Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


23. Chapter 23

James entered his palace feeling his body fevering even if he was stone cold. His eyes were burning and he knew they were green instead of the usual blue because of the rage consuming him. He groaned loud feeling frustrated. His life was turned upside down. His feelings…how could he feel? Was he even supposed to have feelings? “Argh…” He almost yelled knowing all servants were already asleep and unable to hear him. He was furious. Dave appeared at the front door as he heard him. James had managed to go out alone that night, though he knew Dave might have been following him. He couldn’t care less. Their eyes met and Dave didn’t express a feeling. Not a smile, not a victorious gaze, not a sarcastic comment, nothing… somehow he was just astonished James still had a bit of human in him. James could feel. He could still love like a human could. “It’s your fault…” Dave said after a few seconds. There he gave all away. James had been right all the time. Dave had followed him and knew the reason of his fury. James took giant steps towards him and grabbed him by his collar just with one hand. Enough to then pull Dave up off the floor. The older vampire didn’t fight, he just looked at his pupil in the eye. With a sudden move James threw Dave with all his strength away, making Dave crash against the wall strongly. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” James yelled then, releasing all his frustration, rage and despair on Dave. “ALONE. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!” Then, he took off running to his room. He heaved as he was so nervous. The door shut slammed, shaking the old walls of the castle. The big slam echoed amongst the huge walls. James began to tear apart everything he’d grab. Furniture began to be tore apart, broken as he groaned almost animalistic. Dave entered the room fearless. “Stop it!” Dave yelled at him. James turned around. His chest was coming up and down franticly as he breathed erratically. He breathed fast. His teeth grated. His fists clenched. With another groan escaping his throat, he made his way up to Dave to punch him, but Dave got out of his way just in time to avoid his move. “You’re so ridiculous…” Dave told him. James turned around again. Same reaction and Dave got out of the way again. Then he grabbed James by his collars and shook him violently. “There’s no use to be like that now.” Dave told him. James shook the arms of the vampire away from him. Dave stayed there watching him and he began to come back to his self. “She took him to her room…” James let out feeling the need to talk to someone. “They made love…” He said so sad as if he was going to cry. Only he couldn’t…he didn’t have any tears… Or did he? Dave felt sorry for him. For once he thought James was really desperate and though he had this will for vengeance, his sympathy for his pupil was bigger. Dave sat down on the bed ready to listen to him. “I know.” Dave told him. “Why did you go spy on her?” “I wanted to see her.” James sat on the big chair. “I love her…” He said feeling broken. “I might tell her to go away and tell her to marry to someone else but I love her. I never thought it’d cost me so much… I never thought I could feel this much…” Dave had to smile at that. “So…” He said with a bit of joy in his voice. “You play the almighty, playing the strong one and tell her she should be happy. You’re all so proud to tell me she’s bound to be happy with someone else and now what I see is that you can’t take it. You can’t take it to see her with another man…” “And that amuses you doesn’t it?” James shot. “A little…” Dave smile. “I can’t tell it doesn’t.” He got up and stood in front of James. “You should have predicted this. It was clear she liked the kid, you pushed her away…” “IT’S YOUR FAULT!” James yelled at the top of his lungs. “It’s your damn fault. She might have liked him, but she loved me. ME!” He beat in his chest strongly. “And she would have never delivered herself to him if you didn’t go whisper in her ears the story about Ida. She thinks I don’t love her…and I do!” He said. “You have to make up your fucking mind!” Dave shot annoyed. “God! You say all the time she has to be happy without you and that you’re willing to sacrifice your feelings for her so she won’t be like us and now you’re here all offended because she delivered herself to the man she’s going to marry? What did you expect James? Did you expect her not to sleep with him? The boy is in love with her…he’s probably doing all to conquer her heart and you, you only pushed her away. Don’t say this is all my fault because it isn’t. I might have contributed, but she should know the truth.” “It corrodes me to think he touches her. I want him dead! DEAD!” He yelled. “And what are you going to do? Kill him? And then what? Kill every man that steps in the way? If you want her, you know what you have to do. You have to turn her into a vampire like us. That is the only way now for her to stay with you James.” “No…” He said in a whisper. “UGH!” Dave groaned. “You’re stubborn.” James narrowed his eyes. “Why do you insist so much that I transform her? What is your gain in this?” Dave looked away. He wouldn’t gain anything, except to make up for his failure when he tried to transform Ida. James couldn’t know about that. “I can’t do that.” James continued. “First, I don’t want this life for her. Second, and this is the most important part, I might kill her in the process. I might not be able to stop in time and kill her. I don’t trust myself to do that, so I won’t. I would never forgive myself if I’d kill her.” “Have you tasted her blood?” Dave asked. “Twice…” He admitted. “So you can stop.” Dave concluded. James shook his head. “It tastes too good. One time she really had to struggle. NO!” “Struggle?” Dave laughed a little loud. “Oh James, if you really wanted to finish it there wasn’t a struggle that could stop it and you know it. You’re not valuing yourself enough in this.” “I don’t want to talk about this. I’d rather finish him. Him…he’s the one that has to be dead.” James said again with the same thought ringing in his mind. “You’re jealous!” Dave exclaimed. “You’re so jealous that you only think of finishing your enemy.” He smiled. He enjoyed that part of James. “I am going to leave you alone to think coherently about this.” With that he left and James stayed alone. Alone and a little calmer, he began to relive the images he had seen through the window that night. Her moans, her groans of pleasure. The words she told him, the kisses she gave him. Her hands and the way she caressed him in the end. James shook his head in despair. The willing to cry stroke him again, that was the ultimate despair. He couldn’t even let go of his emotions for he was unable to do it properly. She couldn’t belong to anyone else…she had to be his… With his mind running a mile per hour and trying to find solutions here and there, James locked himself up in the dungeon when the sun rose. Diana would be back that day and he would find a way to keep her. Diana couldn’t love anyone else and he knew she was very close to that, if not in love with Jack already in some sort of way. His body hurt at the thought, it was even physical. Diana was happy and part of her was missing Jack, who had left her and her father at the palace where they lived. Past of her was already missing him, his scent, his touch, his lips against hers. She smiled at the thought of him and poems he recited to her by heart. “Smiling alone Diana?” Martha asked her amused. Diana got up. “Give me that tray.” She said, helping Martha to take dinner to the table. Before entering the dining room, she took a deep breath. She heard James’ voice while he talked to Constantine and her heart took off. Just the sound of his voice made her nervous, but then she remembered Jack and calmed down. She pulled the door open with her hip. James eyes set on her as she entered the room. Diana was glad Dave wasn’t there that night. It was going to be the regular dinner of them three. “Good evening.” James greeted her and she simply bowed. Not looking in his face, not pronouncing a word…nothing… “I am going to grab the other tray.” She said going away. She was dying to get out of there, to get away from under his gaze. Somewhere where she couldn’t smell his scent, hear his voice. Somewhere where she couldn’t be pierced by his blue eyes. Somewhere where she could forget she loved him. “Is it possible to love two men?” Diana shot as she entered the kitchen. She felt confused. Martha looked at her a bit horrified with her question. “What have you done?” Martha promptly asked. “Nothing…” Diana said with tears in her eyes. Then she sat on a chair and Martha patted her blond hair. “You look desperate my sweet lady.” Martha said tenderly. “Oh Martha…” She sobbed a bit. “I think I like two men. One has hurt me so much and the other seems to love me and he’s sweet and I do like him too. I think I am in love with him too…” “The second one is Jack…” Martha acknowledge. “If the first hurt you…” Martha didn’t finish. Diana knew what she meat, but if only things were that easy. “I better take the rest of dinner to the table. My father and lord Smith are waiting.” She said getting up and adjusting her dress. “You’re right. Jack is perfect…the other…” Her voice fainted. “…he never loved me…” She said concluding. Martha watched her going away. Diana didn’t speak during dinner. Neither Constantine nor James have yanked a word from her. Truth be said, James didn’t even try for he was still hammering on his jealousy. Hating her for what he saw. After dinner, she retreated herself to her room. James went out. First to the tavern, then he fed himself and finally returned home. There was a light in her room, she was probably reading. He tip toed until the door of her room and eavesdropped. “Oh Jack…” He heard her sobbing a bit. Rage took care of him that second. She was calling for him. HIM! James took his hand to the knob and turned it, opening the door of her room without announcing or asking for permission to do so. Diana jumped to sit on her bed startled by his presence. “What are you doing here?” She said indignantly. “I didn’t give you permission to be here. Go away.” She said. “We need to talk.” He said groaning. No…he couldn’t talk to her like that…not with that anger. “I don’t have anything to talk to you. I am an engaged woman. I don’t think it’s correct for you to be here.” Diana pulled her face up as she said that. She was daring him. James grabbed her arm and pulled her up on her feet. “But he can go to your room right?” He said clenching his jaw. Diana looked at him surprise. Her mouth opened to speak but no sound came out of it. “I know!” He said as if he had all the right to accuse her. “I saw it!” Diana ripped her arm free. “You what?” She said feeling ashamed. “I saw you!” He said almost whispering. “How could you? How could you do that after delivering yourself to me?” He asked her. “I don’t know what to tell you…” She said with tears in her eyes. “I don’t know what to say to someone who watched me making love to my fiancée.” She said. “DON’T SAY THAT!” James yelled making her jump. “That wasn’t making love…you don’t love him!” “Now what? Are you going to tell my father?” She defied him. “I might…” He menaced totally lost. “That will only make him pull the wedding further.” She said triumphal. Diana was clearly enjoying shoving all that in his face. “You didn’t have the right.” He said. “I had all the right!” She shot at him. “I have all the right to share my bed with the man that is going to be my husband. I have all the right to love my husband.” Her words stung in his heart like a silver knife. “You can’t marry him.” James told her. “Why not?” “Because you don’t love him.” He told her. “How do you know that?” Diana asked him looking in his eyes. James gave a step back silently, watching her gaze. “You do?” He asked low. Diana looked away. James gave a step forward again and made her look at him. “You have feelings for him?” He asked again. “You pushed me away from you. What did you think? Did you think that I was going to stay here crying for you the rest of my life? Jack is wonderful…it’s natural that I like him and that with time I begin to develop some feelings for him. You broke my heart…you used me…you know that…” She cried though she didn’t want to. “That’s not true.” James rested both hands on her shoulders. She shivered at his cold touch. She tried to get away but his grip was firm. “I love you.” He confessed. “I don’t want you to marry him. I thought I could take it but I can’t…” James shook his head. “I can’t bear the feeling of knowing you are with another man. I love you Diana, too much…more than I even imagined…” “I don’t believe in you.” She said. James shook her a bit. “Let’s go away, just the two of us. We go somewhere people don’t know us at all. Where we come from, what we are, nothing. Come away with me. Don’t marry him, please…stay with me…” He begged. He knew he was begging but he didn’t care. Anything for that love. Anything not to lose her. Diana sobbed a little louder, clearly taken aback with his words, but she shook her head. “I cannot leave Jack…” She cried. “I don’t want to leave Jack and I don’t believe a word you’re saying.” James hands let go of her in dismay. “Jack loves me for what I am and not because I remind him of a past love. That’s what I represent to you. You don’t love me, you love what I represent. I don’t want that…” “Diana…” James whispered her name trying to make her think otherwise. “Stay with me…please…I do love you.” “No…” She said. “Go away, and please James…let me go…” She asked. “Let my heart go, please.” “You’re making a mistake.” James told her. “Jack is not a mistake.” She said firmly cleaning her eyes. “But your judgment of my feelings is. I do love you Diana.” He said. Diana closed the door of her room not wanting to hear more. He stayed on the outside staring at the wooden door. There was only one solution…Jack would never have her and she would never love him. “I WILL KILL HIM:” He shot then. Diana stopped walking and looked back at the closed door. Then she opened it. James was still there. His glare, his killer glare was there. She shivered. “You’re not going to touch Jack.” She cried. “I will finish you if you touch Jack.” She said with tears falling down her face, her lips trembling a bit but firmly.

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