Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


3. Chapter 3

Diana came back to her room with her legs shaking and her heart still beating fast, her breathing was still unstable and she still gasped a little. There was this thrill running over her body. That had been some new and exciting experience. Though cold, she had loved the feeling of his touch, and it felt beyond good, beyond anything she could have expected. Women would talk nothing about sex, either than it was a sin. Was it? Even married woman wouldn’t mention it, except to tell their daughters they had to be there for their husbands and just that. Diana had heard this many times.


With her silk nightgown on, she lied on her back and stared at the ceiling still a bit startled with what happened and that explosion of her body that couldn’t keep her quiet even she wanted to. She had tried to bit her bottom lip and still her lips parted so the moans could escape her throat. She remembered how the woman moaned under the other man and understood why, but the master had said there was more and what he had done to her wasn’t the same he did to this other woman.


Taking her hand between her legs, Diana touched the same spot the master had touched and she felt a tingling sensation. The same good sensation as when he touched her, she kept rubbing her finger in there and her hips contorted a bit as the pleasure began to build up. Diana wanted to take her hand away and stop but she couldn’t and soon her eyes were closed and her lips parted as she gasped a little, soft moans began to linger in the darkness of her room and though ashamed of what she was doing, she didn’t want to stop.


James lay down on the bed, stared at the ceiling still hard. His erection didn’t want to leave him. He was an insatiable creature and he had touched the woman he wanted to touch the most. He could go out and get a victim or even a whore at the house in the village, but he was fed and he was not in the mood to wander out on the streets again. He opened his black trousers and pulled the zipper down, setting his erection free, standing straight up as a spring as he freed it. He tugged his hand around it and began to pull up and down. Yes, masturbating also felt good for him. James closed his eyes and began to imagine Diana’s hips riding him, he had done that many times. He had got himself off many times imagining he was fucking her.


As in his imagination her hips began to ride him faster, his hand pulled a faster pace. His hips jerked a bit up and the pleasure was getting high. He was feeling his whole body catch fire, his eyes preyed opened green and he groaned hoarsely.


“YES!” He muttered between his teeth. Her hips franticly rocking him. His fangs got released; he was just close to explosion.


“My Lord…” Diana exclaimed with her eyes closed and her legs spread, imagining he was doing to her what she had seen the other man doing that night. “Oh…” She moaned unable to control it anymore and the fire between her legs just beginning to run up her body. “James…” She murmured his name softly like she had never done before, she had never called him like that.


That moment James’s eyes opened one more time as if he had heard her whisper calling out his name. His hand builds up even a faster rhythm making him moan out loud. “Diana…” He said feeling the orgasm just about to hit him. His hips jerked and he felt his hand wet and lazily he thrust until he was completely done.


“Ah…” She moaned biting her pillow as she wanted to scream while her body convulsed. Then she took her hand away and stayed still panting waiting for the rush to calm down. James did the same. That would be the time his heart would be beating fast.


The next morning Diana joined Martha in the kitchen. She was the cooker and her husband Ralph the gardener. They were also their company while growing up and Martha was the only feminine figure in her life. She sat down at the table having her breakfast and looked distant. The events of last night ringing inside her head, keeping her still a bit startled and marveled. She had discovered carnal pleasure and it was good and not evil. It felt good.


“Martha…” Diana called her and she looked back with a potatoe that she was pealing in her hand. “Why is sex a sin?”


“My Lady!” Martha exclaimed horrified. Her eyes goggled, and her voice even choked but it was more like a yell.


“You’re the only woman I know.” Diana claimed. “The only one who can tell me things.”


Martha sat in front of her. Diana was in the age of getting married, maybe someone had to explain to that young woman what sex, fornication was all about. “It is a sin at the eyes of God.” Martha began and Diana looked at her attentively. “When you get married you will have to…well…you know with your husband. It is the woman’s duty, for men have their needs.”


“I don’t understand.” Diana said a little confused. What she had experienced was good and Martha was saying things as if it wasn’t.


“You can’t enjoy it. It is just to satisfy your husband and well…to procreate. Other than that it is condemn by the church and a deadly sin at the eyes of God. You don’t want to go to hell.” Martha added.


Diana shook her head fast. “Thank you for explaining things to me.” She said smiling, though confused. Martha for sure didn’t enjoy sex and Diana had never done it and had the most amazing experience of her life. She was a sinner, she knew it, she should confess, but she was afraid to confess such things to the priest.


“Do you need to go to the market?” Diana asked hoping she could get out of the palace for a while. Her father would always let her go with Martha but never alone, for a lady must never walk out on the streets alone.


“I do. Are you ready?” Martha smiled as she knew she wanted to go with her and Diana got up promptly.


In the market, Martha always let her go see the fabrics and leave her there, while she bought fruit and vegetables. Martha never understood from where the fortune of her master came from, but she and Ralph knew all about his secret. At first, Martha wanted to leave, but despite his curse, he was a good man and they stayed and had been there for years.


“I have never seen you around my Lady.” A woman said by her side. Diana smiled, maybe she could make a friend, though that woman was older.


“I usually don’t come out alone.” Diana said. “I am Lady Davenport.” She bowed.


“My Lady…” The other woman said. “You have very good taste in fabrics.”


“My master is a good man. He always gives us money to buy the best fabrics that come from Paris.” Diana said and the woman seemed surprised.


“Who is your master?”


“Lord Smith.” Diana said and the woman stepped away like she was sick. Diana looked at her surprised.


“Your Lord is evil. EVIL!” The woman then yelled and went away.


That event marked the rest of her day. No one had ever been that direct on their prejudice about her master. That woman must have had some sort of bad experience with him.


At night, James admired her purple dress. It was his favorite color and Diana knew about it, that’s why she put it on.


“A woman in the market acted strangely about you today.” Diana said as James was rather silent.


“Sometimes people act strangely my lady.” He said sat in front of her. Once again she was sat on the piano, after playing some songs to him. Constantine had announced he was leaving for his room and the two stayed alone. Better said, she sneaked away from her room.


“I thought about you last night.” She confessed. She knew she was being vulgar but she wanted him with everything she was and she had. James got up of the sofa like a spring.


“My Lady, that’s not things to tell to a man.” He said sounding mad at her. There was even this glare she had never seen in him, but she decided to dare him. Diana raised her dress up to her hips and opened her legs. James halted frozen, not being able to take his eyes away from her figure.


“I asked Martha about sex today.” Diana continues. James’ eyes were set on the spot between her legs. He wasn’t even blinking and she noticed that he had this sort of stick under his trousers. “She said we had to do it to obey our husbands. She sounded like it wasn’t good, but what you did to me yesterday was good.”


Gathering all his strength and control he walked up to her. Taking his cold hands to her knees, he closed her legs and then pulled her dress down. Their blue gaze locked, but there was something different dazing in his glare. Diana felt hurt with his gesture. She was offering herself to him and he was turning her down. She tried one last move, she took a hand to where she knew was his sex and she rubbed that huge bulge he had in that place. James jumped back immediately.


“Don’t touch me!” He said. That time he didn’t sound mad. It sounded more like a plead. Diana jumped off the piano and walked towards him. Her blue eyes flickering with tears in her eyes.


“You prefer others to me.” She said. James shook his head, if only she knew the truth.


“My Lady…” He whispered so vulnerable in front of her. His voice even sweet. “I am not the man for you and you shouldn’t behave like this.”


“I want you to be the man for me!” She insisted. “Can’t you see? All this time…all my refusals…I am waiting for you.”


“You should get married My Lady.” James said firmly. “Don’t wait for me. I am not the man for you.”


Diana groaned looking at him. “You desire me! I can see that!”


“I can’t get close to you, not any more than I have!” James raised his tone a bit. Why was she so determined, so stubborn? She was now making things so difficult and why did he have to not resist touching her that way.


“Why?” Diana asked. “Just tell me why.”


“Because I am not a good person.” He told her. Diana felt let down with his words. He was the most wonderful man she had ever met. The one that had treated her the best but she knew deep inside why he was telling her that. She gave two steps more in is direction and stayed really close. Then she stood on the tip of her toes and he got hypnotized by her blue eyes. His dick was also keeping him there imprisoned, not giving him a rest. Diana bent her face over his and kissed his lips gently. They were cold, but she didn’t care. She liked his taste.


As she pulled away, James tugged a hand on the back of her head and pulled her to him. His lips pressed against hers fiercely, like he’d never had the chance to do that again. Then she felt the tip of his tongue probing against her lips and not really sure about what to do, she parted them. His tongue invaded her mouth and tangled with hers, she played along, doing the same as he did. His arms pulled her to him and his body was freezing her, but she was possessed by that man. As the kiss evolved, slow, lazy, she wrapped her arms around his neck. He smelled her lavender scent and wished that kiss would never end. He had never kissed anyone like that. It had never felt so right. She tasted sweet, her lips were so soft as well as the skin of her face where his palm rested. Then, needing to breathe, they pulled away. That was enough for her that night. She stared at him as startled as he had given her another orgasm. A kiss isn’t sex but a love kiss was never disappointing.


“I know what you are.” She said feeling sure he was a vampire. “You’re so cold…only come here at night. I’ve never seen you during daylight.”


James wasn’t shocked, deep inside he knew she was suspicious and she would find out anyway. His only fear was that she’d run away from him. “Then you know the reason why I can’t be with you.”


“I don’t mind.” She argued.


“I need to go out.” He said turning his back at her and wishing to end that conversation.


“To bring another woman to your room?” She cried. James stopped walking and looked back. Now things were hard for him.


“If you know what I am you know I kill these women so I can feed.” He hoped that would scare her away.


“Let me watch.” She asked him and James looked at her shocked.


“NO!” He said then. “No…that’s not a thing for you to watch.”


“My Lord…” Diana said with a pleading tone.


“I am a monster!” He claimed.


“I want you to make me yours.” She whispered.

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