This is the story about how Tina Lockwood a eighteen year old girl, sign a contract to be a singer with Capitol Records, her life changes completely with the famous peaple she sknows, she fall in love and discovers a lot of things. Read fame to discover!!


1. My story

My name is Tina. Tina Lockwood. I live in canada, Toronto. Today's may day, my birthday, tomorrow I'm leaving home. I'm eighteen today!!.

Singer. That's what I want to be. This is my pasion since I was 10. At 12 I singed in front pf my parents, and there were impressed, and they asked me if I wanted to go to singing clases and I accepted. So I caught Capitol Record's attention, making cober of my favorite songs and they've sended my and E-mail telling me that they liked me so much anthey wanted to sign a contract with me as a singer, and I accepeted.

After my birthday party, I went up strairs with my best friends, Brad, Mary and Jessy, to pack my stuff.

We finished packing, and I looked at Jessy her black short hair was messy and coverded her eyes, like always, and I saw a tear running on her cheeck. I get near her and gave her a pationed hug, 5 seconds later we were al hugging each other.

I broke up the hug and said:

"Why so sad?, you know I can't see you sad, or any of you guys, you are my best friends in the world an you know that"

Jessy looked at me,"you're going to another country"

"Yeah, I caught Capitol Record's attention, do you know how many famous peaple work there?, Maybe I can make my dream come true!"

"I know" jessy said, takimg of the tears of her face and smiling a little" I shouldn't be crying, I'm so happy for you, this is you pasion, you worked hard to make your dreams come true, and you have an amazing voice I know you can do it"

I smiled at her words, she smiled back and hold my hand"I'm juat going to miss you so much" her tears fall again so main did, 5 seconds later we were all crying and all hugging each other. To cut this sad moment I said

"Can we just forgot about this other country stuff, and have fun in my last night here??, why don't we watch movies and eat Ice-cream and pizza all night," i said, they yelled yes to me and went to their houses to pick up some stuff for tonight, we arrenged to meet in my house at 8.

It was 7 P.M, and I went to take a shower, then I brushed my hair and teeth. I weared sweats and a long and confortable t-shirt.

I decide to call Freddie, we've dating for two years now, Y haven't told him about movimg away, I just didn't how to do it, I don't know what to do with him so I'm going to talk to him right now, I called him and he answered:

"Hello babe"

"Hello Freddie, we need to talk"

"Oh, It's serious? Do you want me to come over and talk fave to face?"

"That would be better"

"Okay, I'll be there in five, I love you"He said.

"I love you too" I answered.

After a few seconds of silence I said goodby to him and hung of the call.

I went down stairs and waited for him in the couch. When he arrived I hugged him and put mi arms in his neck, while he had his hands around my waist,he kissed me softly,and guide me to the couch, I sat down and so did him,beside me.

"I need to tellsomethung important" I said closing my eyes, he looked at me and I said,

"I'm moving to a new country tomorrow because Capito Records wants me to sign a contract with them".

He was shocked, I call hime like three times he finally herad me, he said,

"Are you leaving?,Where are you going to move?, Which country?"

"United States tomorrow at 6 in the morning, I'm leaving"

"I have to let you go" he said, A tear fall from his eye.

"What?, Are we breaking up?"

"You're going to start a new life, and lnow new peaple. In some way it will never going to be the same when you get back home , we should move on in our lifes, I'm sory"

I nodded and said,

"I love you"

"I love you too"

He kissed my forehead, then my nose and finally my lips, he stood up and said,

"Goodbye Tina Lockwood, I'll love you forever"

He walked to the door, he was going away when I stopped him with my words,

"Goodbye Frederic Thompson, I'll always love you, see you soon"

He turned around, and smiled at me. He went away, Y saw his car going away from my door, then I close it. I went to the couch and I started crying.

I was crying when my friends arrived, they asned me what happend and I told them everything, they said to me that I'll get over it, and it'll be allright. They hugged me and watched a lot of movies.

It was 3 A.M, and we were watching our third movie, and then my eyes closed, and i felt asleep.

The alarm woke everybidy up, my parents and my sister were putting my lugagge in the car, my friends helped me prepare miself, while we talked a lot. I took a shower, I putted on my make up, I was wearing jeanswith a pink t-shirt and my black convers. I prepared my carry on, and I said goodbye to my friends, we were like fidtern minutes saying goodbye, after I got into the car and waited untill I got into the airport an take the plane that would chanche my life forever.

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