Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


6. Chapter 6

“He told me he was never married.” Diana said after a few seconds processing the information she was receiving.


“He wasn’t, but I am not going to tell you that story, maybe one day he will.” Angela said. Nevertheless she had already told her too much, or maybe enough for her to be prepared for whatever was coming.


“Do vampire have feelings?” Diana asked then feeling a bit insecure. Angela smiled.


“Didn’t I just tell you that he’s looking for love? Of course we have feelings…I love Cullen, I was in love before and I am still now, even after this thirty five years together. A vampire’s love is eternal Diana.”


“He feeds on women…” Diana stated and Angela realized that she wasn’t that innocent. She and James had stepped it all up a little.


“It’s just that…feeding…” She told her coldly. Diana refused to say anymore, for she didn’t want to say she had been in bed with her master and knew what he did there. So, she just remained silent trying not to show her jealousy. Angela was very perceptive and rested a hand over her shoulder.


“Look…” She said. “Cullen doesn’t touch any of these women since he found me. He just let them get naked and ok…there’s a bit of touching here and there but there’s nothing more. He finishes them before anything happens.”


“Why do you feed on animals?”


“I can’t kill a human being…it’s too horrible. They are merciless but I can’t be like that. See when I said we had feelings…” Angela smiled and then steps were heard and both girls looked at their right side. Both James and Cullen were approaching them.


“When they’re fed, the danger is lower.” She whispered in Diana’s ear quickly, before the two men were near them.


“Time to go my dear?” Cullen smiled at Angela and grabbed a strand of her lose blonde hair. Diana saw such a different expression while he was looking at his partner than when he was looking at her when she entered the saloon. She turned her gaze and looked up at James.


“It is time for bed my lady.” He said. “It’s really late for you.” Diana got furious with his remark. Some vampire couple was being romantic right by her side and him always bossing her around.


“I think I can take care of myself!” She blurted feeling offended. Diana got up and bowed with a soft smile in her lips to Cullen and Angela, who bowed back at her, then she turned around and barely looked at James, even pushing him aside as she passed by him.


“Good night.” He said but she didn’t say anything, just a little groan was heard and he smiled and the other two joined them. “She’s too young…” He said excusing her. The three friends began to laugh.


“She’s eighteen…” Angela said and James realized they had been talking friendly. “She’s at the right age to get married.”


“Not if she disobeys orders like she does. A woman must obey her husband and I don’t think Diana will ever be able to do that.” James remarked.


Cullen gave him a knowing look and James shook his head lightly. Angela hated when these two did something like that. James and Cullen seemed to be able to communicate without words. Many times they’d just stare and the other nodded or shook his head and they knew what that meant. The other members of the brood were very jealous of their leader’s relationship with Cullen. He was closer to him, there was no doubt, maybe because Cullen had been the first vampire he created. Cullen was just a few years younger than James.


“Shall we go?” Angela said squeezing Cullen’s arm gently.


“Are you sleepy?” He asked and all three of them burst into loud laughter.


Diana lied her dress on the big chair he had near the bed. In her underwear, she looked at the bed, he didn’t need that for real, but well, he brought the women there. She ran her hand over the mattress and wondered how many women had he possessed in there. Too many to count…She took the rest of her garments off and slid under the covers.


James opened the door and Diana tensed. She knew he would yell at her. When James looked at his bed, he couldn’t believe his eyes.


“What are you doing here?” He asked her, though he couldn’t ignore the fact that she was naked.


“Waiting for you.” She said.


“Get up, get dressed and go away!” He said all that without breathing. Diana got up and walked fast towards him. She leaned her naked body against his and lifted her feet on her toes so she could be eye to eye with him. She was so daring…how he loved that.


“Say that now looking in my eyes.” She said. His eyes set on her puffy pink lips while she talked. Her warm body almost heating his. His dick responding to her nakedness in seconds. It wasn’t only her looks that attracted him, but also the way she dared him.


He took his hands to her shoulders and pulled her away a bit. Then he buried his nose on her hair inhaling her scent and then rubbed his nose down her neck. He felt her shiver a bit and then he brought his face close to hers.


“Do you know what I want?” He said but his voice sounded so mad and angry that she shivered a bit in fear. Diana shook her head and the grip of his hands became stronger. “I want to bite that neck of yours, your wrist that smells so good. I might do that if you stay here. You are irresistible my lady…your blood smells wonderfully.”


She saw his teeth growing a little and she tensed up. Her eyes went wide opened and James thought he succeeded. She would run out of there. To his surprise, she raised her wrist and put it near his mouth.


“I let you.” She said with a bit of a trembling voice. James was almost amused now with her courage and at the same time her fear. She was terrified “Will that transform me?” She asked then and that cut him off.


“What do you know about that?” He asked then, almost ignoring she was naked in front of his eyes. Her nipples playing peak a boo from the cold.


“I know you’re the Sire.” She said.


“Angela talks too much!” He cursed. Diana offered her wrist again. He looked in her blue eyes and grabbed her wrist, taking it to his lips. Her eyes closed and he looked up at her face. She was frowning expecting pain and her bottom lip was slightly trembling, even her hand was. He smiled watching her and then he chuckled, making her opening her eyes. She narrowed his eyes at him furious, and he pulled her to him and pressed his lips against hers.


Immediately her delicate hand grabbed the back of his neck, and the other rested on his shoulder. He tasted her lips with the tip of his tongue and like a good student, she parted them allowing his tongue to meet hers. His hands rested on her lower back but he pulled them up until the back of her shoulders when their tongues entangled in a lustful dance. Her body couldn’t be more united to his than that. It felt so wrong and at the same time so right. He pushed her down on the bed, falling on top of her and the kiss broke.


“We can’t…” He breathed.


“I want it.” She whispered pecking his lips like trying to convince him. Why did she have to make things so hard for him? Why couldn’t she listen?


“I can kill you.” He said.


“I don’t mind dying in your arms.” She replied and that caught him by surprise. He stared down at her in awe. James was fed, deep inside he knew he wouldn’t kill her but there was still that danger, if she tasted too good as he thought she did.


“I can’t hurt you my lady. I would never forgive myself.”


“Aren’t you fed for today?” She asked him. James rested on his hands and pulled his torso up. One of his eyebrows curled. “Angela said the danger was lower when you’re fed. You had a party, I saw the women on the floor…”


“Didn’t I say she talks too much!” James cursed again. “I can still bite you.”


“Please…” She whispered and wrapped her legs around him. His dick grew another inch feeling her groin against his. Just the thought of possessing her was driving him insane already. One of his hands run up her belly and grabbed her breast in his hand, giving it a light squeeze, then he bent over it and suckled on the nipple that only him had touched. She arched her back and closed her eyes enjoying the caresses of his lips on her skin. It felt good, extremely good to be there with him and alone, just him and her and at the same time so scary. All the thrilling and the fear made her want him even more.


Her hands made it to unbutton his silk white shirt. Like the day before, she wanted to roam her hands over his soft skin. He smelled so good. There was this mix of musk and chestnuts in his hair that she adored. She pulled the shirt over his shoulders and James pulled back to take it off. He threw it away fast, he was driven by desire already.


“You’re so sweet.” He whispered at her while kissing her collarbone, up her neck and then reaching her lips. Her blue eyes were getting dark with lust. James took a hand to her intimate parts just to confirm it. She was so wet already and he had done so little. “Touch me like this.” He said taking her hand to his bulge. Then he rubbed her hand up and down his length. “Open your hand…” He said and she did so, her palm rubbing him good, then he took his hand away to caress her and she kept it there, doing as he told her. While his lips ravished her neck, his hips wriggled against her palm in the search of more pleasure. Then, feeling the fever getting high, he stopped and pulled away from her for brief instants.


She stayed there lay down on her back, legs spread looking at him. He waited so long for that moment and always thought it impossible.


“It’s ok if you bite me.” She breathed. Was that how much she wanted him? James took his hands to his trousers and pulled them down, and then stepped out of it, standing naked in front of her. “My lord…” She called him anxiously.


James came near and bent down over her, kissed her cheek. The moment was there and she felt nervousness taking care of her. “Call me James…” He told her then to relax her and he felt her going so tense all of a sudden.


She smiled with her eyes closed and raised her head to place kisses on his neck. He tilted his head back to enjoy the caress that he didn’t allow to anyone. “James…” She whispered in between kisses and he was delighted to hear her calling him like that.


“My sweet lady.” He answered. He pushed her down on the bed again and adjusted himself until her entrance. Diana gasped a little in anticipation and he took a hand under her knees to pull her down more to him. He looked in her eyes and noticed how she bit her lower lip. He wondered what was going into her mind that moment. Her heart was racing franticly, he could hear that.


He brought his face over hers and kissed her lips tenderly. “Just relax…” He whispered against them and then kissed her again. He pushed in, feeling her entrance causing resistance. Their blue gaze was locked and she gasped a little when she felt him trying to get inside of her. He pushed a bit more and she closed her eyes. She was so tight, she was killing him. He paused for her and for him too. Then he kissed her lips one more time. “I can stop if you want.” She shook her head.


“I want you.” She said. He pushed in a little more and felt her veil breaking, he slid in and she took a great intake of breath as he did so. A low yelp escaped her lips, that hurt her. James stopped there, let her get used to it, the pain would disappear. When she calmed down, he pushed in little by little and her eyes closed feeling filled and pain and pleasure at the same time. He made another pause when he was fully in to kiss her lips. More relaxed she delivered herself to him in a passionate kiss involving their tongues.


His hips began to push in and out of her, slowly, not to hurt her and to make her enjoy it if possible. A moan was heard from under her throat and he broke the kiss to look at her. Another soft moan escaped her lips and she wriggled under him a little.


“Is it good?” He asked in hear ear.


“Yes.” She said. That feeling was way too different from the others she had already experienced. Her nails carved on the skin of his shoulders. James moaned in her ear as her tight sex squeezed him in a way he never expected. His, was feeling so hot that moment, the fever in his veins beginning and he wanted to stop it all there but he couldn’t. His hips took a little faster pace and Diana gripped onto the sheets with opened lips, moaning openly. That was such a great vision for him. His dream had come true but he was struggling now with the darkest side of his.


“Oh…” He groaned feeling that familiar tingle in the pitch of his stomach, he needed to get away from her neck. Her veins were engorging.


“James…” She cried out his name with shaking voice, she was going to come and he needed to be careful, so careful. His eyes were burning, he knew they had changed color already and his fangs were ready for the merciless bite. “OH…” She cried loud arching her back, her legs squeezed his hips between them and her whole body shook, she orgasm and her inner muscles pulled him in, in such unexpected and delightful manner and he came before he even expected.


His hips came to halt after a deep last thrust, his muscles tensed and his lips opened with no sound coming out of them. Then his hips took a rhythm again and his moans were released. He tried to stay away from her neck, but he collapsed on top of her when his seed was spilt inside of her and while he dried himself off, his teeth sank on the part where his neck and her shoulder meet. Diana screamed a little with the thin pain and he should pull away but her blood tasted even sweeter than what he had imagined. She began to pull him away, struggling with him and finally, he pulled back almost horrified.


They stared at each other.

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