Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


17. Chapter 17

It was night and so the vampires returned to their life. Dave sat at the table giggling, irritating James immediately. His mischievous glare glittering, rejoicing in his satisfaction. He loved to torture James whose humor hadn’t improved since the night before. He was grumpy and furious and maybe a bit fearful.


“Why are you giggling like a little girl?” James grunted looking down at Dave.


“Because we sit to eat here. Isn’t it funny? Why do we have to look like humans? This is ridiculous James.” His tone a mocking one and at the same time disgusted one.


“Here we have some rituals. I live with humans and apart from Constantine and Diana no one knows what I am.” James said.


“Are you sure?” Dave smiled. Again that glitter that made James shudder but he wouldn’t show or subside to it.


“They might be suspicious but I never confirmed anything so tradition remains in my house. If you want to sit fine, if you don’t even better.” James took a sip of the wine.


“Where is your butler and his daughter?” Dave asked looking at the door. He could use a bit of Diana already.


“They must be here at any moment.” He said putting the napkin on his lap.


A bit with trembling hands, Martha entered the living room with a tray in her hands. The tray clinked as she put it down on the table by Dave’s side. She was afraid of that man and her hands trembled as she carried the food. Her heart was beating fast and echoing in his head. His fangs wanted to jump off as he felt a frenzy running over his body. He looked up at her and her lips trembled. James observed her and wished he didn’t have to subject her to Dave’s cold judgment.


“Where are Constantine and Lady Davenport?” James asked as they weren’t there.


“Constantine asked me to tell you that today him and his daughter are having dinner at Lord Byron’s house my lord.” Martha explained.


James stared at her with his jaw clenching. Diana was having dinner with Jack, his eyes burned in rage and Martha looked at him horrified. He was sure his eyes had turned green but he didn’t care. Some feelings he could not control. Dave watched all that with a soft smile in his lips, enjoying every bit of James’ fury and Martha’s fear. Her heart beating was still echoing loud in his ears. Hadn’t she been James’ cooker and he’d jump on her neck.


“May I leave my lord?” Martha then asked and James simply nodded. He took another sip of the wine and Dave still watched him.


“How can you drink that shit?” Dave asked almost with disgust.


“Leave me the fuck alone.” James spit still trying to process in his mind that Diana was with Jack. It was beyond painful the idea of her with another man. He suffered almost humanly.


Dave began to laugh. Blue eyes landed on his turning green again in fury. James was about to jump on Dave if he didn’t stop. “You are too funny…” He retorted.


“Stop it!” James said not wanting to hear him.


“Why do you hate me so much?” Dave teased.


“I don’t hate you, I just don’t like you.”


Dave shook his head smiling. How James hated that calm and teasing style of his. “I made you a favor James…you were dying in corners…well, you were going to die of the plague for sure.”


“You condemn me!” James said clenching his jaw. “You condemn me to miss Ida for eternity.”


“I don’t understand…” Dave said again and then approached James face, putting his right in front of James’s. His almond eyes piercing on James’ blue ones. “Do you really love Diana or you still love Ida?” James stared at him in silence.


“I don’t have to answer you that.” He said looking away after a few seconds.


Again Dave’s laughter violated the silence of the place. “You don’t know!” He stated. James also hated how perceivable he was. Sometimes James made that question himself. Sometime he also felt confused about the whole situation. Did he really love Diana or was it just the fact that she looked like the only woman he had loved? Then, he knew and was sure. He had fallen in love with Diana already a vampire and a vampire loves forever. He loved her but he wouldn’t tell Dave.


“Fuck you.” He shot defensively.


“You always say that when you don’t know what to say or when I am right and you’re furious because I am right.” James looked at Dave with murderous eyes.


“You’re cute for a furious vampire.” Dave teased him. James lost his patience. He got up and grabbed Dave’s collars.


“Shut the fuck up and leave me alone.” James said touching his nose on Dave’s.


“I failed transforming you…” Dave said. James pulled away from him fast.


“GOD!” He yelled frustrated. Dave had that power to make him lose his mind.


“You’re a coward! I never thought you’d be one! You know…until some time ago I was quite proud of you. You were my best pupil for sure. You made your own brood, you’re a good leader, they respect you. You were a magnificent predator, you didn’t spare your victims, you were cold choosing them and at the same time careful…”


“I am still all of that.” James told him.


“Except when the subject is the girl. I never thought you’d back away concerning her. You can transform her…why not do it? Since when do you still have human instincts like pity?”


“She would hate me!” James said firmly. “I resent you for that and I know Diana would hate me after a while and I don’t want that.”


“Angela…you transformed her for Cullen…” Dave pointed out.


“And do you think she’s happy? Why do you think she only drinks from animals? Do you think she was always like that? She used to drink from people but she refused after a while! I think if it was possible to turn back she would, even if she had to leave Cullen behind, whom I don’t doubt she loves. Diana has the chance to remain human, it depends on me to transform her or not. I think she’s better to keep it this way.


“Or me?” Dave teased again. James eyes narrowed.


“Leave her alone.” James said this time not yelling and furious, it sounded almost like a plead.


“And meantime, she’s going to marry another man and you climb to hell and back whenever you know she’s with him.”


“I’ll get used to it.” James said. Dave laughed loud again.


“You poisoned the boy!” Dave said laughing and James stared at him for a few seconds not reacting but then laughed too.


“It gave me some joy doing so.” He confessed.


Dave tapped on his arm. “That’s the James I know!”


“The boy seems to like her and I am not stupid, Diana feels something for him too. With time she will love him and I will learn to live with that.”


Dave chuckled. “I say it again…you’re a pussy.” James shrugged. Dave could be insolent like that. His thoughts traveled to Diana the next second, the second silence invaded that room again. She was with Jack…


The minute she stepped inside the Byron’s house, the sadness that had made her company during the day abandoned her. The fact that she was going to see Jack made her forget the unfortunate events of her life. Her heart was beating a mile per second and she wasn’t even hearing Jack’s mother. Father was the one talking to him. Henry, Jack’s father, also joined the conversation but she stared at the stairs waiting for him to appear. She held her breath when, finally, she saw Jack coming. He smiled at her and she smiled back, which caught the other’s attention. They all looked back to find Jack arriving. Diana noticed how gorgeous he looked and again, instead of the combed hair, he had just messed waves and she loved it. His eyes glittered as he approached her and his smile grew wider. Jack bent in front of her and grabbed her hand, placing a kiss on it, obeying the rules. His touch was soft, her heart beat even faster.


“Lady Davenport…” He said when he bowed and Diana gave him a soft nod with her head, also obeying the rules. A will to kiss him assaulted her.


“Lord Byron.” She murmured instead. The sound of her slight shaking voice made him shudder and he looked at her marveled.


“See my lady…” Henry told her continuing their conversation. “You now have two people to protect you. Me and your father.” Henry joked. Jack stared at her and smiled.


“And me…” He said making Diana stare at him surprised. “She also has me.” Everyone stared at Jack surprised. Julia and Henry smiled at each other, finally, Jack had found a woman and Constantine noticed how Diana’s blue eyes glittered with Jack’s words. He had hit the jackpot when choosing Jack to present to her.


“My lady…” Julia began. “This weekend we’re traveling to our country house, we would like you and your father to come with us.”


“Sounds like a lovely idea.” Constantine said promptly. Diana looked at Jack waiting to read some reaction, she could see by the look on his face that he was pleased with his mother’s request.


“I would love you to meet our country house.” Jack told her.


“I would like to.” She said.


A whole weekend near Jack sounded like an awesome idea and that way she could get to know him a little more. Part of her had decided to marry him, other part was still too confused and doubtful, even if she knew she didn’t have the final word anymore. Like her father had announced the previous night, their parents had already decided to arrange the matrimony.


After dinner Jack invited her to go out to the garden a little bit. Though finding it odd, since it was dark, Constantine gave her permission to go. Julia and Henry said nothing, for Jack was the boy on that situation.


“We’ll just be at the fountain.” Jack said. The fountain was close but far enough from the living room where they were drinking cognac. When they got there, they sat on the marble stone and Jack grabbed her hand. “I was dying to be alone with you.” He said. Their fingers curled and once again, Diana realized she loved that contact with him.


“Can’t they see us from there?” She asked.


“No.” He said. “They see our shadows but not enough to see what we’re doing.


“And why can’t they see what we’re doing?” She asked back.


Jack grabbed her face between his soft palms and pressed his lips against hers, closing his eyes as he did so and then pulled away.


“Because I was dying to do this. I wanted to kiss you.” He whispered.


Diana dug her fingers in his red hair and pulled his head to her. Their lips united and then they parted, allowing their tongues to entangle. The kiss was slow and she loved the way he explored her mouth, her heart began to beat fast and his arms pulled her body against his. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she gasped as their lips parted when his hand reached the side of her right breast. Jack’s lips kissed her neck and she tilted her head back, feeling her body catching fire, just the way it does when James touch her like that.


“Jack…” She whispered his name. His eyes encountered hers bluer than ever.


“I better stop.” He whispered then and took his hand away. He didn’t want her to think he disrespected her.


“I think it’s better.” She said for she also didn’t want him to think she’d deliver herself to him so easily, though she wanted to. All her insides were pulsing in need, and that time was for him. His hand flew to her face, and he pecked her lips softly. Diana looked at him sorry for the fact that Jack wasn’t going to find a virgin, but at least, she had confessed the truth to him. Her eyes fell on her lap and he noticed she looked a little sad.


“What is it?” He asked.


“Do you know our parents arranged the wedding?” Jack nodded at her question.


“You don’t want to marry me?” He asked a bit defensively.


“That’s not that…” Diana paused. “…I was just thinking about the wedding night…” She said low a bit embarrassed.


“I told you it doesn’t matter to me. Look…I’ve studied in France, the French are much ahead of us on that aspect. Of course it’s something still appreciated but not a must as it still is here in England. I don’t care Di…” He said sweetly. “I just want you…I told you this before…”


“But how are we going to make with the sheets the day after? You know they all want to see the sheets.” She felt like crying.


“We’ll figure out something.” He said smiling and she smiled back at him. “Will you marry me?” He asked in the end and she thought that was romantic, for the man didn’t have to ask the woman if the wedding was already settled by the family. Jack kneeled in front of her yanking a laughter from her. “My lady…” He spoke loud. “Will you marry me?”


“Yes.” She giggled and that moment she felt happy, truly happy. She bent down and on her own and taking the leash, she kissed his lips. Jack smiled satisfied.

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