Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


7. Chapter 7


Diana sat on the bed and pulled herself away from him, resting with her back against the headboard. Her chest was coming up and down heavily as she gasped for some hair. For many reasons: for her orgasm, for the fight and for the fear that she felt, even if she didn’t want to. She took a hand to where he had bitten her and said nothing. It was hurting a bit, though many doubts were running through her head.


James stayed on his knees waiting for the rush of his body to calm down. Not only his orgasm but the will to continue sucking her blood. He’s a predator, he needs all control he can not to kill her and even then maybe that is not enough. She noticed how his eyes were back to blue and she felt herself calming down. So much sorrow in them when he looked at her again.


“I told you this wasn’t safe.” He finally said. “Look at what I’ve done!” He took both his hands to his face and shook his head. Diana approached him and stayed on her knees in front of him.


“My lord…” She whispered and took his hands away from his face. “I am alright.” She told him.


“No…” He told her. “No, this is not alright. Can’t you see? I almost killed you…”


Diana cupped his face between his hands. “Don’t say that.” She pleaded with crying eyes.


“You had to struggle!” He commented.


“And I only managed to win because you let me, because you wanted to leave me.” Diana was right, James knew she was right, but he didn’t want that for her.


“I don’t want to do that you.” He said determined.


“It was just a bite…”


“My lady, we can’t be together, because if we are and every time I suck a little blood from you, you’ll fall ill, weak and eventually you will die. I don’t want you to die.” He told her. Diana made it for his lips and kissed him. “Don’t do that…” He breathed.


“I am in love with you my lord.” Diana whispered and he sighed at her revelation. A small smile appeared on his lips though he didn’t want to. His palm rested on her cheek and his thumb caressed her still a little flushed cheek. His face bent over hers again and he kissed her slowly, with passion and love. He loved her too, he knew that. She was all he ever wanted, and now she had been his, his to deflower, his to make her a woman.


“Am I going to transform now?” She asked when the kiss broke. He buried his nose in her hair and inhaled her lavender scent, chuckling at her question. She grabbed his face and pulled him away. “Why are you laughing?” She asked him with that furious look that enchanted him. He laughed watching her and she narrowed her eyes.


“You are sweet.” He said playing with her hair between her fingers.


“I am sweet and you laugh?” She still narrowed her eyes and he didn’t resist pecking her lips, smoothing her instantly.


“No, you won’t transform in anything.” He ended her doubt. “It’s not because I bite you that you’re going to turn into a vampire. I would never transform you, never.” He said and that broke her heart.


“Don’t you like me?” She asked sadly.


“I do. I like you too much, that’s why I don’t wish eternity for you my lady. Eternal life goes too slow, it’s painful.”


“Not if you have a partner.” She added.


“Diana…” He called her like that for the first time and she loved the sound of her name pronounced that intimate way. His hand caressed her cheek again. “There’s no one else I’d love more for my partner than you, but I can’t condemn you to this life. I don’t want this for you.”


“I am naked in your bed and you just made me yours. I can’t be anyone else’s and I cannot marry anyone else now.” She said determined. “I do not want to belong to anyone else but you. I love you.” She said the words again.


“I promised your father I’d never touch you and I intend to keep that promise.” He said determined.


“I bet my father wouldn’t want to know that we’re in bed together and still here we are.” She insisted. He groaned a bit frustrated.


“And I should have resisted!” He spoke louder. “But that…transforming you…that I won’t do. NEVER!” He got up and paced around. He looked mad. She watched him silently and then he turned to her. His eyes so sweet that moment. “I just don’t want you to be like me. You do not want to be like me.”


Diana got up and held him tight. “But I want to be with you.”


He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. “Did I hurt you?” He asked forgetting all that conversation.


“It was good.” She said.


James pulled her away and placed a cold kiss on her forehead. “Go to sleep. It is so late.” She nodded. Diana let go of him and began to get dressed.


Right when she was leaving, she bowed, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, kissing her lips. Diana smiled and without saying a word, she turned around to leave.


“My lady…” James called her. “I do love you.” He said. Diana felt her heart racing so much and wanted to turn back and love him again, but she just thanked him with a nod and a smile, though she wanted to jump around and squeal.


Days now were too long to cope with. Days were boring. Diana expected anxiously dinner time, for the sun to come down so she could see her master. When the sun light began to disappear, she’d run to her room to prepare herself for dinner. A light green dress she chose for that night, with a collar that would cover the bite on her neck, like she had wore one during the day. She felt nothing weird. Not pain, nausea, fever, nothing. She was exactly the same person. When she got to the dining room, both James and her father got up to receive her and only when she bowed and sat, the men sat down. She curled an eyebrow looking at James’s glass, it was full of wine and there was food in his plate.


“I thought you already had diner my lord.” She said surprised.


“Not today.” He smiled and she saw him taking a bite of the pheasant in his plate. Diana was confused now. She had never seen him drink or eat. She thought he didn’t eat.


“Will you play for me today my lady?” He asked smiling and her eyes glittered happily. Constantine watched all that in silence.


“Gladly.” Diana answered.


“Maybe you should go to bed soon.” Constantine said.


“Father…” Diana smiled. “Lord Smith wants me to play to him!”


Constantine looked at his master but he was hypnotized with his daughter. “Let her play Constantine.” He said not taking his eyes off her.


“Alright my lord.” He agreed submissively. He needed to take Diana away from there. He needed to find her a husband, someone she liked.


Diana played for quite some time waiting for her father to withdraw, but that night Constantine was irreducible sat by his masters’ side. They clapped whenever she finished a song and she’d play another waiting for Constantine to leave.


“Aren’t you sleepy Constantine?” James finally asked. The man looked deeply in his master’s eyes. Something was wrong. “You work so much you must be tired.”


“I am tired indeed my lord.” Constantine said getting up. “My daughter must be too.” His comment irritated James who stood immediately.


“Leave her.” He said. It wasn’t the first time she’d stay playing for him. Constantine looked at his master defiantly, though he couldn’t defy him for real. “She likes to play.” James added trying to calm things a bit down. He knew the man was reluctant. He ended up nodding.


“I’ll be in my room soon father.” Diana said. He walked up to his daughter and kissed her forehead goodnight. He trusted her.


“Behave…” He whispered in her ear, it was never enough to remind her. Constantine looked at his master one last time and bowed.


“Good night Constantine.” James told him.


“Don’t forget your promises my lord.” Constantine said, which irritated James even more. He eyed his butler by the corner of his eye and Constantine quivered a bit. Never once had he looked at him that way. With one last bow, he turned to leave.


“I keep my word.” James yelled at him and finally they stayed alone.


“Do you want me to play more?” Diana asked him and he nodded.


“I asked your father to leave you here so you can play for me.” He said arrogantly. She felt hurt, she thought he had asked because he wanted to be with her. She looked down at the piano and began to play, a sad song and tears ran down her cheeks while she played it. James pretended he didn’t see it and just enjoyed the marvelous sound of the music. Then, in an irritating move and feeling this immense rage taking care of her, she clenched her jaw and began to hit the piano with strength, yanking horrible sounds of it and she began to play fast and incoherently and tears ran down her face.


“What are you doing?” James asked not being able to ignore it anymore. She got up and looked at him with the most desperate look he had seen in her.


“Didn’t you want to play for you my lord? That’s what I was doing.” She said, but her voice choked and came out trembling because of the sobs that softly escaped her lips. “Don’t you have to go out and bring a woman here?” She asked then almost yelling. “I am not your slave!”


James understood her rampant and walked up to her, standing in front of her. Diana looked up at him. “One night you say you love me and the other you just ask me to play music and pretend nothing happened.” She said.


“I am being disloyal to your father.” He said.


“You already have, what does that matter now?” She confronted him. “Kiss me…” She begged him in a whisper, closing her eyes and offering him her lips, leaning her body against his. He looked down at her slight parted lips ready to be kissed trying to resist it but he gave in. Grabbing her face between his hands, he pressed his lips against hers. Immediately his tongue searched for hers, and they fought. That kiss was turbulent, she was raging and showing on the way she kissed him, and he was enjoying every bit of it. His hands searched for breasts, forgetting his promises in seconds. Diana had that power over him, he couldn’t resist her. Better said…he didn’t want to resist her and right there, right that moment, he knew he’d exterminate anyone who’d stand in the way.


“Possess me.” She gasped against his lips.


He grabbed her by her waist and sat her on the piano. Taking both hands to her knees he parted her legs, and made it to her lips again. His sex jumping in arousal, claiming its freedom. His hands pulled her dress up until her thighs and pushed her ass to him.


“You’re mine.” He gasped freeing his erection. “You’re mine to take and to have.”

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