Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


8. Chapter 8


“Take me.” She breathed softly against his lips and feeling a throb between her legs that was driving her insane.


James smiled softly as he rubbed his lips against the soft skin of her cheek, feeling her so needy. It pleased him, he could not deny it and that was the side of him that would never change. It didn’t matter if he loved her or not, the power he felt when she begged him was just amazing, as amazing as having one of his preys in his arms while he sucked the life out of them. He grabbed his dick in his hand and pointed it at her entrance, but then rubbed the head there, up and down, still making her moan softly with her eyes closed. He watched her squealing a bit while he rubbed his shaft on her almost in a awe. She looked so beautiful.


“Please…” She moaned and whispered at the same time, not knowing what else to do but pushing herself against him, hoping he’d enter her. James surrendered there. He was also burning for her. Burning like he had never burned for a woman before. He pointing the head to her entrance and slowly pushed in. He remembered she had had her first time just the night before, she would still be a bit sore.


He winced, closing his eyes, as he felt himself going inside of her one more time. Her inner muscles squeezing him deliciously good. It was not a wince of pain, but a wince of pure pleasure that was almost making him scream or howl he didn’t know, his head became a little fuzzy with the sensation. Instead, he dug his fingers over the skin of her hips, even his nails were marking her skin there. That vision, the vision of Diana with her eyes closed, her lips parted, her chest gasping for hair, her legs spread before him, moaning so low…he could swear she moaned his name low…was paradise to him. Guilt and pleasure assaulted him these moments but the pleasure always took the best of him. He broke all his promises and fulfilled all his needs. His hips took a slow pace, just to let her adapt for he didn’t want to hurt her. He loved her with all that he was and all that he had and that was the only reason why he’d always failed to resist her and the reason why he’d break the promises he had made.


Diana wanted to moan louder. It was feeling better than the previous night. She felt a little ashamed for her hips rolled a bit against him, but she adored every bit of the pleasure she was experiencing. That couldn’t be a sin, it couldn’t be as bad as people would praise. She bit her lower lips to control her cries, and as if he knew what she was thinking, he kissed her lips with his cold ones.


“Open your eyes.” He asked her when he broke the kiss. His nose touching hers and she did so. Their burning gaze locked, their blue eyes narrowed and darker with lust. Just a few days ago he’d ask her not to look at him, but all the cards were on the table now, there was no need to hide anything from her. She knew who he was and what he was. She knew him in all manners and she didn’t run away. He was in an awe with her courage.


“Aw…” She cried not taking it anymore, but he knew she was holding on. Diana remembered Martha saying women shouldn’t enjoy, but she didn’t understand how they couldn’t enjoy that. It was impossible.


“It’s ok…” James whispered in her ear as he felt she was restraining her own pleasure. “It’s good…” He told her. Feeling her so wet and sliding in and out perfectly of her, he fastened his pace. James felt her hands griping onto his wrists. “Lay back…” He told her and she lied back down on the piano. His vision became even better. Her legs opened more to receive him better and she wriggled her hips.


“It’s so good…” She gasped at him relieving her thoughts. “Oh…” She moaned feeling her inner thighs tingling so good.


James felt her muscles beginning to suck him in. He was glad he had taken the decision to make her lie down; at that distance he would control himself not to bite her again. He didn’t want that. His fever began to take over. He felt his eyes heating and his fangs sprung out. His nails carved on her skin stronger and Diana cried a bit as he was hurting her there.


“Oh my lord…” She moaned beginning to arch her back. He felt she was so close.


“Call me James…” He told her with shaking voice. He wasn’t controlling himself any longer, somehow she commanded him as well, but he loved that feeling.


“James…” She moaned his name. “Give me more…” She asked him. His hips went faster and she moaned louder gladly she had the courage to ask him what she really wanted.


That last speed was going to put an end to that sex act, he knew that. A groan echoed in the room and the piano made a funny noise as her feet hit the keys. She cried out his name one last time. Diana left his wrists and held onto the piano.


“Oh…” She moaned loud as she knew, now, her body seizure in orgasm. He was thrilled how her body shook in front of him. It seemed like his own body was catching fire, he had never felt that warm in a long time. How could she make him feel things he didn’t know? His hips raced for the ultimate pleasure. He fought all his will not to bend over her neck and dug his fangs on her engorged vein there. He closed his eyes not to see it, but her frantic heart beat was making it almost impossible for him.


Diana felt a warm liquid being released inside of her, noticing, at the same time, how his body jerked. A fowl word escaped his lips.


“Fuck…” He moaned low as he milked himself dry inside of her, pulling in and out franticly, waiting for that rush to subside. Diana took her wrist near his mouth and he smelled her blood so near. She was tempting him to bite her there and making it all now harder for him.


“No.” He said firmly and pulled away fast. He was done anyway. “Don’t you ever do that again!” He told her angry. “Are you out of your mind? How can you be so reckless?”


“I thought you wanted it.” She told him a bit startled.


“I don’t want to bite you!” He said exasperated.


Diana pulled her dress down and adjusted it, even her hair and made it quick to look like a lady again. “I am sorry.” She told him. James turned around surprised; she usually wouldn’t excuse herself to anyone. Diana was arrogant in her own sweet style and too spoiled to admit a mistake.


“You risked your life.” He said a bit calmer and running a hand over his hair.


“I know you won’t kill me.” She said defiantly. James stared at her and hated her for her self confidence, but then she was right. How did she know he wouldn’t kill her?


“I was fed already my lady.” He still said not to let her think she could do whatever she wanted with him. She couldn’t, could she? Diana smiled triumphal. She knew there he had fed before dinner to make sure he could be with her without hurting her. She jumped off the piano and went to him, resting her hands on his chest.


“Why don’t you transform me? That way we could be together.” She told him. He began to shake his head even before she was done with her request, he knew what was coming. The rage was taking care of him again. He could love her and het her so much the next second.


“I don’t want you to be like me!” He yelled at her. “Why can’t you just stay still and quite? You’re going to be a terrible wife!” He told her. Her tears jumped in her eyes ready to fall right there. That was offensive, even more because it came out of his mouth.


“I don’t want to get married.” She told him proudly.


“You should!” He pointed his finger at her.


“I will be returned to my father the moment my husband will realize I am not a virgin!” She claimed. James knew that. No man would want a woman for his wife that had been someone else’s. So, he stayed still, silently looking at her. “I love you.” She added. “I want you and only you. How can you tell me to marry someone else? I don’t understand…” Diana sounded desperate.


That broke him in two. “I love you too.” He told her resting a hand over her face. To hear those words made him melt. “And because I love you, I don’t want you to be like me Diana. It’s too horrible; believe me when I say this. This isn’t me being cruel, this is me loving you the best way I can. My life is hell Diana. I don’t want this for you.”


“You don’t seem too tormented with it.” She told him staring in his blue eyes. His eyes narrowed at her remark. Could she be any more stubborn? “You transformed other people. You’re the sire! You can transform me. If you love me, then that’s you’ll do!”


James sat down looking as if he had been defeated. “I felt lonely…” He said low and Diana sat by his side knowing he was going to tell her a story. His head turned to look at her. “I was alone, with no one like me, so I had to create a brood to keep me company. They were the only ones I transformed, after them, I suck the blood until their hearts stop beating, so they die.”


“Angela?” Diana said in a requesting tone.


“Cullen was in love with her. I didn’t want to transform her but he asked me. She agonized for days in a row. It’s a torment. It’s painful…” He closes his eyes and shakes his head as if recalling his own pain..


“So, it does not only take your bite…” She said curious. “…because you’ve bitten me and nothing happened.” James shook his head.


“No…it takes some sort of ritual.”


“Tell me.”


“I must not suck the blood until the heart stops beating, because if it does, the person will be dead and without possibility of becoming a vampire. With the heart still beating I must make the person drink a bit of my blood. This is my way of transforming, but I will never…NEVER…” He emphasized. “…do that to you…”


Diana was mad with his decision. She got up and bowed. “One day you might regret your decision my lord.” She said formally.


“I will never regret that. I want you to be happy.”


“I will never be happy without you.” She said with shaking voice and turned around to leave. James stayed alone and rubbed his face in his hands. What was he supposed to do? He had disgraced her, he was sure. By taking her virginity, he had closed all her chances to survive a regular marriage. The thought of her with another man drove him crazy. He knew he’d kill the man that would approach her successfully. He felt like he was at a dead end.


The next morning Diana got dressed and went to the kitchen to have her morning meal. Constantine was there.


“Hurry up my daughter. I want you to go with me somewhere.” He told her first thing,


“To the market?” She asked with some enthusiasm, she loved to go there, but Constantine shook his head.


“Put on a better dress.” He said seeing she was wearing an old one.


“Why?” She asked again.


Constantine looked at her more impatient than ever. “Stop making questions and do as I say. I am your father and you have to obey me.”


She looked at him rather shocked with his tone. He had never been that authoritarian with her. Still, she did as he asked. Diana joined her father in the garden looking wonderful in her satin blue dress. Her hair was carefully combed. The horses were ready and she sat by her father’s side. Ralph, began his way to somewhere unknown. By the landscape, she knew they were heading town.


“Where are we going father?” She asked then not containing her curiosity inside.


“You’re going to meet Lord Byron.” Constantine told her.


Diana opened her mouth in horror. Her father had never taken her to meet a man. That meant something, something she didn’t understand.


“I do not want to get married!” She claimed.


“Lord Byron is a great man. You’re going to like him.” Constantine insisted.


“Father!” She exclaimed horrified. “You cannot do this! You promised me.” She said with tears in her eyes menacing to fall. Her heart rate increased making her gasp for air. It couldn’t be…Constantine ignored her panic remark and continued.


“He is twenty two years old and he is the heir to an immense fortune. He will give you a great life. It is about time you carry on Diana and stop being a child. You are due to be married; otherwise you will be left alone in the world. I am getting old, so I need to be sure my daughter is left safely in this world.”


“I will be fine in the palace!” She cried. Her lips trembling and that hurt Constantine’s heart, but he had to take her away from the palace. He knew deep inside his heart that was the best decision he could take and that is why he had asked his dead wife for forgiveness for not keeping the promise he had made.


“Lord Byron is a wonderful man.” He said and turned his head away not leaving any space for her to argue about his decision anymore and because he couldn’t bear the hurt and pain mirrored in her eyes.

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