Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


4. Chapter 4

James turned around and began to walk away. He didn’t answer; silence was the best answer he could give her. They weren’t of the same kind. They didn’t belong together, they could not be together. But then…no one made him feel the way she did. It had been so long since he last felt that way for someone. The way she treated him, the way she addressed to him. Her gentleness. He fastened his pace as he felt her running after him. Diana grabbed her gown with both hands so she could run faster.


“My Lord.” She yelled when he was opening the door. “Wait…”


James stopped and looked back. “Lady Davenport, please…” He said in a rather formal tone imposing some distance between them that didn’t exist anymore.


“Let me be there with you.” She asked him again.


“You can’t!” He said visibly annoyed. His eyes piercing hers. “It’s an order!” He said using his power over her. She looked at him with such hurtful look that he regretted his words right away. “I am a monster! Why can’t you bear that in your mind?”


“Because I don’t believe in that.” She told him with crying voice. James took a deep breath and closed the door. He took his freezing hands to her shoulders and shoved her against the wall and looked deeply in her eyes.


“I kill these people in my bed every night. I suck the blood out of them. You can’t be there, you just can’t. I can’t allow you to see that. I am not me, I am not this…” He was going to say man but he shut up looking for the word, he wasn’t a man. “…this creature you know…” He continued. “…I am something else. I am a murder and you can’t possibly like that.”


Diana shivered a bit hearing his words. She hadn’t thought of all that. She only thought about the sensuality a vampire involves, or at least, from what she had read from the books. James, her master, was showing her a total different side, a side she wasn’t sure she wanted to know.


“Try me.” She dared. Diana was decided like that. She might be scared but she’d rather find out then stay with the doubt. James muttered something imperceptible and shook his head. He turned at her to yell but when his eyes met hers, and that will disappeared and they just stared at each other in silence.


“I don’t want you to see me like that.” He confessed surrendered to her sweetness. That girl was going to be his death. He almost smiled when he thought of it…death…wasn’t he immortal? Though sunlight would be fatal to him among other details.


“Was it because of this that you told me to stay away from you? You know…when you…” She asked.


“Yes.” He said. The cards were on the table, why not telling her the whole truth.


“My Lord…” She placed a hand over his cold cheek. “I still want to witness it.” She said even if it was to watch him having sex with another woman. She would hurt.


“It’s dangerous.” He insisted. Diana stepped on her toes once again and pecked his lips, then pulled away and looked in his eyes.


“I want to see it. I liked to see it yesterday.”


James smiled. The spoiled brat was lustful and curious and he was being her professor, like so many other things he had taught her but he never thought he’d get close to her that way. He never thought it would be possible to get close to her that way.


“My Lady…” He breathed hopeless. She had always been astute to have it her way. Even as a kid, he’d always ended up doing what she wanted.


“My Lord…” She breathed getting closer to him. Her collarbone coming up and down as she breathed a little harder. James could hear her heart beat. The vein engorged in her neck as she breathed was pulsating and his eyes set on it. He felt his fangs about to appear and he clenched his feasts, then pulled her away. He was thirsty and needed to feed.


“Stay away from me now.” She was delaying him.


“Why?” She asked. Why was she so curious?


“I can smell your blood. I am thirsty, I need to feed.” He said. “You are delaying me Lady Davenport.” He grabbed his hat and she held his hand, putting her life at stake she knew, but she didn’t care. Maybe that was what it took to stay with him, to be just like him.


“I will be in the room.” She told him. James put the hat on his head and left without saying a word.


Diana disposed of all her clothes and slid inside his bed. Her heart raced franticly while waiting and when she finally heard the noise of a female giggle, she pulled the sheet over her to cover herself. James entered the room to find her, he knew, naked in his bed, covered until her breasts. Her golden locks spread across his pillow, she look more beautiful than ever. He stared at her mesmerized, almost forgetting the woman he had brought with her.


“Who is she?” The woman then asked and James looked at her.


“Our company.” He smiled.


Diana watched the woman and realized she was the kind of easy one. Then realizing she was in a man’s bed made her think if she wasn’t the easy kind as well. She shook the thought away, she was there for love. James sat on the bed and smiled down at her, caressing her face with the palm of his hand. He could tell she was so nervous as she gasped for air. Then he bent over her and kissed her lips. The kiss evolving lazy and so passionate. Her tongue responding to his and he felt her hand tugging on the back of his neck, caressing him there.


“Hum…you want the two of us then.” The other woman said and climbed on the bed. Their kiss broke and James felt the hands of the other woman caressing him. Diana looked at him almost pleading him to make her go away but she remembered what he had told her. While the woman roamed her hand over his torso, he bent over Diana.


“You’ll be my damnation.” He whispered and then kissed her again with all the lust he possessed, feeling himself growing hard already, even more because the hand of the woman he had brought was caressing him down there. It felt good. His kiss took her breath away. When James pulled away from her, Diana was panting hard.


“Take your clothes off.” He asked the woman just pecking her lips. It hurt Diana seeing him doing so, but she knew that was going to happen. She knew that being there, he wouldn’t be just hers. While the woman took away her clothes, James took a hand to the sheet that covered Diana’s body and began to pull it away but she grabbed it against her body and bit her lower lip.


“Let me see you…” He whispered. Her eyes set on the bulge under his trousers, she wanted to touch him there. Seeing it and knowing it was still safe, he grabbed her hand and placed it there and then she touched it clumsily but he loved every bit of it. Gently she let him pull the sheet away and her nakedness was revealed. He gasped as he watched her perfect body. Her skin so white, her breasts so round, she was voluptuous but he had noticed that already, a little bush between her legs. Diana looked beautiful, even more beautiful than he had imagined.


James bent over her and suckled on her nipples. Her back arched and she gasped. She shivered a bit as she felt his cold body so close to hers. The woman, already naked, came from behind him and kissed his neck and began to unbutton his shirt. James let her do whatever she wanted while he feasted on Diana’s breasts.


The woman called his attention then and pulled him up, kissing his lips. Her hand tugged on his erection and she yanked a moan from him. He was already at the desperate point, he needed to have it. He lay down on his back and the woman began to undo his black trousers. Diana watched and his hand grabbed hers, pulling her to him. He raised his head a bit and made it for her lips, she responded to it. The woman then, locked her lips around his shaft making Diana swallow his moan with her mouth.


Diana stopped the kiss to watch what the woman was doing and James moaned openly. His lips parted and he gasped for air. His and her hand united, their fingers wrapped, she felt he was getting warmer. She looked at him and his eyes were changing color. Diana felt something tingling between her legs. She was wet, there was this wetness that she didn’t know where it came from, she felt the need for him not knowing exactly what that need was.


“Let me try that!” She told him and pulled the woman away.


“No!” James grabbed her to prevent her from doing so.


“Hey!” The woman protested. “Are you greedy?”


Diana ignored what he had told him and stared at his cock, amazed with the size and shape, and everything, first and finally she locked her lips around him. Not sure of what to do she just imitated the woman and bobbed her head up and down. James hips thrust into her scaring her a bit but then she controlled herself and continued. His hand tugged on her hair. “Oh…oh…” He moaned and she was glad she was the one yanking that pleasure from him.


“Am I doing well?” She then asked innocently and he looked at her.


“Yes.” He said in a sweet tone. Diana noticed how his eyes were more green than blue as usual. She came back and continued, licking the head with her tongue and James arched his back in pleasure. “Oh…yes…” He whispered and then his hand took her away.


“You continue!” He ordered the other woman who looked annoyed. James pulled Diana up and rolled on his side. He placed her above him and then tried to part her legs but she resisted.


“Let me do this.” He said a bit far gone as the woman worked on him. Diana closed her eyes not wanting to see and let his hand spread her legs. She felt his hair tickling on her tights and then his tongue parting her intimate spot apart. Her eyes opened at the new sensation. That felt even better than what he did to her the other night.


His tongue flickered on her clit making her wriggle. “Oh…” Her lips opened perfectly and her hands tugged onto the sheets. He knew he would make her come fast and hoped faster than himself. That was very dangerous, but he wanted to divide the pleasure with her so much. He grabbed her tiny spot between his teeth and let the tip of his tongue flicker fast on the button.


“Ah…Oh…Yes…” Diana blurted unconsciously. And James continued, feeling his own fever catching up, but he was taking Diana with him. “More…” She asked unashamedly and he smiled against her moist skin. She liked it. His tongue came back to work and soon she convulsed in orgasm. He held her thighs tight so she couldn’t pull away and continued licking her until she completely calmed down.


Pulling away, he grabbed the woman’s head and made her lay on her back. Her head near one of Diana’s feet. James entered her and began to thrust franticly into her. Diana watched all that still a bit fuzzy from the intense orgasm she had felt. While she watched him running for his pleasure and the woman moaning with her eyes closed she thought that should also be good. With his chin against the woman’s neck, he looked up at the woman he loved. She was about to testimony the most horrible thing she’d ever seen.


“Go away.” He panted but she shook her head. His eyes greener than ever. The vein on his neck engorged. “Oh…” He clenched is jaw. Diana saw his fangs appear and she shivered but she was thrilled and not scared. The fever on his lower belly was just tickling at its peak, with one last deep thrust, his body jerked and Diana saw his teeth digging onto the woman’s neck. She yelped low and then convulsed a little. Diana pulled away and sat on the bed with her back against the headboard while James sucked the woman’s blood until he was completely satisfied. Finally, he pulled away and dropped paralyzed with his back on the bed and the woman stayed there lifeless.


Diana’s heart beat faster than she could remember. What she had seen was horrible but she also acknowledged all his effort not to be her the one he’d bite. She didn’t know if she could bother him, he wasn’t moving.


“My Lord…” She risked and James turned around on his stomach and leaned on his elbows, looking already like the James she knew.


“I told you I am a monster.” He told her. He regretted she had seen that.


Diana kneeled in front of him and pecked his lips.


“I am not scared.” She said.


“You should be! I want to do to you what I have done to this woman. There’s a dead woman in the bed with us!” He claimed. Diana stepped back. So, he wanted to kill her too.


“When I say I am not the man for you I am telling you the truth.” He added.


“You didn’t do anything to me.” Diana stated. “Maybe this is the way.” She said.


It was his time to kneel in front of her. “My Lady…” He said caressing her face and looking in her eyes. “There isn’t anything I want more than to make you mine, but that’s not possible, because the moment I’d do so…” Diana covered his mouth with her hand.


“We’re here aren‘t we?” She told him.


“We are…but I am dangerous.”


“I believe you won’t do anything to me.” She told him. “I want you…I’ve always wanted you.”


“Go away.” He whispered looking away. Diana felt her eyes flickering with tears.


“I’ll go.” She said trying not to choke. “But you want me. I can feel that.”



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