Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


18. Chapter 18

James heard the carriage parking outside, near the front door. Fed and free from Dave’s annoying company, he took the time to lie still on his bed and think about the latest events in his life. Diana, his love for her, Dave’s appearance and now Diana’s engagement. Deep inside he knew that was the best for her. Though he didn’t like to admit it, he knew Jack was a great man and he would make her happy. Happy like he couldn’t, not because he didn’t want it but because his condition made it all impossible for them too. He was suffering…he was suffering like a human being would suffer. It hurt…more than anything. The pain was almost physical and he wondered many times how he could he still have these type of feelings.


Diana entered the palace silent. Being with Jack gave her a sense of safety and security. Near him, she knew what she wanted and her marriage to him made sense, but the minute she’d left him, she couldn’t but question herself about the right thing to do. On one hand she knew Jack shook her up, nearly as James did. She found him attractive, gorgeous even, but on the other hand there was her love for her master…the love she couldn’t describe with words. There were not enough words to describe how she felt for him. As her father took her coat off her shoulders to put it on the hanger, her eyes filled with tears. How her heart ached for James. How could he reject her love?


“Are you coming to bed?” Constantine inquired her. Diana shook her head.


“I will walk a bit in the garden.” She said. Constantine noticed a little sparkle in her eyes and a sad tone in her voice. He didn’t like to see her daughter that sad. The man took a hand under her chin and made her look up at him. Diana’s eyes strayed from her father’s glare, as if avoiding him to read her thoughts in her eyes, but the sparkle was there.


“Aren’t you happy Diana?” Constantine asked her. Though she didn’t want it, a tear fell off her right eye, landing on her father’s hand. His thumb cleaned the salty water that fell from her wonderful blue eyes and soft sob escaped her lips, making her tremble a bit.


“I am happy.” She said trying to rest her father. Constantine put his hands on her shoulders.


“Then why are you crying my daughter? Jack is a great man and you seem happy by his side.”


Constantine was right, she knew that. Still, whenever she came back to that palace where she had lived most of her life, she was reminded of who shared that place with her and her feelings for that person. Diana’s gaze fell on the floor and she didn’t say a word. Constantine knew what that sadness was all about and couldn’t help but to feel sorry for his daughter. Still, the master was not right for her.


“I’ve always told you the master wasn’t a man for you…” He said.


“We don’t choose the person we fall in love with father.” She said courageously, revealing the truth for the first time and taking Constantine by surprise.


“You seem happy by Jack’s side. You even allowed him to come to visit you Diana.”


“I know…” She sighed. “I am happy when I am with him and I intend to marry him, don’t worry about that father. Just don’t ask me to forget about my feelings in a blink of an eye. Every time I come here I am reminded of who I love and of who I want to spend the rest of my life with.”


With that she turned her back on her father and began to walk away, leaving Constantine motionless and surprised with her rebellion. “You will love Jack!” He shouted at her as giving her hope. Diana nodded but Constantine knew that she was crying, and he also knew his daughter would comply with the arrangement and he also believed that she would love Jack one day. He turned away when he could no longer see his daughter and went to his bedroom. Diana changed her way when she heard her father closing the door. Instead of going to the garden, she crossed the hallway and stopped in front of James’s chamber.


He tensed as he was aware she was outside his door. He could feel her, smell her scent. His eyes set on the door, a hand behind his neck, the other resting on his chest, coming up and down as he breathed. His legs crossed, he didn’t move expectantly. Diana stayed still, just trying to hear something. No sound came from there, though she could see a fainted light flickering under the door. She took a hand to the knob and turned it. James tensed even more as the door began to open slowly. He wanted to tell her to go away, but at the same time he wanted to see her. Finally, he saw her perfect figure coming in. Only his head turned to look at her and followed her until she stopped at the edge of the bed.


“I agreed to marry him.” She said. His eyes left hers and set on the ceiling. He knew that was coming, still it hurt like nothing before has ever hurt him. “Aren’t you going to say anything?” Diana insisted hoping he’d change his mind at the last minute. James looked at her again.


“I hope you’re happy.” He said trying his best not to choke on his words. That stung in her heart deeply and tears fell down her face. Then rage began to take care of her. Diana clenched her fists and grated her teeth.


“How can you say that?” She groaned. Then she crawled on the bed and stayed on her knees in front of him. “How can you be so cold about this?” James sat back so he wouldn’t be so near. Their eyes encountered, he knew she was expecting an answer.


“There’s nothing I can do.” He shot at her, surrendered to their lost cause. “We can’t be together Diana. You know that! Besides, you like that boy. So why coming here to tempt me? Why coming here to corrode my mind if you like him?”


Diana frowned looking at him, James go up. “Are you jealous?” She asked him directly. “Didn’t you say you didn’t love me? More than once you did! Are you jealous now?”


“Leave me alone!” He pleaded. “Just go on and do what you have to do but leave me alone. Don’t look for me. Don’t come here to tell me what you do with him. That doesn’t concern me.”


“It bothers you!” She argued. He felt frustrated. Diana was the most disobedient woman he had ever met. Sometime he wished he could bend her over his knee and tap her like punishing a little child.


“Aren’t you listening to me?” He raised his tone. Diana got up and walked up to him.


“I refuse to listen.” She said looking in his eyes defiantly. “You’re right…” She admitted. “You’re right when you say I like him. There’s something about Jack that soothes me. I like the way he treats me. I like the way he’s warm and the way his lips are soft.” She saw James closing his eyes at her words. “I like it when he touches me and today…today I felt desire for him. I desired him like I desire you.”


“STOP IT!” He yelled and shook her away but Diana came back near him triumphantly.


“My father is right when he says I will love Jack with time. I probably will and I know I will be happy but despite all that James…whenever I come back here I forget about all that and all I can think of is that all I want is you. It all comes down to you. I might feel all that but in the end it’s you I want. I feel alright when I am not here but when I come back here it’s like I come back to reality. I love you!”


“Then everything will be alright” He said determined not to take her words into account. “When you marry him you won’t come back here often, so you’ll be alright and that problem will be resolved.”


“Why are you so stubborn?” She asked him and sitting back on the bed as if she was exhausted. She didn’t know what else to do or tell him to make him change his mind. “Why can’t you listen to what I am saying? I am saying that I love you. I love you!” She repeated feeling frustrated.


“You would never be happy with me.” He said firmly. “I told you this many times…” Diana got up in a rampant and leaned her body against his, cupping his face between her hands. He shivered at her touch and tried to walk away but he wanted to be touched by her so much that he stayed there just looking in her deep blue eyes.


“If you let me marry Jack you will lose me forever.” She said with tears in her eyes.


“I know…” He whispered deadly hurt.


“You’re going to let another man possess what is yours…” She whispered standing on the tip of her toes. Feeling him standing still, she approached her lips to his and closed her eyes. James felt her warm breath against his face but didn’t react. Diana had some sort of power over him and she knew how to use it. Her lavender scent invaded his nose, driving him insane. James closed his eyes and took a deep breath as her lips brushed on his. His manhood reacted immediately growing an inch. Her words had already stirred him up for he couldn’t bear another person to take what was his. He just wanted to toss her on the bed that second and rip off her clothes and show her who was in charge, who commanded but with all his strength he pulled her away.


“I asked you to stop tempting me Diana.” He said low and calm.


“Why are you letting him have me?” She cried.


“Because it’s the right thing to do. He’s the right one for you and you want him…you even said it yourself, you desire him.”


“That doesn’t mean anything.”


“It means enough. Goodnight my lady.” James opened the door of the bedroom and bowed. He heard her jaw clenching as she heard him calling her “my lady” and a soft grunt escaped her throat. James almost smiled at her rage, he loved that in her. Still, she stopped in front of him before she left.


“You’re a coward.” She spat on him. “And I will let him have me in every way he wants.” He knew she was saying that to hurt him and that he shouldn’t react but he wouldn’t just take in the words without response. He looked firmly in her eyes, he was outraged by her attitude though he loved it, still….she couldn’t win.


“Yeah…” He said, then he grabbed her wrist strongly. “But will he be able to make you enjoy it like I do?”


“Ah!” Diana exclaimed and jerked her arm away. She looked at him and opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out. With an imperceptible sound she turned on her heels.


“Good night my lady.” James told her. Diana looked back.


“Fuck you my lord” She shot and bowed which almost made him chuckle.


“That is not a thing for a lady to say.” He reprimanded her.


“GRrrrr…” He heard her and he smiled watching her walking away.


Suddenly some laughter took him off of his trance and he looked back to find Dave laughing.


“That girl has some attitude!” Dave told him. James rolled his eyes.


“How long have you been watching?” James asked him. Dave came closer and tapped his shoulder.


“Relax…I just got here. But it seems like I came in time to watch the best part.”


“The show is over so go away now.” James said without patience. Dave walked inside the room without being invited. “I thought vampires needed to be invited to get inside somewhere.” James shot him.


“Not when that vampire is your superior.” Dave told him with arrogance.


“You’re not my leader, not anymore.” He said.


“You’re a pussy James.” Dave said.


“I have no patience to hear your bullshit today.” James said sitting on the bed. Dave sat on the big chair standing on the corner of the room.


“I will transform her for you.” Dave told him.


“NO!” He yelled. “Stay away from her!”


“You stupid fuck!” Dave shook his head.


“I made it clear that I don’t want this life for her so stay away from her.”


“So, is it better to stay here and watch her marry another man? Will you let Ida marry another man James?” Dave smiled mischievously and James narrowed his eyes at him. Dave could be evil and no one like him knew how to stir him up.


“She’s not Ida.” James said.


“In your heart she is!” Dave said watching his nails.


“Leave that matter behind.”


“It’s impossible.” Dave got up and walked near James. “This subject amuses me in a wonderful way.”


“Leave me alone.”


“I will never leave you alone James…you know that…” Dave took a hand to his hair but James shook it away.


“What do you want from me?” James asked.


“I still don’t know…I am trying to figure that out.” Dave’s eyes pierced on James’ blue ones. “Don’t look at me that way James…you know you’ll never win.”


“If you don’t take her James… I might…” A soft laughter was heard and James got up, grabbing Dave by his collar. The ginger laughed louder.


“Easy boy…easy…” Dave said taking James’ hands away from him. “You can’t harm me, you know that you can’t.”


“If anything happens to her I will kill you. This is a promise Dave.” James threatened.


“You know what happens to a vampire who commits such crime. Why do I always have to remind you that?” Dave defied him.


“Maybe I don’t mind dying.” James said looking in his almond eyes and for the first time Dave felt a little fear invading him. James’ gaze was ice cold and he knew he was meaning what he was saying.


“That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.” Dave said shaking him away. “Dying because of a girl? Oh James…” He rolled his eyes.


“It’s not only because of a girl. Maybe I am so tired of living…” He said and Dave looked at him surprised. “Eternity is too long to live…”


“Maybe if you had her you wouldn’t think so.”


“Diana will marry Jack Byron and that’s the end of the story.” With that James opened the door to Dave so he should leave.

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