Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


20. Chapter 20


Dave heard James yelling his name furiously. He took a deep breath and got out of the library to face his raging pupil. As he appeared at the end of the hallway, James clenched his fists and took giant steps towards him. Dave didn’t react, just stayed there waiting for what was coming. The second James was near him, his hand reached Dave’s neck and he held it tight, raising him off the floor the next second and looking in his almond eyes with his transformed green and furious ones. Dave smiled at him.


“Wow…you really are mad.” Dave commented sarcastically.


“You told her!” James growled pressing his fingers around Dave’s neck more. He raised him a bit more, above his head and looked up.


“Stop this. You know you can’t suffocate me.” Dave told him a bit annoyed with the uncomfortable position. James growled at the back of his throat but didn’t let go. Instead, he shoved him against a wall with all his strength. “James…” Dave rolled his eyes and giggled.


“I hate you so much.” James said between his teeth. “I know I won’t kill you this way but know that I know how to do it…”


Annoyed by James’ rampant, Dave shook his body and James let go, letting him fall down by taking his hand away suddenly. “She was crying.” Dave began.


“I know…I could hear her, but that was none of your business.”


Dave wanted to yell at him that he might not love Diana or have any other feelings for her other than bite her, but he had loved Ida and that night she looked exactly like her. He felt sorry for her, but that would too humiliating for him to admit. “She deserved to know the truth. You don’t love her, you just see in her the opportunity to relive Ida. Isn’t it?”


James shook his head. “You know nothing!” He raised his tone again. “You know nothing. Please…leave me and Diana and all of us alone. You’re nothing but this huge bother. You ruined my life, you killed the woman I once loved and now you just shook away the woman I love now.”


“Me?” Dave yelled at the top of his lungs. “You did that!” He pointed a finger at James. “You did that all by yourself. Aren’t you the one playing all the moral one saying she has to marry that kid so she can be happy? So, you’re the one shaking her away. For that purpose, I did you a favor, this way…she won’t bother you again.” Dave smiled in the end visibly enjoying James’ despair.


“You’re evil Dave.” James whispered. Dave broke into laughter.


“And you’re not?” He pouted at James making fun of him.


“Because you made me…”


“Don’t play the innocent.” Dave spoke in a normal tone again. “You’re a fierce predator James. Don’t play the innocent with me.” James stayed silent, he knew Dave was right. James always knew he could choose not to kill humans, but he loved the thrill of a struggling body around his arms. He stayed still and quiet. Dave smiled again. “I am right…” Dave teased. James turned his back on him and left.


“You can transform her James!” Dave yelled. “End your misery and hers!”


“No!” James yelled but didn’t look back. He went out to the garden and sat on the cold marble stone that surrounded the fountain. He buried his face between his hands…lost…


There was a light flickering from Diana’s room, he could see it by her window. Some weeping reached his ears and he knew she was crying. That broke his dead heart. He never wanted things to go that way. He loved her, he knew he did, but their relationship was impossible. He might be a cold killer but he didn’t wish that for her. He got up and approached her window, the weeping became stronger though he couldn’t see anything inside. He sat near it hearing her with a broken heart.


As he closed his eyes he felt her in his arms again, just like he had had her an hour ago. Her intense scent invaded his nose and James shook his head trying not to relive his moment of weakness. He was weak for he let himself being carried by her resemblance to Ida that night, though he was conscious it was Diana he had in his arms. He remembered how easily she had given herself to him one more time. Without questioning him, without making a fuss, nothing…she simply accepted him and let him have her the way he wanted. James rubbed his face in his hands as her weeping was making him more and more desperate and then got up to leave to a safer place. A place where he couldn’t hear her.


Though he tried hard to find that place, there was nowhere he could be. Once he had heard her, he felt disquieted. He decided to look for her and knocked on the door of her room gently for Constantine slept close.


“Diana…” He whispered her name.


“Go away.” She cried inside the room. James didn’t take no for an answer and turned the knob, realizing the door was unlocked.


“I am coming in.” He warned. Diana didn’t move, staying exactly as she was before he entered the privacy of her room. He found her lying on her stomach, face buried on her pillow. Her blond hair loosened. Her white silk nightgown rolled up until her thighs, her legs revealing. She looked so perfect, he thought as he stopped at the edge of her bed.


“We need to talk.” He told her. Diana didn’t move, didn’t speak. “Please…” He insisted. She turned around. He realized with shock how her wonderful blue eyes were so swollen and irritated from crying. James walked around the bed and sat in front of her, Diana sat. “Don’t cry…” He whispered cleaning her tears with his cold hand. Diana pulled away.


“Don’t touch me.” She shot dragging her body farther from his. James nodded.


“Alright. Just hear me then.”


Proudly, she simply made a gesture with her head for him to continue.


James took a deep breath and stared at her for a few seconds. His gaze trying to catch hers but Diana turned her face away from his when he tried so. He took another breath and reached for her hand. He saw her lips trembling a bit and then he began.


“It all happened at the beginning of last century. You know I am 150 years old. Ida was a widow. She had a small baby from her late husband. I loved her with all that I had and possessed…” James paused as he pronounced these words and Diana pulled her hand away. It hurt her to hear him say he loved another woman sometime.


“Dave killed her one night.” James continued. “And ruined my life completely…” He paused again as it was so hard for him to talk about it, especially to Diana, who he hoped would understand. “After a week or so he came for me and transformed me. For a while I was never over my love for Ida. I traced her family and followed the generations as if I was keeping her alive, somehow near me. That was my way of not being so lonely. It’s not easy to live forever Diana…it’s not…” There her blue eyes met his. “It’s true that she’s your ancestor, I can’t deny that. But none of the things Dave told you are true.”


“How do you know what he told me?” Diana asked him coldly, taking the back of her hand to her eyes to dry them.


“I suppose he filled your ears with lies about my feelings…”


She shook his head. “He simply told me that you’ve always loved that woman and so far his story is not different from the one you’re telling me.”


“Ok…” James nodded. He paused again as he had to tell the truth about his feelings. “Then it’s not like you think it is…”


“Like what? Like I look like her and that’s why you wanted me.” She told him resentfully. “He also told me that I look exactly like her…I found you a little absent today, now I know why…”


“It’s not that…” James claimed. “Let me explain…”


“Go on.” She said determined to give him his chance.


“It’s true that you look like her. I was taken aback with it as you grew up. It was impossible for me not to relate you to her and sometimes think that I had her in front of me. But you and she are very different Diana. Just think she was a woman of the past century…I…” James choked knowing he was going to contradict everything he had been telling her for the past weeks of time. “I…I love you for real, for what and who you are.” His eyes pierced hers so she could read the truth in them. Hers filled with tears.


“I don’t believe you now.” She stated still.


“I am not saying this to change your mind, or to make your life change path. My decision stands. I just think I should be honest with you since I heard you crying and I don’t want you to suffer because of me. I can’t take it. I can’t be the one to make you suffer Diana.” A soft ironic smile formed in her lips.


“That’s funny…”


“As hard as it may seem Diana, my decision of not staying with you is also part of the not make you suffer thing. I do love you, for you not because you’re like her but I would never give you this hell of life I live. I know you wouldn’t be happy being like me. I know you enough to know you wouldn’t stand it. I’d rather see you go then…” James didn’t admit the whole truth and that was he had loved her that night because memories got hold of him. He could spare her heart of that detail.


“I don’t believe a word you say.” She said coldly and got up. Diana walked until the door. “I don’t believe you love me or ever did. I am just a part of your fantasy, the living part of your dead love. You’re right, that’s not what I want for me. I don’t want to be the one that resembles someone’s love, I want to be the one the man loves and clearly, that is not you. You don’t love me, you love what I represent. It’s ok…” She smiled.


“Diana…” James called her name to make her turn back to her senses.


“Don’t James…” She said calm and opened the door. “I am over the shock now. This made my decision much easier. I shall marry Jack and be happy with him. I know he loves me and I will love him back. He’s honest, well educated and gentle.”


“It’s better that way.” James swallowed dry. Though he never wanted to win her back, he at least wanted her to go with a clear heart, with the certitude that he loved her and not mistaken.


“See…you said so many times that you didn’t love me…” She cried again, so she stopped talking.


“I was lying. I was just trying to let you go, make you find your path away from here.”


“And now what?” She faced him with teary eyes. “Now you don’t want that anymore?”


“I do. Everything shall stay the way it was. You do good to marry Jack. I fear for you in here Diana…but I don’t want you to believe in lies.”


“What I believe is that you lied to me the whole time. Now go…”


“Be happy.” He whispered after crossing the door to the outside.


“I will be happy with Jack.”

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