Tale of a Vampire

A love story that will compromise values. A vampire and a human are not supposed to mate. Does love conquer all?

English is not my native language so excuse me any errors you may find.


10. Chapter 10


James lay on his bed facing the ceiling, exhausted from another frantic hunt. The two women lay there lifeless just by his side. He looked at both of them almost despitefully, with disdain. Usually their bodies had a mark of a small bite, and he’d suck the blood until the end, but these two bodies were ravished. He’d bitten their legs, their bellies, their necks were destroyed with the skin ripped off of it, and even their sex had a bite in it. He was furious with the latest news. So angry he couldn’t just kill, he had to destroy, to tear apart, and to destroy.


His thoughts were distracted as he heard the door of his bedroom gently opening. Diana peeped inside and everything was quiet. His head turned to look at it, he knew it was her, but he looked away as she got in. She stood in front of his bed horrified with the show she was witnessing. He heard her heart skipping a beat as her eyes raked the bodies of the two dead women. Not even his naked body could distract her from the horror inside his room. Diana then looked at him, he was quietly looking at her but he looked away as soon as her eyes set his, too ashamed to cope with her glare. She curled an eyebrow not understanding.


“I came to see you.” She said then trying to break the cold inside that room. Diana even shivered and rubbed her arms as goosebumps attacked her. His eyes lay on her again and he stared in silence. Diana looked at the women again, that was not something he’d usually do. He was not that merciless. “What happened?”


“Go away.” He said then in a low tone.


“Why are these girls so…” She didn’t finish her question. Diana didn’t even have the right words to describe that scene.


“I am mad.” He simply said.


“I thought you had a party today, as father didn’t let me join you for dinner.” Diana forced conversation. James sat on the bed and noticed how his chest was also covered in blood. He needed to clean himself.


“There was no party at all. Your father simply didn’t let you join me and that’s it.” His tone was dry, voided of affection.


“Why are you talking to me like that?” She asked him.


“Like what?” He said going closer to his basin and wetting the towel to clean his chest.


Diana walked up to him and rested her hands on the back of his shoulders. “So cold…” She whispered and placed a kiss on the skin of his back. James turned around.


“You allowed a man to come to visit you tomorrow.” He said. Her eyes opened wide, she wasn’t expecting that.


“Aren’t you always saying that I should get married?” She then shot. He hated how impertinent she could be. He puffed and stared at her but got lost for words. It was true, but then why wasn’t he agreeing with any of this?


“Of course.” He said then throwing the towel away and walking away from her. Diana turned around to face him a bit startled and lost. She frowned looking at him and he remained with his back turned at her. He puffed again silently, trying to control his anger. He so wanted to yell at her and say NO…that wasn’t what he wanted but that was the right thing to do.


“My father took me to meet this man this morning…” She began and James closed his eyes as he began to listen to her. “…he said I really needed to get married because I was getting old…” She paused and took a deep breath. “…I understand his concern…he’s twenty two years old, his name is Jack…he’s nice…” She said and that cut him like a knife. He clenched his jaw and his fists counting to ten to calm down. Finally, he turned around to look at her.


“And you allow him to visit you tomorrow.” James confronted her. Diana didn’t lie but she couldn’t affirm that looking at him and so she bent her head down. She simply nodded resting her gaze on the floor. “So, you liked him…” He commented. There she looked up at him.


“I love you.” She said firmly.


“That is not what I asked you…” He said and gave two steps towards her. “Did you like him?” Her eyes flooded with tears and she nodded.


“He seems to be a nice person.” She told him.


“Why are you being so evasive?” James frowned. “You know perfectly well what I am asking you…Did you find him attractive? Did you desire him?” He bombed her.


“STOP THAT!” Diana got the courage to yell at him. “What does it matter to you? You above all…” She pointed a finger at him accusatively. “You that say you love me and then the next day you act like you don’t even care. You make love to me and in the end you tell me to marry someone else. Now, why does it matter to you, if you’re the one to agree with my father that I should get married?”


“Because it’s true!” He yelled back. “Look at this…” He grabbed her arm strongly, even hurting her and turned her around at the bed. “…do you think I haven’t noticed the horror in your face when you got in here? Do you think I don’t know how you think this is terrible? Then how do you think you’re going to be happy with someone like me?”


“You’re hurting me…” She winced and he freed her arm. “I know what you are!” She faced him bravely. “I know what you do. I can’t deny that it horrifies me, and this…” She pointed at the women. “…is just the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen. Nevertheless, I am here….I told you that I loved you…maybe it can terrify me and I am not going to deny that sometimes it makes me afraid of you, but I am here…I am still here…I accept what you are…”


“Go away…” James turned his face away not to look at her, though he was touched with her words.


“My lord…” She pleaded and he looked back at her to find her blue eyes filled with tears. How he hated to see her suffering. He wanted to clean her eyes with his own hands but he didn’t do it.


“If he is a good man, then maybe you should take the chance.” He said noticing how his voice was shaking.


“You are the one I love.” She claimed.


“With time you will learn how to love him too.” He came closer and rested a hand on her face. “I want you to be happy…” He whispered. “You won’t be happy with me.”


“Don’t do this…” She sobbed a bit and he turned his back at her not able to see her suffer.


“Go away.” He said again and if he was human he knew he’d cry that moment for he was feeling sadder than ever. Suddenly he felt her warm arms around his waist. Her whole body against his and her face leaning against his back.


“I want you.” She said again and her hands caressed his torso. He closed his eyes trying to resist her touch but his body was too weak for that. He was feeling her touch effects. His manhood was already semi erect and she hadn’t touched him there. How he desired her…


James turned around ready to pull her away, but when his eyes pierced on hers that will vanished and he simply grabbed her face between his hands and kissed her lips. Their tongues met in seconds and even sooner he was untying the lace of her nightgown. As it fell down her feet, he felt her hard nipples against his chest and he held her closer while his lips moved against hers, while his tongue teased hers.


As he didn’t want to take her to the bed, he made her lay down on the sofa. They broke the kiss a little to breathe. She was heaving already, her eyes dazed with fire looking at him. His hands got hold of her round breasts and he pinched her nipples, making her close her eyes and arch her back to feel him more. He kissed her again, and her legs parted to receive him. She was no longer ashamed or shy.


He entered her gently, softly and sliding in smoothly as she was wet. He took a slow pace and their hands got hold of each other, their fingers wrapped around each other. Her eyes closed and little gasps escaped her lips.


“Yes…” She breathed faintly and he remained making love to her that slowly, enjoying every bit of it. He wanted to take her in, breathe her in, and love her until the end of times, though there was no end of times for him, for he was eternal…she was not…


He buried his nose on her hair inhaling the scent he loved so much. She was transmitting him feelings he had long forgotten. The way her hands then caressed his back or clutched onto his ass when she wanted more were burning him. The way they kissed took him to another dimension. Feeling she was close and he was too, he pulled away. He couldn’t be that close though he’d love to. He’d love to orgasm holding her tight in his arms.


James kneeled in front of her and entered her again. She moaned louder as he’d get deeper and deeper inside of her. Her hand gripping tight on the couch, her eyes closed, her lips parted while she moaned.


“Oh…” He groaned rushing to his peak.


“God…” She cried as she came. Her body convulsing in pleasure. He always failed to resist more after that. His body jerked in ecstasy right after. His poisoned seed being spilt inside of her. His fangs begging to dig on her skin as he milked himself dry. Her body quivered and quivered as she orgasm again. Her loud cries filling the room with things he realized he didn’t want to lose. All type of thoughts running through his mind that moment. His inflamed green eyes were staring at her, she was his…she could only be his…


In the ecstasy of the moment, she reached her hand to his lips. He knew it was a caress and that she was being reckless but he took the chance. Diana couldn’t belong to anyone, he’d do what he had to do. Selfishly, he took the chance to carve his fangs on her wrist. Her eyes flew opened and she looked in his eyes.


“Oh…” She moaned feeling a certain pleasure. He still pumped his hips into her and she wriggled before his eyes. Then seeing he wasn’t stopping, she looked in his eyes one more time. She tried to pull her wrist away but he held it tight. She felt her arm getting numb and she stared in his eyes a little horrified and at the same time resigned. He’d either kill her there or transform her. She hoped for the best and stopped fighting.


He looked in her eyes while he was feeling this immense pleasure running through his veins. Her resigned stare called for his reason…he couldn’t do that to her…he couldn’t be the one cursing her like this. He pulled away in a harsh move.


“Get out of here.” He told her. She tasted so good in every way.


“But?” She stuttered a bit. James bent down and grabbed her gown and threw it at her, like he despised her.


“Get the hell out of here. I am done with you.” He said coldly. Diana got up and put on her gown. She looked hurt and he couldn’t take that hurting stare but he knew now what he had to do to let her go. “I got what I wanted…now get the hell out of here.”


Diana’s eyes filled with tears. “I don’t believe you.”


“You mean nothing to me. You’re just meat…” He said. “I just don’t kill you because you’re my butler’s daughter. You’re good in bed despite your inexperience. I am sorry I deceived you, but now I am done with you.”


“LIAR!” She yelled crying though incredibly hurt with his words.


“You were a good toy.” He forced an evil smile to mean his words. Diana opened her mouth to speak but didn’t say a word. She simply went away and slammed the heavy door. James ran his hand over his hair. He really wanted to cry, but he was cursed with no tears.


“I just want you to be happy.” He whispered lying in bed depressed.

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