Its one of them

A 17 year old girl 9 months pregnant while searching for the she father and fi nally finds out ????



Man that night when he came over was awesome and that was 9 months ago

wow he's amazing I never suspected that out of him woooo - " "CRASH!!!"

As I laid there wimping all I saw was a shadow and people whispering soon I started screaming in fear "oh my god what do I do 911 I have a carrack here she's in really bad shape yes I don't know her name here's her wallet her name is Jessica rider sprite thank you" the driver said.

"Where I'm I " all I heard was the doctor talking to someone about how I'm doing " okay she is doing very good Luke is the name " " yes sir " well she has been in a small coma but should be awaking anytime now but she'll won't anything that was going on for about 10 or 11 months " " but she'll have the baby anytime now" " but don't tell about the baby yet" " ok , that's good and bad the good thing is that she won't know what happen between us and that I'm the father of her baby or are baby but the bad thing is the baby is on the way .

"Luke?" "hey Jessica " " we're have you been I've been at library " " I know I ways kind of busy" "okay we'll can we go right now " " no something happen and it's time to take me" " your a awesome best friend Lukey " " okay let's get you in the car watch your head "where's my dad " " your dad is out of town so I'm going to stay with you until he comes home which he'll come home in about 2 months or so " "so will stay with me Lukey" " yes I will "

Luke P.O.V

"Hey Jess were here" and all I heard in response was "zzzz" " okay here we go 1...2...3 " it was a breeze picking her up even though I almost dropped her upstairs to her room and I got on the bed beside her "I miss doing this but know I have to act like your best friend" DING DOGN the door

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