Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


19. Chapter 19

“I think that’s enough Martha.” Diana said looking down at all the dresses she had packed for her weekend at Jack’s country house. Her almost indifferent tone was perceptible to the other woman.


“You need to look perfect all the time Diana. It’s going to be a special occasion.” Martha smiled and Diana forced one.


“I know…” She sighed. “But that’s enough. There’s more than ten dresses in there already. It’s just a weekend.”


“I just want you to look beautiful for him.” Martha caressed Diana’s face as if she was her own daughter. She had seen her grow up after all, so she felt her as her own.


“And what you put in there is enough. Jack will find it alright, don’t worry. Now go to sleep and have some rest. You worked hard today.”


“Aren’t you going to sleep too?” Martha asked and Diana shook her head.


“I am going to the library to read a bit. You know me and my habits.”


Martha bent over her and kissed her forehead. “Have a great night sleep. It’s quite a long trip tomorrow. Your fiancée is going to be here soon.”


“I can’t wait to see him.” Diana smiled genuinely.


Diana walked quietly until the library holding an oil lamp in her hand. In there she chose one of Shakespeare’s tragedies. She had quit reading about vampires since she knew the whole truth now and eroticism no longer excited her for her curiosity had been killed already. All the mysticism around sex no longer existed so she lost the interest in reading about it. She sat on the large couch and began to read Macbeth, she had read it twice but it never ceased to amaze her every time she did.


James entered the palace a few minutes later. He was still mad for Diana refused to have dinner with him that night, but he understood her decision. That night he was determined to gain the reigns of his life again, so he went out to drink at the tavern, have some fun with the locals, and obviously, make some victims. He needed blood daily. Still, the task wasn’t as simple as the plan inside his head, for he did all that but had little fun. He wasn’t happy and seemed incapable of being happy without her.


Not wanting to go straight to his room and stay there hammering on what is right to do and what he really wants to do, he decided to go to the library and entertain himself with a book until it was time to lock himself down in the dungeon. He felt her presence the second he stopped at the door. For a second he stayed there undecided but then he opened the door gently. It was his house after all and he had to act like a man. Diana raised her head as she heard the heavy wood door cracking open and he stopped still in there as his eyes lay on her. She looked beautiful and he couldn’t avoid being mesmerized. Diana moved him in unexplainable ways.


She was wearing a purple dress he had never seen. He felt his legs getting weaker as he acknowledged how her heart raced with his presence. Purple was his favorite color, Diana knew that but she didn’t know the real reason. Ida used to dress in that color often and that is the reason why he loves it. He felt the blood in his veins frantic as his eyes lay on her collarbone. Her soft white skin showing a bit as well the curves of her young round breasts. That second, memories of his nights with Ida assaulted his mind. Nights of sex, glued and sweat bodies when they loved each other insanely. The way Diana’s eyes looked at him were the same when Ida looked at him begging him to touch her, James gave a step forward nearer her trying to wash away the thoughts of a human past. Diana wasn’t Ida’s ghost. That was not what she represented to him. She was much more.


“I didn’t know you here.” He finally said able to speak but not restraining his thoughts about crazy wild nights with his lover. Ida was always eager for him and he loved to pleasure her. He remembered how he’d make her come time and time again. The long kisses they shared. Diana was the same…


“Is there anything wrong?” Diana asked him as she noticed his absent look at her. James kneeled in front of her and took a hand to her loosen hair. He was so powerless near her. She weakened him.


“You look beautiful.” He whispered and buried his nose in her hair to feel her scent. Instead of Ida’s usual chestnut, he felt Diana’s lavender. Not even Diana’s resemblance with her ancestor was making him travel in time like he thought he would, t he never forgot the woman he loved so much and that was taken from him one night. He hated Dave for that… but Diana was his ultimate love. Nothing surpassed what he felt for her. Nothing could be that big and intense.


“James…” Diana whispered his name surprised but didn’t pull away from him. There was nothing more she wanted than to feel him that close. She felt the tip of his nose rubbing on her cheek then, and his other hand rested on her face. Slowly his head turned, with his nose tracing the line of her jaw, until his lips were right in front of hers. Their eyes met that instant and they stared at each other in silence. Her lips opened to speak, but his cold hand covered it and he shook his head softly.


“Don’t say anything.” He asked her and there his lips brushed on hers. His eyes closed and so did hers. Diana’s hand got hold of the back of his neck and pulled him to her and he embraced her close to his cold body, kissing her lips sweetly. His tongue demanded entrance and Diana parted her lips to receive it. Nothing was strange for her now, she knew what to do and she knew what she wanted. That moment was just perfect.


With both hands on her back, James unlaced her dress and pulled it down her shoulders. “I missed you so much.” He mumbled before diving down on her to kiss her skin. His lips were almost warm as he caressed her skin with them. Diana tilted her head back in pure pleasure and her fingers played with his long hair.


His palms pressed on her shoulders to make her lay back and when she did so, he crawled on top of her. He was erected already, feeling the frenzy taking care of him. He could swear his heart was beating for her, that his hands were warm as they ran up her legs. He parted her legs and dry humped her a little, while his lips kissed her one more time. Diana delivered herself completely not making him a single question. James raised her dress up until her waist and took her under garments off. Kissing her one more time, he freed himself and slowly he entered her, feeling her body curve under his and a soft moan escaping her lips as she did so.


“I missed you…oh I missed you…” He whispered in her ear as his hips rocked her. Her fingers pressed tightly on his shoulders. Low moans were heard. Diana enjoyed it as much as Ida did. Unashamedly, delivering herself completely to the pleasure. No doubts, no sin or impure thoughts.


“I missed you too.” Diana replied honestly. There was nothing that she missed as much as his touch and being with him. “I love you James.” She confessed and he held her tight against him, imposing a faster rhythm that second. He felt his eyes changing color and he was awaked for reality. He couldn’t be that close to her, not that moment when the pitch of his belly was fevering. His fangs were about to pop out, he was going to bite her at any second. He strayed.


“Don’t go…” She pleaded looking in his eyes but he shook his head for he knew he was going to hurt her. He was no longer the same James and she wasn’t Ida, though he loved her, he knew he did.


“I can’t be close to you…” He said. Diana bit her lower lips and closed her eyes, griping onto his wrists. Her lips opened then and a groan was heard. He kept his eyes opened to watch her climb in orgasm one more time under his command.


“Oh God…” She cried and wriggle under him and James ran faster. Soon, she arched her back bringing her neck closer to his lips and he heard her heart beating so fast. He came there, he couldn’t take all that adrenaline. Same way her body shook and she cried out his name. James turned and sank his teeth on the couch unable to control his will to bite her. It was his essence, he would never be able to avoid it. Done, he pulled away from her fast, almost as if he repulsed her. Diana went for him and held him from behind.


“Stay away from me Diana.” He said coldly and she let go of him slowly.


“What do you mean?” She asked feeling her eyes filling with tears.


“This was just this. Nothing changed.” He said not looking at her.


Diana walked around him and confronted him. “You came here and you were the one looking for me. James…” She said in a begging tone. “I love you. I can’t tell you this enough times.”


“Get dressed and go to bed. This changed nothing. I am still what I am, you still should marry Jack Byron.” Saying that, he buttoned his trousers and left her there alone. There was nothing he could do to change what he was. His instincts were undeniable. He would hurt her some day and that was the last thing he wanted to do. He would never forgive himself for it. Diana sat on the couch helpless and lost. She pulled her dress up and her shoulders shook. She sobbed. She stayed there crying loud. He had carved another knife in her heart, just like that.


After some time, she felt the door opening again. She thought he had come back but Dave entered the room much to Diana’s disappointment.


“I heard you crying.” Dave said approaching, but the last thing she wanted was to share her life with someone she didn’t know. Plus, she was afraid of him. Dave shuddered as her figure became clearer in front of him. In that dress, in that color she looked exactly like the woman he had loved in secret for years.


“Why are you looking at me like that?” Diana asked. Dave sat by her side and she pulled away a bit. She didn’t trust him, that was clear.


James never suspected why Dave had killed Ida. It was because of jealousy, because she was in love with him and Dave would never have her. He could have transformed her, but he had been so absorbed with the taste of her blood that he had failed to stop in time. He never forgave himself for that, but that was one of the dangers in a vampire. Maybe that was why James didn’t want to transform Diana, maybe he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop and he’d kill her. Now, all that in Dave’s life was a secret.


“Why are you crying?” He asked her.


“Nothing.” She shrugged. Dave smiled.


“People don’t cry over nothing. I might know why.” He said indiscreetly. Diana’s head turned to look at him surprised and he couldn’t but notice how her eyes were just like Ida’s. A feeling of wanting to caress her assaulted him and he got up fast.


He didn’t like to feel vulnerable, let alone near a young girl like Diana was.


“James will never change his mind.” He said firmly.


“What are you talking about?” Diana raised an eyebrow.


Dave smiled at her. “I know all about you two, so don’t play the innocent with me.”


“I beg you a pardon!” She exclaimed feeling her cheeks blush.


“I know you know what I am. So let’s begin there…” He chuckled.


“I think I might go to my room.” Diana got up feeling a bit afraid, but Dave raised a hand like an order to make her sit again and she did so, like frozen.


“I transformed him 150 years. James was lost, drunk all the time. I guess I made him a favor. He had lost the woman he loved…I took her away from him.” Dave said proudly. James would never stay with Ida nor should he stay with her relative.


“I think you want to know about this woman right?” He asked chuckling. Diana nodded, now she was interested.


“Ida was her name and she was Scottish, just like James and I. She was a widow and James became her passion after the death of her husband.”


“Why are you telling me all that?” Diana asked him.


“Ida had a daughter from her late husband and after she died, that little girl was raised by her family.”


“I still don’t understand…”


Dave rolled his eyes. “If you let me finish…I made James immortal, so he could live to follow that little girl’s life and death and then her descendents and so on. James never forgot that woman and he followed her family ever since. That little girl Diana was your great grandmother…and you look just like Ida.”


Diana looked shocked at him. “What?”


“James knows who you are…” Dave laughed.


“You’re evil!” Diana got up with tears in her eyes.


“I just want you to know the truth.” He yelled as she began to run away. The door closed and Dave smiled all alone.


Diana kept running through the hallway until she reached James’s bedroom. She opened the door abruptly making him jump.


“Don’t you ever touch me again, or talk to me again. I hate you…I HATE YOU!” She yelled at the top of her lungs.


“Ok…” He consented not knowing what she meant.


“I am not her.” She muttered between her teeth and closed the door to leave.


“What?” He asked to himself processing what she had said. James ran to the door and opened it, running after her. “Diana…” He called out her name and grabbed her wrist when he caught her. With tears falling down her face, she looked more hurt than ever.


“You never loved me. Now I know the whole truth…”


“Let me explain…” He begged her.


“I don’t want to hear another word coming from you.” Diana ripped her arm and walked away. James stayed there watching her go. When she disappeared, he closed his eyes and then opened them already green, his teeth appeared bigger than ever, his body became hot and he clenched his fists.


“DAVE!” He yelled as strong as he could.

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