Double Trouble

Not everyone knows me. I was separated from my twin when I was 3. I didn't even know about him until now. I was living with my uncle in... actually I don't know where we were. I ran away to find him. My name is Alexis Eaton.


1. Running Away



  Hi, my name is Alexis Eaton. I'm 18 and have dark brown hair and blue eyes. School had just let out and I was walking home with my friend DJ. " What do you have for homework?" He asked. " That research paper on historic islands." We got to my house. " Hey, I'm home." " Okay, you two want a snack?' my Uncle Kevin asked. " Sure!" I'm not sure how he knew DJ was here because he hadn't said anything. We went upstairs and watched TV until my uncle came back with toast.  



  Later, after DJ left, I was getting ready for bed, Uncle Kevin knocked on the door. " Hey, we need to talk." he said from outside the door. I wonder what that was about. I walked downstairs and sat down. " Your parents called me to tell you... " " But I thought my parents died in a car accident?" " They told me to tell you that because you could be potentially dangerous. The truth is... a long time ago, a little bit after were born, some of the government started kidnapping people for reasons no one really knows. I was able to hide you with me until all of it blew over but..." " But what?" I asked. " I wasn't able to hide your brother." " What do you mean? I have a brother? " " You have a twin brother. His name is Tobias. He was with your parents and we were going to meet up later but they got captured before they got the chance." I started to cry. " Why didn't you tell me this earlier? Why wait until I'm freaking 18?!!!" " Look, its late, get some sleep and we'll talk about it in the morning." I walked upstairs and after debating it for a while, I knew what I had to do. I was running away to find him. Problem was: I didn't know where to begin looking. I finished packing a small bag and jumped out of the window.

             Haha, cliffhanger! Which is ironic because I don't like cliffhangers that much. Next chapter will be Tobias. I forgot to mention that this is a little bit before Tris chooses Dauntless but she will be in the story. Okay, bye.



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