Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


22. Chapter 22

The next day was occupied with the journey to the Byron’s country house and then, once there, there was this frenzy about the party they’d held that night. Most of the things were already set but Diana spent part of her afternoon helping Julia, much to Jack’s dismay. Though he didn’t like it, he went hunting with Constantine and his father. Part of him was happy though, that party had a purpose and that was to announce his engagement with Diana, make it official.


They hadn’t seen each other that day, until it was time for dinner. Diana arrived after Jack, in a blue dress. He was holding a cup of liquor and was talking to some boy when she got inside the room.


“Lady Davenport.” Julia announced as the guests didn’t know her. Jack turned around as he heard her name and their eyes met for the first time since he had left that afternoon to the woods. There must be around 50 people in the room, all aristocracy. Diana bowed and Julia grabbed her arm, meaning she would introduce her to the people one by one. The rules dictated that. When crossing by Jack, he winked at her and smiled. She smiled back.


“These are lady and lord Mitchell.” Julia said introducing the old couple near Jack. Jack left his friend and approached them.


“They own most of the lands around here and their woods have the most wonderful grouses.” He laughed. Old Mitchell tapped his shoulder feeling proud of the young man’s words. He didn’t like to grab about it but the surroundings all envied the grouses that grew in his lands.


“Jack, so good to see you growing up.” The old man said.


“Mother, I’ll take her from now.” Jack said giving his arm to Diana.


“You’ll do the honors?” Julia asked surprised. Jack hated all the formalities but she found out how proud he was to present his fiancée to the society.


“So tell me Jack…” Old Mitchell scrutinized Diana. “Is this the young lady that is going to end your bachelor days?” Jack laughed loud. He liked the old man as if he was his grandfather and old Mitchell loved him the same way.


“Isn’t she beautiful?” Jack asked him. Then he approached the man’s ear. “Don’t tell anyone. We’re going to announce it after dinner.”


After having introduced every single soul to Diana, he began to guide her to the table.


“Did you enjoy your time hunting?” She asked him, finally being able to be with him alone.


“Yes. It’s was funny. I don’t like hunting that much but well…” Jack laughed and she did too. Then they reached the table and Jack pulled her chair for her to sit.


“Thank you.” She smiled at him.


Jack bowed and went to sit right in front of her. Julia, Henry and Constantine watched the young couple from far. They didn’t doubt that marriage was going to succeed. More and more they seemed to bond, to create an alliance between them. Julia, as a woman, could see how they already had their subjects to talk, how they looked different when they thought no one was watching them. She felt happy her son was able to find someone to build such a wonderful thing with.


Dinner went delightfully noisy. People were talking and telling jokes. Part of the formality was gone, though there were still some rules that came out automatically. Jack watched Diana every now and then when he thought no one was watching, and they smiled at each other every time their eyes encountered. He wanted to hold her hand so much, but he wasn’t allowed to do that.


“I think it’s time…” He whispered at her and she looked at him a bit dazed. Some chilling crossed down her spine and she felt a little nervous. Henry got up and she was sure it was time. Even Jack tensed a bit. Diana’s heart began to beat franticly and she gasped a little for air. A small lump formed in her throat. That would be it. It would be no turning back from that point.


“As you all know we are here today for a special occasion. As you all know, Jack is already twenty two. He has finished his studies and he shall continue my legacy in the wines. He’s old enough now to get married and we had been telling him to find a girl.” Henry said. Every head turned to Diana. She blushed a little and Jack felt his heart beating so fast. Henry turned to Constantine.


“Lord Davenport had a daughter in age to get married and we decided to introduce the two of them. Jack whishes to marry Lady Diana Davenport.” He said as if asking Constantine. They all knew it, but tradition said it had to be done that way. Jack got up with trembling hands and Constantine smiled at the boy reassuring him.


“You wish to marry my daughter?” Constantine asked him. Jack nodded unable to speak. His legs were trembling.


“I…” He stuttered a bit. Diana looked up at him and smiled, sending his heart up to the sky and he smiled at her too. “I wish to marry your daughter my lord. I would like to ask the hand of your daughter in marriage.” He said in a row as if finding strength in her smile.


“It makes me very happy my lord…” Constantine bowed to Jack and Jack bowed back. He looked again at Diana and took a small box off his pocket. That was the engagement ring, she knew it. “I shall give you the hand of my daughter Diana.” Constantine said at last. People began to clap and Jack kneeled in front of her, surprising everyone. Even Diana.


“Jack!” She exclaimed whispering. He grabbed her hand and looked up. Heavy silence was heard in the room as everyone was expectant with what was going to happen.


“You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen my lady. I wake up every day wishing to see your smile. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. The thought of you bright my days. I wish to marry you, if you accept me.” He said making her heart beat faster than she could remember. Tears appeared in her eyes. That had been beautiful.


“Yes.” She whispered. “I’ll marry you.” He put the ring on her finger and people clapped again. Though that wasn’t usual no one seemed to bother with it. Julia cleaned her eyes for it had been so emotional for her.


“The marriage shall take place next month.” Julia said aloud. “You’re all invited of course.”


“A toast.” Henry yelled raising a glass of French champagne.


“To Diana and Jack!” They all yelled at the same time and crystal clinging was heard as they touched their flutes in one another. Then the guests were guided to the big saloon and a ball took place.


Diana was solicited to dance with everyone, like she was a star. When she was dancing with Henry, Jack saw the perfect opportunity to have his dance with her.


“Father…” Jack tapped on Henry’s shoulder. “May I now dance a little with my fiancée?” Henry nodded and left. Diana and Jack began to dance the valse that played. He was perfect dancing, light and guided her through the saloon perfectly.


“Dinner was so perfect.” He said.


“You surprised me Jack.” She confessed.


“I wanted to do something romantic.” He said. Diana giggled a little.


“It was very romantic.” She said.


“I wish I could kiss you.” He said turning serious, but there was no way he could do that in front of everyone. That would be a scandal.


“I will leave the door of my bedroom unlocked.” Diana whispered and Jack smiled hearing her words. That meant more than a kiss. His body twitched again in desire and so did hers. Jack looked so perfect that night and his words had reached her heart. She felt emotional with every word he said.


“Don’t fall asleep.” He asked her and then continued dancing. Many people were watching the young couple and none of them had a clue of what they had just arranged. Most of them would be shocked. Most of them still thought sex was a sin. Most of the women still confessed every time they delivered themselves to their husbands.


After a couple of hours, when all the guests were gone and everyone was in their rooms, Diana got ready for bed. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought if she should wait naked in the bed, but then she decided not to. She unlocked the door and lay herself down on her back, pulling the sheets up until her breasts. She felt tired, but at the same time there was this thrill about being alone with Jack again. She knew perfectly well what was going to happen. She had invited him to her room…


While waiting she took a glance at the ring in her finger. The blue sapphire shone on the light on the nightstand. His words rang in her ears again and she smiled all alone. Jack was wonderful and a sigh escaped her lips knowing he’d be there soon enough. Her heart skipped a beat at the thought and when she felt the door opening softly, it actually missed a beat and she held her breath, looking at the door expectantly.


Jack came in and smiled at her. He was just in his black trousers and white buttoned shirt. Next, he locked the door and stared at her from the edge of the bed. She wished that moment she had put the light down, for she was feeling too exposed. She was a bit shy in front of him. His lips opened in a smile next.


“I couldn’t wait to be alone with you.” He said.


“Is everyone sleeping already?” She asked a bit fearful.


Jack nodded. “At least I don’t hear anything.” They both fell silent, just watching each other. Jack crawled on the bed and stood on his fours over her. Their eyes met and his head bent down over hers in a slow motion. Her lips parted even before he had touched her, allowing his tongue to enter her mouth as soon as their lips united. His fingers reached the lace of her nightgown untying it and his lips explored her mouth. Her breasts became free like that.


Diana broke the kiss to cover herself. Only James had had a full view of her. What if Jack didn’t like it? He hadn’t seen her quite well in the barn, it was a bit too dark. Jack smiled tenderly at her and grabbed her hands in his, pulling them away slowly. His fingers intertwined with hers. Her breasts were exposed again but his eyes had not left her shy gaze.


“I wanna see you.” He whispered.


“I feel embarrassed.” She confessed almost giggling.


His eyes lowered to her cleavage and rested on her round and firm breasts. One of his hands let go of her and he grabbed one, slightly squeezing it.


“You’re perfect Di.” He said then looking in her eyes again. Jack bent over her again and their lips united one more time. Her hand rested on the back on his neck, the tip of her fingers caressing him there. He let his body fall on top of hers, right in the middle of her legs. Diana released one from under the sheet and rested it on his lower back. Jack loved how she responded to him. His hand caressed her leg up and down, as at the same time the temperature in the room rose high.


“My love…” He whispered in her ear, kissing his way down until her jaw and then her neck. Diana tilted her head back. Her hands unbuttoning his shirt. After, her hands roamed over his torso. Jack moved his hips against her groin driven by desire. There was still his trousers, the sheet and her under garments between them and still it felt so good. It felt amazing to be with her like that.


“Jack…” She gasped his name and he smiled against her skin.


He pulled away to get rid of his shirt. Her hands reached eagerly for the bulge seen from under his trousers. Jack was caught by surprise. He had never been touched like that before. Even if he had been with a woman. He closed his eyes as her hand wondered him. A low moan escaped his lips and she freed him. Her hand tugged around him and he rocked his hips against her. Groans began to be heard and then he gently took her hand away. He bent over her, cupped her face between his hands and pressed his lips on hers strongly.


“I don’t want to be finished like that.” He said.


He pulled her nightgown up her head and began to kiss her skin way down. Diana was no longer ashamed they could see each other so well. Jack reached her navel and her heart raced even more there. Soon, his tongue parted her moist parts making her arch her back. Jack’s eyes were set on her as his tongue played with her most sensitive part. For an instant her eyes too got caught of his that peeked from between her thighs. She wanted to tell him something but she was too far gone with pleasure. His hand reached for hers and their fingers intertwined. Like that, her body trembled hard and her gasps came out violently as she came.


Jack pulled away and stood on his knees watching her calming down. Little by little her body began to rest from the rushing power of her orgasm. Her chest began to breathe slower and her eyes opened again. Jack smiled marveled and she got up, going near him to kiss him. That night the jealousy of her being with another man no longer existed. Diana was loving him and only him and every move and gasp and moan was shared with him. She had been the one to ask him to go there. She wanted him. The ghost of another man wasn’t there that night between them. It was them and only them.


“Come here…” He whispered dying to have her.


Diana climbed on his lap and they shared a passionate kiss. Jack’s strong hands roamed over her back, pulling her closer to his warm body. Driven by insane desire, his hands got hold of her hips and he pulled her down on him. She wasn’t frightened of making love to him like that. She let herself sink down on his erection, feeling him entering her easily.


They gasped in each other’s mouth, looking in each other’s eyes. She began to move her hips. Jack closed his eyes and tilted his head back. She took the chance to kiss his neck, biting in his Adam’s apple gently. She adored the smell of his skin, the man and still boyish smell. She had felt it the first time in the barn and now it was even more intoxicated. Her hips moved harder and Jack’s grip became tighter.


“Dear God…” He moaned in between his teeth.


“Jack…” She moaned back feeling herself peaking again. He reached for her lips one more time. Their bodies glued with perspiration. She had experienced sex, that was true but she had never experienced that intensity or that sexuality. James had never let her be that close to him. She knew why, just to protect her from him. James…he crossed her mind for an instant…she shook him away…


Jack grated his jaw almost desperately. Diana moaned openly in his ear. Her inner muscles beginning to squeeze him and the pitch of his stomach was fevering. His legs were getting numb. Diana’s thighs were giving signs of collapsing good again. She moved faster, letting Jack thrust from underneath her. There weren’t words shared by then, only their moans filling the air. Soon her body was stroke by a bolt of energy that immerged her in another dimension. Her fingers pressed tightly on his shoulders, her body quivered and he sank his teeth on her shoulder, wrapping his arms around her waist. His face flushed, an imperceptible sound escaped his throat and she felt his seed being spilt inside of her. They stayed like that until they calmed down and then, Jack pulled her back on the bed and pulled the sheet over them.


It wasn’t usual for a couple to be naked in bed, let alone holding each other like they were. Women wouldn’t take their nightgowns away, they’d just pulled it up. Men often had a hole in their pajamas that they used to pull it out. There was no need for nakedness. Most husband and wife hadn’t seen each other naked. Let alone make love with light, seeing each other and then after it, holding onto each other and caressing. Jack and Diana though, stayed there, naked, her head over his chest hearing his heart still beating a bit fast and his arms around her. His lips kissed the top of her hair now and then and she didn’t refuse to kiss his chest and roam her hand over it.


“It feels good to be here with you.” She told him. Diana looked up in his eyes, resting her chin on his chest.


“I love you.” He told her.


“I like you Jack.” She answered him and pulled her body up so she could kiss his lips.


“I need to go back to my room.” He said.


“Don’t go.” She asked him. That surprised him a little. “Promise me we’re always going to be like this after we’re married.” She asked him.


Jack rolled her on the bed and stayed on top of her. He pecked her. “Always.” He said looking in her eyes. “We’re gonna be happy and we’re gonna have children…” Diana giggled.


“Children?” She asked.


“You don’t want to have children?” Jack asked back.


“I do…” She said caressing his face. Her children with Jack were bound to look adorable and she began to imagine them. “A girl and a boy.” She said.


“Three…we’re gonna have three…” He said making her laugh.


“There’s no way for us to control that.” She told him. “I wish you could stay with me the whole night.”


Jack kissed her lips. “Soon, I will.”


“Make love to me again. Before you go…” She whispered raising her head to kiss his lips. He did. They loved each other again. Only after she fell asleep, he left the room. Diana was his.

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