Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


21. Chapter 21

The next morning Ralph took Diana and Constantine to the Byron’s house. They would leave from there to the family’s country house to spend the weekend. Instead of looking radiant with the upcoming weekend, Diana looked worn out and sad and her eyes were swollen, suggesting she had been crying the whole night.


“You look sad.” Constantine stated.


“It’s nothing,” Diana said vaguely, trying to watch the landscape. Her heart beat steady, slow, as if dragging sadly. A heavy weight on her shoulders. She knew she could die of love.


“Really?” Constantine knew his daughter better than anyone else. He knew she was lying. By the way she contorted her dress between her fingers nervously, by the way she looked outside not being able to face him and by the way her voice shook when she spoke. Not to mention the extremely sad gaze in her eyes.


“I had a terrible night sleep, that’s all.” She added in an attempt for her father to leave her alone.


“I thought you were excited with this!” Constantine exclaimed. “That you wanted to be with Jack…” Diana closed her eyes praying for not losing her patience.


“I am, that’s why I didn’t sleep well.” She said then looking at her father. Her eyes filled with tears but her heart was suddenly warmed up by the thought of Jack. A smile appeared on her lips and a tear dropped down her face. “I’m looking forward to see Jack father. Honestly.” She reinforced.


“Why the tears then?” Constantine asked though he knew, she even had confessed it to him.


“My head is a mess right now but don’t fear my decision. I will marry Jack.”


Constantine grabbed his daughter’s hands. “The master is not a man for you Diana. You’ll see that this love you feel will disappear with time.” He couldn’t but feel sorry for his daughter. He had always promised her he’d let her marry the man she wanted but he couldn’t allow that relationship. Diana’s heart had made the wrong choice. She appreciated her father’s honesty.


“Don’t worry…he doesn’t love me and never have.” With that she placed a kiss on Constantine’s forehead. As a man, he knew what she was saying wasn’t true. He could see in the glittering of his master’s eyes that he loved Diana. He had always been very fond of her, but as time passed and she grew up he noticed how his master melted in front of his beautiful daughter. He was glad Diana didn’t see the same he did. It would be a very dangerous relationship, even impossible.


“Damn weather…” He blurted then as he felt the rain dropping on the carriage.


“Poor Ralph…” Diana sighed. “He’s getting all soaked wet outside.


“He’s got his cloak, don’t worry.” Constantine smiled. Diana looked outside and smiled all alone as the landscape began to be familiar to her again. They were arriving to the Byron’s property. Her heart jumped in joy. She was going to see Jack again and have his company for a whole weekend. Somehow that cheered her up. Jack could make her smile with so little. Maybe she would be happy with him and maybe she would love him one day. He was not distasteful or repulsive. On the contrary, he was a handsome man, gentle and kind. He was likable and she liked him.


Julia welcomed them inside the house. Ralph came back to the palace. It was warm inside and as she get to the living room, her eyes searched for Jack, but he wasn’t there, nor anyone else.


“Shall I take you to the smoking room?” Julia asked Constantine. “Henry is in there, maybe you’d like to join him.” Diana watched the black shinning piano she had in front of her and while amazed with the beauty of it. She heard her father say he’d like to go there. Diana was left alone.


She approached the piano and ran her hand over it, then her finger pressed one of the keys and it made a sound. The sound was clear and so in tune that marveled her. She tucked her dress under her butt and sat on the bench. Diana took a deep breath and closed her eyes, beginning to play. She played a sad song, like she was hurting, not hearing Jack that approached her from behind.


He stopped right behind her with a soft smile on his lips, enjoying the piece she played. From there he saw how her long fingers traveled along the keys to yank perfect notes out his mother’s piano. Diana was absorbed with the music and he with her beauty. He lay his hand on her shoulder, just a light touch, but enough to make her open her eyes. She smiled softly, not stopping the music, his fingers traveled to the back of her neck, letting the tip of them caressing her. Jack smiled looking down, Diana shivered at his touch. Her heart raced and she topped the song, looking back to meet his shining eyes. Jack’s teeth showed as his smiled openly.


“That was beautiful.” He said in his deep voice.


“Hello.” She said feeling her heart racing so much. Jack’s beauty took her breath away. He walked around her and sat by her side on the bench, his back against the piano.


“Hello.” He responded with a broad smile as if playing with her. Then Jack bent over her and pressed his lips against hers. Diana pulled away giggling.


“Jack !” She exclaimed. “My father and your parents are in the house.”


He cupped her face with his hands and rested his forehead against hers, laughing low. His lips reached for hers and he kissed her fiercely, letting go the next second.


“They’re in the smoking room.” He said looking in her eyes and then he made it for her lips again. Diana let herself go and delivered herself in that kiss. The man that was going to be her husband held her tight around his arms and his tongue searched for entrance. Her lips parted to receive him and their tongues entangled in a languid dance. She felt her heart racing even more and her body throbbing in desire as Jack explored her mouth. Finally, they had to breathe, but their lips remained touching. Diana gasped deeply and Jack looked in her blue eyes lustfully.


“I missed you.” He confessed, but Diana knew the lust he had written in his glare. She had seen it before, in another man. Soon, Jack and she would be husband and wife and that lust would be fulfilled.


“Have you ever been with a woman Jack?” She asked him curiously. Jack pulled away and smiled. He was half astonished with her question but his other half was delighted with her courage. He didn’t see why he shouldn’t be honest with her, she had admitted to him she had been with a man before.


“Like I told you once I studied in Paris. Minds are less narrowed there.” He said. Diana’s insides jumped. He had been with women and she began to wonder how he’d be in bed.


“Were they girls or…” Jack laughed loud throwing his head back.


“You are very curious.” He said pinching her nose but he loved that they were getting so close and with no frontiers in their conversations. That had always been his goal, a woman with whom he could be intimate and she wouldn’t be shameful of it. He bent over her to kiss her lips and then rested a hand on her cheek, caressing her. “I had a girlfriend in Paris and she let me do things…” He said.


“You were in love?” She asked getting serious. A little bit of jealousy attacking her.


“She broke my heart.” He said firmly. “She went off with my best friend.”


“Ah!” Diana exclaimed almost indignant. “Are they married now?”


“Yes and they have a baby boy.” Jack told her.


“Do you still love her?” Diana asked as that was probably the reason why he had come back to England. Jack took a deep breath.


“I love you Diana.” He said and she trusted him, for he was so honest with her. “It happened a few years ago. I hadn’t finished college yet. I hope they’re happy, honestly…I think I’ve found someone much better than her.”


Diana’s eyes fell on her lap. Again the thought of not being a virgin attacking her. “Doesn’t it bother you that I was…” Jack’s hand covered her mouth.


“I’ve told you no already.” He said. He bent over her to kiss her but some noise made him get up fast before his lips touched hers.


“There you are.” Julia said looking at them both. “I heard the piano…” She stated.


“I was playing a bit, hope you don’t mind. I just couldn’t resist.” Diana explained.


“Nonsense. You’re going to be family.” Julia laughed.


“My lady…” Jack called her and Diana looked at him. “Would you like to walk in the garden for a while?”


“I’d love to.” Diana said. Jack offered her his arm. They both bowed at his mother.


“Have fun you two.” Julia said dismissing them. She had been young once, she knew they wanted to be alone. Times had to change.


The sky was still grey clouded and it menaced to rain again at any minute. They walked and talked for a while and then a few drops of water began to fall.


“It’s raining again.” Diana commented.


“Come…” Jack held her hand tightly in his and began to run. The rain began to fall more heavily and Diana began to laugh as they tried to escape the storm. “We don’t have time to reach the house, we should find shelter in the horses’ barn.” He said. They ran there. Jack closed the wooden door and they stared at each other. They were soaked wet.


“We have to wait here.” He said looking at her. Her hair was a mess. Her dress glued to her body and her make up a little ruined, still she looked more perfect than ever. Jack took a step nearer her and she stopped breathing for a few seconds.


From his face were dropping little drops of water. His eyes shone intensely in the nearly dark of the barn. His white shirt glued to his torso. Her blue eyes met his and she hankered for him so much that moment. For the first time, she took the reins and kissed him. Jack responded eagerly, warming up his body against hers as they glued. He pushed her down on a pile of hay not knowing exactly if she’d accept his move, but he desired her more than anything. His hand traced the way up her leg, under her soaked wet dress and there Diana was awakened for reality. Her hands reached for his shoulders and she pulled him back a little. Her eyes met his.


“We have to wait.” She said with trembling voice, but the way her chest was coming up and down as she breathed let him know she wanted it as much as he did.


“We don’t if we don’t want to.” He whispered rubbing his lips on hers. “We’re gonna get married Di. No one has to know what we do when we’re alone. I want you. I am burning for you.” He gasped in her ear and then kissed her neck. Diana closed her eyes and arched her back offering him better access. His lips burned good on her skin. Part of her wanted to deliver to him completely. It had been a while since she desired him but part of her was still afraid of what he’d be like and what he’d expect from her.


“Let yourself go.” He said looking in her eyes.


“What do you want me to do?” She asked him a bit fearful. Jack kissed her lips and then smiled.


“I want you to enjoy it.” He said. “Enjoy it as if we are already married and we’re not committing a sin.”


She was glad to hear that. She had experienced sex with James and she knew she liked it. She liked to deliver herself to pleasure. As his fingers began to unbutton her dress, she wrapped her legs around him. Jack felt desperate for her that moment and rushed to get her naked. Her hands got hold of his clothes too and finally they disposed themselves of their clothes, standing naked in front of each other. She was glad it was slightly dark inside, she felt embarrassed but still she could notice how slim but well formed his body was.


Jack came down to her, holding himself on his arms, his muscles appearing as he made strength and kissed her one more time. Her legs opened to receive him and she felt his erection rubbing against her thigh. She was wet, hankering for him more than ever. Her hands roamed over his broad shoulders and Jack began to make his way inside of her gently. He slid inside easily and then paused when he reached the end. She took an intake of breath as he filled her in and then exhaled in his mouth. His hips began to move slowly.


Jack wanted that moment to last for as long as he could. She felt delicious around him. Her skin was soft, his hand slid along it easily. Her hair smelled of lavender, but he knew that already. She moaned quietly against his ear while his lips kissed the line of her jaw.


“Oh Jack..” She whispered his name.


Jack smiled. He could tell she had been with another man, she already had some vices and a little jealousy attacked him but the way she called his name let him know she was with him and only with him that moment. Diana was making love to him and not only washing away the memories of another man. His fingers dug on the skin around her hip and his pace became stronger. He wished he could last a little longer, but her inner muscles were squeezing him deliciously. Too delicious to resist.


“Ah…” She moaned a little louder responding to his moves.


“Oh Christ you feel so good.” He said in her ear. She was almost there. He knew he was going to make her come. Her back began to arch in slow motion. Her eyes were closed and her lips opened. She gasped franticly. The pressure around him was insane. He kissed her to swallow his own moans. She was driving him insane. Her fingers dug on the back of his shoulders and her body trembled under his. Jack pulled away to watch her orgasm.


“Jack…” She groaned seazuring. He raced for his own rush. His hips pumped into her hard. Jack felt his blood boiling. Diana opened her eyes to look at him. She saw the vein on his neck engorging and suddenly, his whole body came to a violent halt. Jack’s lips opened without a sound and then he jerked. As he did so he began to move quietly and she felt sticky. He had come inside of her. Finally his body fell on top on her and she felt this completion reaching her. Her hand dug in his hair and she kissed his cheek.


“I love you.” He said as if ending a perfect moment, still she couldn’t tell him the same. She had liked it all but she didn’t love him yet. Jack didn’t ask for anything back, he just stayed there enjoying what she could give him and that had been good enough.


“We will be happy.” She said then. He raised his head.


“We will.” He told her and then kissed her lips. Diana received the kiss happily. Jack had been great in loving her and in letting her enjoy it. Making love to him had been great and she felt so completed and satisfied that moment. Even a little happy.


Meanwhile, in the palace, James paced around the great saloon with visible rage. Dave was sat on a chair watching him and rolled his eyes several times like running out of patience.


“If it bothers you that much why let her go?” Dave asked breaking the silence. James had not spoken to him since he had told Diana who she was.


“Don’t talk to me.” James barked.


“You are imagining what they are doing right now…” Dave laughed. “You know…probably she’s in his arms. The kid might know how to talk his way into her dress. Besides, they will be married soon, he will claim his rights as her husband.”


James groaned loudly. “Shut up!” He yelled. Dave laughed again.


“You are going to kill the boy aren’t you James?”


James didn’t answer, though he was dying to sink his teeth on Jack Byron and eradicate him from earth. He hated the idea of another man having his arms around Diana. Jealousy corroded him more than he wanted. James ended up smiling. The thought was just too tempting.


“You’re thinking about it aren’t you?” Dave teased again. Still he didn’t say a thing but he stopped pacing around and sunk in his own thoughts. It crossed his mind to kill every single man that tried to approach her, if he couldn’t have her neither would they and so…why not start with Jack Byron?


“She would never forgive me.” He said aloud.


“She doesn’t have to know.” Dave tempted.

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