Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


2. Chapter 2

The next night Diana was a bit disquieted. James sat at the table while she and her father had dinner just to keep them company and because these little gestures made him feel more human. Diana raised her eyes off her plate and looked in front of her. Her blue eyes found his and her heart began to race and she felt her cheeks getting hot. She was losing control over her feelings. There was this heavy silence lingering in the air that displeased her.


“May I ask you a question my Lord?” Her voice echoed on the huge saloon.


“Diana!” Her father reprimanded her but James raised a hand at him to stop him.


“Let her.” He said to the man and then his face turned to Diana and he amiled. His perfect teeth showed, his smile was the most beautiful smile she had ever seen and her heart began to race once again. “What question is that?”


“How old are you?” She blurted.


“I am thirty.” He said quietly. He should have said 150, but that would scare her too much. He was thirty indeed. He was thirty when he had been transformed.


“How come you are not married?” Diana continued.


“Diana!” Her father reprimanded her again. But James laughed a little. His laughter echoing in the thick walls of the dining room and she loved that sound so much.


“I am still waiting for the special one.” He said.


“If you were a woman you’d be condemned to no marriage for you were too old.” She played with him and he had to laugh at that.


“You too are getting old my Lady.” He played back.


“Old men can marry young girls. Last man that came here was 32.” She told him rather annoyed.


“He seemed like a good man.” James told her but she looked at him almost as if she could kill him. He saw her cheeks flush with rage, he could tell she wanted to yell but she controlled herself.


“I will only get married for love.” She stated and her love was the man sitting in front of her eyes. Couldn’t he see that? Couldn’t he see that he was the one she loved and longed for? Sometimes it irritated her so much that she wanted to yell it right to his face. Her fists clenched under the table on her lap, controlling the fury that possessed her that very second. He saw her chest come up and down as she breathed heavily for a moment and her heart was beating fast. He needed to leave, that sound was driving him insane.


James got up and she got up too. “Do you want me to play for you?” Diana offered but he shook his head and gave her a little bow. He needed to leave.


“I am going to leave. I have a party I shall attend.” He told her. Diana felt her heart sink in sadness. It would be a night without his company. After kissing her hand, James left. Again she watched him from behind, his perfect long blond hair tied. He looked gorgeous.


“The master is not the man for you.” Constantine said. Diana felt tears in her eyes. Why? Why wasn’t he the right one? She wouldn’t mind whatever secret he had. She anted him and only him.


“Why?” She asked controlling her voice not shake. She was holding her crying inside, her chin trembled a little and her eyes glittered as water menaced to fall.


“Just believe me when I say he isn’t my daughter.” Constantine kissed his daughter’s forehead and left.


She stood there in the middle of the saloon watching her father leaving and giving her no explanation at all. A tear fell down her face but she promptly cleaned it with the back of her hand. She would not cry, not that time. She went to the library and grabbed the books she was reading. She’d stay there for as long as she needed, until he came back. She put the vampire book away, that night she wanted to read about eroticism again. She wanted to read and learn things no one would teach her for she needed to be pure.


“Maybe I can learn how to seduce him.” She whispered while reading but then all she was reading seemed so weird and awkward, like nothing made sense. They talked about things she had never heard of, things she’d be too embarrassed to do. Diana often wondered how such a book was in the library or how it had been published. She felt weird things while reading it. Her insides pulsated, this heat would run up her spine and the need for something she didn’t know took care of her. She had been there reading for a good hour when noises were heard and she put the book away.


“He’s here.” She smiled and then remembered the last thing she had read. Kisses, she didn’t even know how to kiss, she had never kissed anyone. Diana put the book away and went to the kitchen. She brew some tea and grabbed some muffins she had baked that afternoon and put it on a tray. She’d take that to him, her father was sleeping so she would take care of him.


She stopped in front of his bedroom door knowing it was wrong and inappropriate to go inside a man’s room but it was her Lord’s room. She had been there before. The door was slightly opened and she heard some noises. Diana curled an eyebrow and peeked. A man and a woman were naked. The man was on top of her, her legs spread and she made sounds as if she was being hurt but no, Diana could see those were sounds of pleasure. She gulped and swallowed dry. With an elbow she opened the door more and entered the room. She found James kneeled on the bed naked watching the couple. Her eyes widened when she saw something between his legs huge and straight.


“Oh!” She gasped James looked different to her. He wasn’t so pale as usual and his eyes didn’t seem blue. All of a sudden, James took a hand to the man’s shoulder and pulled the woman to him and turned her around. The man entered the woman again and then she saw her master doing the same on her butt. The woman’s lips opened and she cried loud. James rocked his hips and heaved and suddenly she let the tray fall on the floor. The sound made him come to halt and his eyes flew opened.


“What are you doing here?” James yelled covering himself with a sheet, then he covered the couple horrified looking at the young girl.


“I am sorry.” Diana blurted and took off running away. She was so embarrassed that she began to cry right away and ran until she could no longer run. Outside in the dark of the night, she sat on the cold stone of the fountain and she sobbed for quite some time. Her heart was broken. She might not have had sex with anyone but she knew it was that and her master was part of it.


James killed the couple sooner than he wanted; he just got done with it the faster he could. He couldn’t go after her right there, he was thirsty and needed to feed first. He didn’t have to look around, he knew she was in the fountain and went there.


“I didn’t hear you coming.” She said not looking in his face for she felt too embarrassed. “I am sorry.” She said again.


“What were you doing there? You cannot go in my room.” James told her. “A lady doesn’t go inside a man’s room.” He was mad at her, she could tell by his tone.


“I thought you were alone and went to bring you tea and muffins I have baked.”


Though he wanted to feel mad at her, her innocence didn’t let him. “I am sorry for what you saw.” He said.


“Is that sex?” She asked him.


“My Lady!” He reprimanded her. “That isn’t a subject for us to talk.”


“I’ve seen it before my eyes!” She exclaimed raising her tone. Diana was mad, raging. Her eyes probed with tears, fevering with jealousy. Her master was touching another woman. Another woman had her hands on him. Him…who she so longed to touch and be touched by him was making love to another woman. “Please, answer me. Is that sex?” She asked again looking in his blue eyes.


He looked at her pleading eyes feeling more human than ever. She could break his icy stone he had in the place of his heart like no one else could. “Yes.” James answered in a low tone, almost embarrassed.


“Is it good?” She asked then.


James got up fast. “My lady!” He exclaimed. He didn’t want to talk about that with her. It wasn’t even appropriate for someone so pure as she was.


“Please, no one knows we have talked about this. Please tell me…” She begged him and the thing he had in place of a heart smoothed by her pleading glare.


“It is good. But women that lay on a man’s bed like that aren’t ladies like you. You must forget what you saw in there. I won’t tell your father.” Diana fell on her knees in front of him.


“No…please, don’t tell my father.”


“That girl was young, just like I am.” Diana confronted him.


“I think you should go to sleep now.” James told her.


“Show me my Lord…” Diana whispered grabbing his hand. James pulled away quite fast. “How does it feel?” She whispered again feeling her voice shake. She had been terrorized but at the same time the way the woman moaned made her curious and she had been reading about it so much.


“If you keep this I will tell your father then and he’ll take you away.” James menaced. Diana clenched her jaw and grabbed his hand placing it on her breast. James felt his legs shaking for the first time in 150 years, but pulled his hand away quite fast.


“Please…” She begged. “I want to know.”


She was humiliating herself in front of him. Offering herself to him like she was some whore, a sinner at the eyes of the church and he…he was in love with her and dying to have her. With a hand he sat her back on the fountain and looked in her eyes. It was bigger than him. Bigger than what he could resist. She was begging him and he so wanted to show her. “Close your eyes.” He breathed. Even his voice was choking. He dreamed of touching her that way, of hearing her scream his name. Diana did so and he slid a hand under her dress. She flew her eyes opened. “Close your eyes.” He asked her again.


“What are you going to do? Will you think evil of me?” He smiled at her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Though cold he felt this heat running over his body the moment his lips touched hers and he pulled away fast, leaving her a bit startled. Diana took her fingers to her lips, her first time being kissed on the lips. She was amazed with the sensation. His lips were cold though soft and he tasted sweet.


“Close your eyes now.” He asked. She did so, delivering herself to his command. He knew what to do, she didn’t. James knew he had to control himself, or he’d kill her, he couldn’t touch her, have sex with her that is.


His hand slid under her dress one more time and his palm tasted the sweetness of her leg. He slid his hand up until her inner thigh and he watched how franticly she was breathing. The vein on her neck pulsating at him and he looked away. Then he found the fabric of her underwear and she jumped a little, a yelp of scared escaped her lips and he waited until her rush slowed down. He rubbed his hand there over her fabric just to get her used to the touch and slowly her legs began to part more and more, as he knew her pleasure was rising. On that part, he slid his hand under the underwear and his thumb began to play with her clit. He wouldn’t go further than that.


“Ah!” She moaned feeling a tingling sensation between her legs. Though she wanted to open her eyes, she couldn’t and she wanted to keep quiet but he was pulling sounds out of her easily. Her legs trembled a bit and she even spread more as his finger played somewhere she didn’t know existed. “oh…” She moaned softly. She felt sticky fluid coming out of her. “My God…” She breathed arching her back. His thumb pressed harder and a bit faster. Nothing ever have felt that good and she dared to move her hips against his hand delighted with the good feeling that was assaulting her.


James’ eyes turned light green inflamed with the fever. His cock was so hard again but he could not do anything with her. The vein on her neck still teasing him and his fangs appeared. He was glad she had her eyes closed and couldn’t see him that moment. When she began to wriggle her hips against his hand he’d thought he’d lose it all there but he was mesmerized with his own will and strength.


“My Lord...” She whimpered and he felt she was close. Diana felt her brain being completely clouded by this frenzy running over her body, starting in the throbbing between her legs. The pleasure rose and rose and was taking higher than she ever thought. Her hand clutched firmly unto James’ wrist and she thought she was going to scream as she couldn’t take it anymore. She delivered herself completely there and finally this heat invaded her and this wave of energy stroke her. “Oh…ah…ah…” She moaned uncontrollably unable to control whatever was happening to her body and he rubbed her clit until she calmed down, then he took his hand away and turned his back at her.


Diana opened her eyes and panted for a while. Her gaze  in the sky waiting for her breathing to normalize. Then she noticed how he had his back turned at her.


“My Lord.” She called him.


“Stay where you are. Don’t come here.” He ordered her. James had to calm down to come back to the man she knew. He had to wait until all signs of lust had abandoned his body.


“Is it like this?” She then asked him. And finally he turned around to her.


“There’s more, but I can’t show you the rest.” He said. James knew he shouldn’t have told her that. She was curious and dying to know more.


“Why?” She asked.


“I saw you growing up.” He said the first thing that came up to his mind, knowing he couldn’t care less about that. He had just been with his hand under her dress touching her intimate parts and making her come. He had just gave her her first orgasm.


“I want to belong to you.” She said with tears in her eyes.


“My Lady…we cannot be together.”


“Am I not pretty?” She asked him.


“You are beautiful.” James told her. Why did she have to do things so hard for them. “Go to sleep now.”


Diana nodded resigned. She knew her master could be stubborn but she also learned how to make him bend over her that night. “Night my Lord.”


“Sleep well Lady Davenport.” He said bowing.


Diana looked back. “It was good.” She said still feeling her intimate parts pulsing form the rush.


James ran a hand over his hair after she had disappeared. “What have I done?” He asked to himself as he had promised he’d never touch her.

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