at the same time he thrust until the rush of his body was gone. Only for him it took longer, until the prey wouldn’t move anymore and her heart stopped beating. He withdrew from her and cleaned his mouth, then stared at her lifeless body. Constantine would hide the body in the morning.


James went to pace around the palace after, feeling complete and fed. Lust was another sin he could commit and feel it. He was cursed like that. He stopped in front of Diana’s bedroom and then entered it. James knew how to be silent, so silent she wouldn’t even know he was there. He stopped at the edge of the bed contemplating her sleeping figure. Her golden locks spread across the pillow. Her legs showing as she wasn’t covered and she slept on her back. He sat on the bed without making the mattress come down with his weight and stared at her. He’d stay there until sunrise, like every day. She stirred a little and mumbled something, then she whispered.


“James…” She whispered his name and he smiled.


She was dreaming with him like so many other times. He ran his hand over her body, making her feel his touch tough he wasn’t touching her and her back arched a little when he reached her intimate parts. How he’d love to touch her there for real. Her back arched a little and she spread her legs a bit, making him grow hard again. The fever was on, that’s why he couldn’t touch her for real, he’d kill her like he has killed all the others, only he didn’t care about the others and he cared about her. Diana moaned low and he took his hand away, letting her sleep quietly and stopping his own rush. He wasn’t hungry, he was fed for the day, full of blood running in his veins, but he was a predator and a predator wouldn’t spare his prey, that’s why he couldn’t risk it.

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